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A Little Bit About Me

Firstly, No tiktokers, No wanna be influencers, no one who wears so much makeup that she's a totally different looking person without makeup, no sheikh wannabe, no one who thinks they are royalty, no one who requires attention and validation from strangers on internet. That should get around 70% off my profile straight away.So the quality 30% read on ;-).

I'm just a simple guy who is looking for someone on same wavelength as me.
I am not like others guys. I don't fall in the same category, i think different , i'm different in all ways. I'm not going to say all the things just to win you over then do the opposite when married.

I'm not into the usual: cars, money, bling, football, smoking.

Even tho I haven't experienced it yet , I value marriage and the concept of it. I look for someone with same view. this is why it's taking so long to find someone!

I know my self worth, i know i WON'T be the type of husband that talks down to his wife, put himself and his friends first, spends time sitting in his car smoking weed when he could be spending quality time with his wife relaxing. I say this because this is what I see happening daily.
I'd like to think that i'll be a supportive husband, who will offer emotional support, companionship ,time and romance etc.

If you were to ask my friends and family or anybody that knows me of what kind of person I am, they would say i'm a very kind and respectful person. Some of the words they would use to describe me are: friendly person, has a good sense of humour, caring , helpful, lanky!, beautiful soul, big hearted. I would go out my way for anyone who gives me same respect as i give them.
I'm not trying to portray that I'm perfect..far from it..but I try be a good righteous person and try to do right.

Although i'm getting on with regards to my age, i'm not your normal typical 40 something. I don't look my age barring the beard getting grey!. My mentality is totally different , i'm very young at heart. I'm very respectful of others unless they show no respect towards me!. manners and etiquette mean alot.

I exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. I gym 5-6 times a week. Not forvanity but for mentaland physical benefits. Also took up running over lockdowns and really enjoying it. I love music, movies, walks, nature, scenery and more.

I like to keep a small circle of good friends , my main circle is my family, i have loads of nieces and nephews who mean the world to me. I'm not a sheep , i don't follow the crowd, or some idiot on insta/snapchat or tiktok. I'm a private person too. I'm not a career orientated person, as long as i earn enough to provide a good life for my family I'm content.

Ideally i'm looking for age up to 43, divorcees welcomed but sorry not considering someone with children at this stage(no offence).

If theres anything that interests you from my profile then get in touch. If you think that maybe i'm not the type of person I claim I am , then either put aside your ignorance and take time to know me or pass on my profile.

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What I Am Looking For
Someone to share stories with, share love of movies, music,life, food ,places and vice versa..
Doesn't matter if we don't have 101 things in common, our differences is what makes relationship interesting, learning and getting fascinated by each other's interests.
Qualities i look for:
* soft hearted /understanding
* young at heart
* down to earth
* considerate, compassionate, loving
* respectful/modest yet smart
* someone who looks after themselves/appearance
* non smoker
I need to put this in ,If you are religious then at least follow thro teachings and be kind considerate, modest, respectful etc.
I'm more concerned with what's in your heart and your charcater.

In the end it all boils down to the fact that i know what I want from my wife: love,companionship, respect, support, loyalty, care. Ask yourself if you are looking for the same things, if so lets talk. i would suit someone who likes to keep themselves to themselves, has a genuine kind heart, is nice to people and gives 200% back to someone who gives them 100%. is romantic and not running after material gains and other peoples approval.

sorry but I'm not interested in insta famous looking for someone normal with values. so NO tiktokkers, NO flashy people.

And if anything else i wrote sparks your interest then please get in touch.

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