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Bismillah Al’Rahman Al’Raheem

Assalamo Alaykum

Religion? How long is a piece of string?

I am not sure as to what one is to write when one is asked about oneself, to describe oneself, really!!! don’t know, and it is perhaps easier to give an insight into one's world view, that may explain one’s outlook on life; or will it…

It's like being on a country road, the sign says Hidden Dip or Blind Summit followed by the exclamation mark!!! well that’s how it feels.
Firstly, it starts with belief & one's religiosity, and one is humbly required to choose from those very options that sound somewhat ambiguous; oh, let me think what should one put down? somewhat religious, religious, very religious, extremely religious, the jilbab and jubba type, must wear a jubba on Friday type, must go round and tell everyone how wrong they are in their practice of Islam type; I am confused.

Never have one been so confused about one’s faith or what one should say about one's faith, or how one should apply a grading to such a subject that fluctuates. It was up yesterday, little bit down tomorrow, up again the next, and very high the day after, it’s quite high, oh no, God help!!! It's down again and up, up, and up; Alhamdulillah. That is, one's religiosity.

One is also not here as a watcher over people or to tell them how they should practice their faith, long as they are within the wide spectrum Islam provides.

Just Yesterday I went to the Masjid y to pray my Asr, an African Muslim walked in & just some stander by thought that he has been ordained to investigate as to why he had come to the Masjid? He replied to pray Asr, while the Masjid CID man told him it wasn’t time for Asr yet. Well, with his extensive knowledge of Islam, I would have thought he would have known that Muslims in Africa use a different method to determine the times of prayers as to those in the Indo Pak region.

One is from the Ahle Sunnah, and it is important to write exactly that, whether you are Salaf, TJ’s Brailvi or any others that fall in the group mentioned; to one this is important. People write things like Just Muslim? One might think this is reflecting their simplicity. It should be understood, this is also code for people that fall outside the fold of Islam; Qadiani for example.

One trying to implement Islam in their daily life best possible, with all the ups and downs of course.

Well, that’s one's religiosity out of the way; where should one go next?

Education & work:
People have come to ask this question many a times, and people also now automatically assume that it is a reference to a university degree.

Well, university does not educate people, or does it? what one gets when one attends university is that they get to understand their chosen subject & how to manipulate it for a financial gain.

One have come across many mentally deranged people doing their PhD & yet not having a clue as to why they are there in the first place, or why they are even on earth.

No, one is not a PhD or having any other piece of paper from a university to tell one he is educated or qualified in anyway.

There was a joke going around at a university as to what one gets when one gets a PhD? PhD is short for permanent head damage, I guess.

So, no qualifications at all, none what-so-ever, a lost cause; I guess.

Completely broke. still trying to work out how the daily bread just turns up every morning? not only that, but it also baffles one as to why the all Merciful not only provides daily, He Subhana wa ta”ala provides what some billionaires would envy.

People that ask the question as to what one does for work is as that is permanent security.

Perhaps not realising one's Rizq is already being provided; although they may be worlds apart.

One well-off today may have different tomorrow & one's tomorrow may be even better; Insha’Allah.
May Allah keep us always in His shade; & shower His blessings beyond our comprehension.

Ethnicity & Language:
Roots lie in Pakistan, well when one is asked where are you from, one always reply’s Fenham, the area name in which one resides in Newcastle, but the questioner is adamant to know one’s origin as he feels one’s sun tan is a kind of giveaway, and he must insist to know where one is really from? Well, if you are asking where I was born, then I am originally from the Nuclear State of Pakistan; shock horror covers his face to hear that. That’s where I am from.

One wishes one could speak more languages than just English, Urdu & Panj-Aabi.

The Age Factor:

One is blessed with age deceit, Allah never seems to age him, he has stopped ageing at 40 despite his age. Alhamdu'lillah.

Is age just a number? Allah does not like anything more than when his servants supplicate for good health. Alhamdu'lillah; what a blessing good health is.

As for one other question that is surely playing on every mind? Zakariya had Yahya at the age of almost a hundred.

One may not have interest in one if one can’t walk 10 miles a day on a walking holiday.

I feel donkey trekking should be a thing for the future in the lake district, especially for those who won't put on a pair of Scapa & insist that they can go up Scafell pike in a pair of Stilettos.

The Big Question:

What exactly is one looking for?

Not sure to be honest, Visa on legs? Well not exactly, one have resided in England, would be exactly 48 years on the 7th of January 2023. God!!! Where has all that time gone.

Barbie in a burka perhaps? Well now there’s a thought; well, everyone knows a man may dream of exactly that, but it's not long before reality kicks in and one realises there's more to life than dreaming about Julia Roberts and the Pretty Woman dream.

Someone on the same wavelength.

Best way forward would be to have a conversation, the best way to have a conversation is to go for a long walk, on to Helvellyn perhaps? it's when you have walked over three miles to reach the best part, & you are on the middle of Striding Edge, this is where you say to yourself, God!!! He is really irritating & push him off the 800-meter drop; end of story.
The other would be you say, he is really nice, let's just do it when we get to the top.

Let's just hope there's an Imam and a handful of Muslims on the summit, waiting to perform the nikah ceremony, in English please. That would fit just nicely into that wonderful definition of ASAP😇.

A brief history of more personal on-goings in one's past is available when we make communication insha’Allah.

It all starts with one word,


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