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Home Maker
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West Yorkshire
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Asalaam Alaikum.

I am described as an attractive, slim and petite woman. I am told I look much younger than my age.
Words that would describe me (by people who also know me) are adventurous, humorous, sophisticated, unique,classy lively, young at heart, entertainer, sensitive, caring, well-mannered and a humble practising sunni muslim.
I like taking care of myself,family and home.

Some people only realise what they had when they lose it!
I have been hurt and unappreciated therefore time wasters ...please turn away!
I didnt judge people in the past on their status but sadly had a bad experience that has changed all that.
If your someone that has lists of female friends and want to justify that you can keep them after marriage, I wont be interested.
I dont keep male friends. I deserve a loyal husband as I am a loyal wife. Only here to find a genuine good hearted husband.

Also if your wanting just fun or intimate chats please don't contact me. You would be wasting my time and yours.

Interests are health and beauty, dance,exercise, modelling, photography, travelling to new places and the countryside. Camping, ice-skating, cycling and going on long drives.

I like action, thriller, suspense sci-fi and romantic movies. Some of my favourites: Braveheart, Gladiator, Sirf Tum and Vivah.

Many of my friends and acquaintances suggest I write a book about my life experiences claiming it will be a best seller...maybe if I have some further inspiration.

I have been told I have a melodious voice so hopefully my husband wont mind me singing to him!
I have a huge wardrobe of fashionable items clothing etc for my future husband's eyes only.

I can speak 3 languages Urdu, English and Punjabi.
I come from a well educated family and I was born and bred in West Yorkshire.
I have balanced eastern western values.

I would like to increase my knowledge on Islam and share that with a husband so we can improve ourselves together In sha Allah.

I have older children who are married and I am also blessed to be a grandmother alhamdulillah! My youngest is 10 yrs old.

I hope there are some real genuine people out there still. Who will want and believe to work hard to build a marriage and try their utmost to make it work and not have a negative attitude to end it over every little matter that arises.

For those of you who ask me if I am a model.
No I am not but yes I will be for my husband only :)

My pics are all recently taken and just to mention I am not plastered with make-up lol takes me just a few mins alhamdulillah.

If you are interested to know more about me and think you can be My Prince and My Hero no.1 :).... Just Ask!

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What I Am Looking For
What am I looking for?

I would like to meet someone who has many of these qualities: Handsome, expressive, smart, well-groomed, humorous, caring, sensitive, loving, romantic and energetic!
Handsome in my eyes as attraction is important too.
Character is the ultimate attraction I believe as I feel I have learned that from the past living with just physically attractive handsome faces!

A good listener and intellectually stimulating with a great level of communication!
If you cant manage at least a few texts daily before and after marriage we wouldn't get along.

My priority has and always will be the husband and would like that too.
Hope we will be on the same wave length or close :)
Silent love isn't what I am looking for.

Rest assured! I am not interested in your wealth or what you drive. I am looking for true love.
Wish future partner to be my soul mate! Wish we pray together and help each other to attain paradise in hereafter Inshallah.
He should be practising muslim who prays like me 5 times a day etc (at least wish to improve or geared that way) and wish to live a life in boundaries of Islam (that does not mean it will be boring!)

Age does not matter, I have had no problem with being contacted by younger gentlemen!

I am interested in people who are also hoping to relocate to the middle east.
May Allah help us all to find our prospective partners.

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