Servant of ALLAH looking to complete his Deen

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The key to a happy marriage is compromise, respect and loyalty.

If you know you can't do the above press skip.

If I have gone on your profile a few times it's because you come under my search criteria or have viewed mine, plus I read the profiles one by one looking for a loyal, honest woman that's on her path to better herself if they still exist here. Plan B is heading abroad.

Allah can remove our sight at any moment in time so, I don't care about your looks, Allah has blessed me with sight not to say what he has created and called beautiful is not beautiful.

We don't choose our friends by the way they look we choose them based on how they are as people.

Islam and Family are very important to me and plays a very important part of my life.

I was always taught be honest as the truth always comes out so be truthful after all we are here for marriage.

I know my role as a man and duties as a husband and a father, I don't expect my future wife to work if she wants to stay at home all day and be a full-time home maker that's fine by me, if she wants to work, she can as long as its halal and it's also her right.

I have been described as easy-going, patience, calm, loyal and trustworthy and funny.

I have previously worked in financial banking complaints/ loans also managed my own teams in these departments, I have been working in the energy industry for the last few years as it does not deal in interest and it's a blessing Alhamdullilah.

Life is what it is just got to get on with it it's a test and tests are sometimes easy other times hard and verily after hardships Allah promises ease.

I also have 1 son he just turned 5 and I live on my own at present, however we come as 1.

Just to clarify I am not expecting you to raise my son that's my responsibility, I am not looking for a mother for my son he has a mother.

Fluent in Bengali and English been a Muslim since the day I was born.

I have been in the UK since I was a child, for those 30 year olds that write born an raised, i have been here before you was born, so I have a mix balance of both East and West.

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What I Am Looking For
I have been searching for a feminine Muslim lady and not a feminist woman,do you know the difference?

Some one that knows her rights as a Muslim lady but also knows her duties as a wife and a mother, is that you?

I Know my duties as a Man and duties as a father and husband.

A loyal and honest lady, everything else is just a bonus.

I'm looking for a woman that wants a simple peaceful life, I don't mean boring we need fun in life just no drama.

Are you the woman that can do this for us?

If you treat me like a prince, then we will treat you like a princess as Jannah is under my mother's feet, she is my Queen, and you will be the Queen of your children or our children inshallah.

Preferably someone who already has legal status in the UK.

I might consider non-permanent residence if your genuine I will consider this depending on your current visa status your character and family background.

Must be Looking to better themselves and to become goal oriented in the Akirah. I wouldn't say I'm very religious I would say am doing the basics fast, pray, zakat, charity.

I'm open minded because I'm a Muslim and not just by name but through knowledge and understanding and how I was brought up.

If you had an arranged marriage and it failed an if you have a child or not that's fine, I have no issues with this I can accept this as it was done in the right Islamic manner, however if you had boyfriend/s and still chaste I'm not interested.

For me it's about character and self-control over desires does not apply to reverts before their Shahadah.

Reverts and women from different nations and back grounds well come as Allah has created us to recognise each other and we are all from Adam and Mawa may Allah the almighty be pleased with them and have mercy on them.

ALLAH knows what's best for us and we will get all that is written for us, best of luck to all inshallah we all find who we are looking for.

Thanks for reading if you're interested and think we could make this work send a message.

Sister's some of you can write paragraphs but can't write inshallah and write ia takes 2 seconds to write inshallah. You may be losing out. Inshallah is a very powerful thing to write and could change everything.

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