How To Report a Bug

Although we test our website thoroughly before going live with any changes or new features, it's impossible to get rid of all the bugs. If you have found a bug on the site, please let us know. With your help we can keep the service running smoothly.

To report a bug to us, please follow the following simple steps:

  1. Make sure this is actually a bug and not a user error
    For example, passwords are usually case-sensitive. Also, if copying and pasting your password from an email, make sure you haven't copied a space before or after the password.
  2. Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) first
    It's likely that someone else has had a similar problem as you are having, and we may already have a suitable solution in our comprehensive FAQs section of the website. Have a good look around here before contacting us – it may be something simple you can fix yourself!
  3. Be thorough and give us as much information as you can
    Please don't just email us with “I can't log in” as this doesn't help us much! Let us know what you were doing when you came across the problem and exactly what happened.

Please tell us as much as you can about what happened, and what you were doing when you got the error. All fields are optional, but the more information you can provide us with the easier it will be for us to track the cause of the problem. Any information submitted to us will be kept strictly confidential.

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Please tell us (in as much detail as possible) any steps which may help us to reproduce the error.
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If you'd like us to contact you by phone, please let us know when will be the most convenient time.
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By providing us with a screen-shot we will be able to see the webpage exactly as you do, including any errors or messages displayed on-screen.
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The source code of the web page is like a blue-print which will allow us to recreate the page which is causing problems.
If you know who your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is, please enter it here. This is who you connect to the internet with. E.g. BT, AOL, Telewest, NTL etc.
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Sometimes problems are related to Internet Security suites, anti-virus programs, ad-blocking software or firewalls. Please provide us with details of these programs which you may have installed, e.g. Norton, McAfee etc.
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