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Charity Worker
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Never married
West Midlands
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
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I would like to find myself a wife that is connected to deen with great devotion. That she fulfills all her obligations to Allah with purity of intention and also to me as her husband.

I desire, in addition to that, that she be loyal and trustworthy. That she is smart and intelligent and a good advisor to me, although I do not mind a woman of normal intelligence as I myself do not see myself as being the sharpest tool in the box.

I would like a woman that is close to her parents but is willing to seek a close relation to my parents too since they are close to me.

She does not have to work but it would be useful if she did for sometime before we, in sha Allah, have kids (she may do part time at this point but this depends on the circumstances).

I am a strong minded individual at times but reasonable also. I don't desire a dictatorial relationship but one where we work together to overcome lifes obstacles and difficulties.

I am, at the same time, a soft hearted individual which, I imagine, is what most women look for. I have a sense of humour although I may be described as having a weird sense of humour. But it is good to laugh at times but be serious when it matters (I would like a similar approach by my future wife in sha Allah).

I am not a person of great means, not wealthy. I am, I would say, describable as a somewhat poor person. But I would hope and prefer that my future wife is not materialistic as the worldly things only serve to divert a person from the remberance of Allah (this life is not meant to be jannah). Poverty can be a blessing as poor people are, at times, more strong in faith and I hope my future wife has a similar mentality and understanding.

I would like a spouse that would wrestle me into Tahajjud let alone Fajr in congregation. That develops my relationship with Allah, the most important thing to me (and to her hopefully).

I would like to have a big family in sha Allah. I hope my future wife feels the same way. Kids are a blessing and so a big family is desirable for me because I like kids. I admire their innocence I suppose. But yes, many kids in sha Allah (probably somewhat typical of an Asian person).

The above is some of the things I would like to see in my future wife (in sha Allah). There may be more but they don't come to mind as I write this short statement about myself and my preferences.

If there is anything you would like to know about me in particular, then do let me know and I will be, in sha Allah, honest in my response as deceit, especially in the context of marriage, is immoral and wrong on a human level. More important than that is that it is haram in the sight of Allah. So, by the good guidance of Allah, I will answer honestly.

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Please see 'A little bit about me' section. I think its wise not to repeat myself here...

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West Midlands
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