My Name Means Good really does....;)

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Somewhat religious
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Business Person
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New York, Buffalo
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
thank you so very much for taking the time to click on my profile, hopefully you have found what you are looking for right here...

i would like to use this quote to sum it all up as to why ( and i guess all of us are here)

"""One thousand and one life stories i could share with you but a million moments are yet to come. These are the ones i am looking forward to""""...yeap thats me ...

also on of my favs ...""Woman are like Stars, So Many to Pick from but Only ONE Can Make all your Dreams come True!""...that is so true

Let's just say right off the top that i am honest,and upfront about everything. i have nothing to hide Im an open book for all to see and read, no lies, no games, no masks!!! I am an open book; turn me one page at a time to unravel my story..

I will say right off the top I am divorced with a daughter from an arranged marriage in 2003 , we were married for 18 months and when she got the Green Card her and my daughter took off . I will gladly share more info on this matter if you like . Its such a sad story honestly

If this scares you in any ways , or have any hesitation , then understand i was set up and used for the Green Card , but i respect your decision , and wish you well.. if i have your attention so far and have not scared you off then enjoy the read below ( and yes this is the cliff notes version lol )

Furthermore , i do not have an issue with age , if you are funny mature etc etc etc then i see no issue.

i can go on and on about me , but ill let you figure the rest out through conversation..i mean heck there is something thats gotta be

but i can say the following about myself...

I come from a muslim family that were pretty moderate, and although I am not as 'practising' Muslim as i should be, but essential beliefs and morals stem strongly from Islam. I do believe that I am a good person that tries to live my life honestly and fairly

I can also say this to start , i have been told by many and all that i HAVE A HEART AS BIG AS THIS WORLD...I am kind, caring, loving/romantic ,compassionate,and have a great sense of humor.... i put my feelings aside and strive to make others happy for this makes me happy. i am always in an up-beat mood and hardly nothing makes me upset, for it takes me out of character. i believe in compromise rather than arguing for nothing gets resolved...and matters get compounded further...I always express my feelings with honesty and respect. I prefer actions rather than promises, the words disappear in a wind...the actions are there to be remember .

OK about me .

please allow me to introduce my self to the world......

my hobbies are as follows:
sports-- ice hockey ,American football , basketball & part time UFC / WWE fan ( yeah i'm not afraid to admit it )

movies --i am a HUGE movie fan.

music--dance music , club , house, techno,pop/top 40, and definatly THE "80s

MY BEST ATTRIBUTE---my upbeat personality & humor and sarcasm....basically im young and energetic at a BIG KID and it tends to rub off on people once they get to know me...but dont be fooled i know when to be serious when i have to be. Don't mistake quiet calmness for weakness, im not weak and will speak my mind when needs be.

OK VERY IMPORTANT PART HERE SO PAY ATTENTION: MY BIGGEST DISLIKES AND TURNOFFS--- LIERS,CHEATERS AND DECEIVERS...people who claim to one thing and turn out to be another...MAJOR TURNOFF....please no game players ( If i wanted to play games i would have bought a WII OR X-BOX), or time wasters (If i wanted to waste time i would sit around and watch the grass grow and watch paint dry) ...only serious replies only looking for marriage...also NO GREEN CARD /VISA/CITIZENSHIP SEEKERS...I firmly believe what goes around comes around, and we all get our comeuppance eventually if we intentionally do wrong.

favorite countries---Canada/Toronto (GTA)and USA.

my favorite foods are just about anything.

i like taking long walks to work out

basically i am well balenced in Western cultures(My outer appearance is modern as you will see if you send a gallery request to view my pics), for i have lived it all my life , being born and raised in North America .BUT I NEVER FORGET MY EASTERN ROOTS AS more understanding of my Eastern cultures and values than most people tend to think.

my family is very important to me many many thanks to my parents for bringing me up with manners and respect for those around me....without them who knows what would have happened.

educational background-- finished college with a duel degree. Majored in Culinary Arts...yeap i am a certifed chef...i love to cook. I also minored in hotel/retail/management. With this it has helped me platform myself to where i am at in life. But I have ventured on to a different field .

ok thats more than enough, but just enough to peak some interest...more to add later once communication is established....This is just a peek into who I am, I promise there is a lot more(WAIT...YOU MEAN THERES MORE!!!??...oh yes believe it or not this profile only scratches the surface of just who i am ). unfortunately, its only for the right candidate, wouldnt want to ruin the mystery would I

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What I Am Looking For
looks are a huge plus BUT ALSO WHAT'S INSIDE THAT COUNTS---'cause the look goes away---the personality does not die--period.

I'm looking for a honest,kind,good muslim woman to get married with.. because i dont like playing around and waste my time. I wanna be the man she's scared to lose, the one where she can't walk away from knowing he's mad/upset at her,the one who can't fall asleep without his voice being the last one she hears, the one she can't LIVE WITH OUT she will be my true love who's attention will only be for her , some one who will laugh together,and cry together. someone who will be each other's pillars of strength & rocks of support. someone who is sincere,caring and a true lady. some one to stand by me no matter what, enjoy the good times & find the strength to pull ourselves from the bad. for marriage is a true commitment & should be enjoyed to the fullest. I want to be the one who makes you smile from the eyes and heart, and the one you look forward to coming home to each night. Quality time is high on my agenda and I want to share new experiences, and make each day as though a memory to look back on over the years !!

i am a firm believer that the past is the past....and will not judge someone based on that, never have, never long as it does not effect any potential present and future, i could care less...i could care less about your job, income , status , degree background ...whatever

Come to me for who I am not for what I am! I don’t believe in putting up alot of glamour shots to lure people to my profile :) I put a few up to get a glimpse as to who i am sort of like an appetizer . I would like the my potential partner to see the real deal and judge for themselves before they contact me. Then i can share more pictures .

Only those in The USA and Canada and UK please contact me , and I am willing to relocate out of New York , everything can be discussed . I believe in compromise always

Whew...congratulations you made it all the way to the deserve a wait a medal wait a medal and a star...for this i give you a standing ovation & send you a Platinum Medal & Star Via FEDEX ...heck maybe one day i will write an autobiography about myself...i am sure it will be a #1 best seller ;)...i mean i think i have just told most of my life story...what an impressive resume.

thanks and good luck to all in finding that right person

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