Khalil- your brother in Islam

My Sect
Very religious
My Profession
Marketing Professional
Marital Status
Never married
Registration Reason
I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
In the name of Allah- the most Gracious, the most High and the oft Forgiving.
I bear witness that there is no Allah, but Allah (swa)and the Prophet Muhammed (saw) is His Rasul (prophet) and His Abd (slave). O Allah (swa) help me to untie my tounge, open my heart and express myself in a way that is khair. Amin.

I do my best to follow the way of our beloved prophet Muhammed (saw) and the Quran.
Islam is the foundation of my life. I plan my life according to it. Alhamdulilah, I am aware of the fact that what is halal and haram.

I have to pray five times a day no matter what. I like to pray my salah at a masjid as much as I can.

I like to spend some of my time with my parents. I obey and love them so much.
I like to keep in touch with my relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

One of my goals is to learn Arabic, be2ezenAllah. I believe that it may help me understand my religion greatly. InshaAllah, I will achieve this goal in the future.

I like to eat healthy, exercise and spend my time wisely. I don't like watching so much t.v., except watching Islamic programs/chanels.
I like to socialize with people so long as the environment is Islamic. Otherwise, I don't go to a restaurant that sells alcohol, pork or other haram stuff. NO- bars, night clubs, hip hop music, dating with opposite sex, etc.

I must read at least a half page of Quran everyday. I like to memorize some of the verses of Quran and implement them into my life. I like to preach about Islam to muslims and non-muslims around the world.

I am not into any Islamic group/jamaah in Turkey. I am the person, who ONLY relies on Allah (swa).

I have a good and clean intention for marriage, Alhamdulilah. So, if you only think that you have many common interests with me, then we should get in touch. Otherwise, it is unIslamic to talk/meet.

One more thing for my muslim brothers and sisters. Please read verses 87 through 90 in Surat Anbeya (Prophets) for marriage. InshaAllah, when you read these verses, Allah (swa) will help all of us to find the right spouses.

May Allah (swa) keep us in the straight path, forgive our sins and help us in choosing the best spouses. Amin.

Astagfurillahi Wa Atubu Elay. Innahu Kana Gaffara.

Jazak Allah Khairan,

As Salamu Alaikum Wa Ra7mat Allah Wa Barakato.

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What I Am Looking For
The Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, said, ?A woman is married for her wealth, her reputation, her beauty, or her religion. Choose the religious one or you may be ruined.? [Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 27]

A muslima, who can pray five times a day and remind me about the greatness of Allah (swa) all the time.

I am not into girls, who think that they can skip prayers because they have to go to a movie today. Allah (swa) has to be on the top of the agenda. She has to do everything for the sake of Allah (swa). She has to fear Allah (swa) greatly and behave according to sunnah and the Quran.
Nothing less, nothing more, but what is revealed in the Quran and the hadith.

She has to fulfill her rights as a muslim women towards her husband. She has to be religious and educated Islamic wise.

She has to implent the sunnah and the Quran into her life. She must be a great mother and wife, InshaAllah.

My ideal wife should be happy even with small things- tawakkul. I am interested in a sister, who is simple, but smart. She should not love this world or materialistic things so much. In addition, she should never prefer this world at the expense of her here after (akhira.)

She should not do make up, use extensive perfume or wear flashy hijab/jilbab- especially for other guys other than her husband.

The ideal situation is that she should see Aisha (RadeAllahu Anha) as a role model.

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As soon as possible
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Never married
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1.80m (5' 11")
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Marketing Professional
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Very religious
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Yes Hijab
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