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Somewhat religious
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Never married
West Midlands
United Kingdom
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A Little Bit About Me
Loyalty, honour, respect, love, trust, morals, kindness are characteristics that I stand by and look for. I know my self worth and I know what kind of person I would get on with,and know what kind of person who'll be right for me. Someone who holds same values , caring with a good heart. I have been searching for a long time and would not settle for anything less , marriage is not a tick box for me . I dont intend to marry and divorce. This is not a dig at divorcees, just a dig at people who dont put any value to marriage.
I know people who are married and they treat each other like crap , they've been given something that I'm craving for but they just take for granted.
I'd like to think I'll be a supportive husband, who will offer emotional support ,compassion, companionship, and romance etc.
Friends and family would describe me as a really friendly and nice person with good sense of humour and a good heart. I would go out my way for anyone who gives me same respect I give them.

With regards to person I'm looking for, well I DON'T look for how much you earn, what materialistic things you own, how religious you are. How many followers you have on Instagram. How much you have travelled.

We all could improve on religion so inshallah I would like to too. But a good character to me is not defined by how religious a person is as I have yet to meet someone who is truly religious and is a good character. No offence to ones who are practicing and not like above.

I look for a person who has similar values and views about marriage. Has a kind heart/nature, is modest, respectful. Someone who appreciates that first and foremost we must look for basics such as good character before thinking of travel buddy mentality. Ideally i'm looking for someone within age range 31-41, divorcees welcomed but sorry not considering someone with children at this stage(no offence).

A little about me : fit and healthy! I am a avid gym goer -take it seriously and go at least 6 days a week, I try to eat healthy. I enjoy the sun, countryside, nice views, cinema, music, food. I have Nieces and nephews who mean the world to me. Work is work-I dont chase after it, rather chase love and happiness.

I dont see no point in lieing about type of person one is because when we chat true colours will show.
I am a very popular person in around my gym ,family, friends, and work. Having said that I am a very private person, I dont like to be 'out there' with a active social media presence, telling whole world what I'm doing and trying to get attention- that's not me .i'm not a thug type dont do drugs,clubs, drink or any other non Islamic behaviour. Im a down to earth person.
I dont like ignorant, arrogant people. Dont like people who have no pride,no morals and are suck ups.

If you are nice decent person looking to get married and any of the above appeals to you the drop me a message.
Remember Be open ,be polite,be kind, be courteous, be respectful.

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What I Am Looking For
Someone to share stories with, share love of movies, music,life, food ,places and vice versa..
Doesn't matter if we don't have 101 things in common, our differences is what makes relationship interesting, learning and getting fascinated by each other's interests.
Qualities i look for:
* young at heart
* down to earth
* considerate, compassionate, loving
* respectful/modest yet smart
* someone who looks after themselves/appearance
* non smoker
I need to put this in ,If you are religious then at least follow thro teachings and be kind considerate, modest, respectful etc.
I'm more concerned with what's in your heart, cos no point being all religious if you are heartless.

In the end it all boils down to the fact that i know what I want from my wife: love,companionship, respect, support, loyalty, care. Ask yourself if you are looking for the same things, if so lets talk.

And if anything else i wrote sparks your interest then please get in touch.

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25,000 - 50,000
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