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A Little Bit About Me
So Ive tried this before and thought give it another go...instead of me saying things about myself, Ive decided to include what some of my closest friends think about me! Its so easy to boast about yourself (which a lot of the profiles on here are about) but how many can you honestly say is truthful and honest??

So anyway, here goes: -

"Intelligent, Kind, caring, flexible, always willing to help others, always smiling, always there for others, responsible, approachable, empathetic, the list goes on you have amazing traits as a person and we are lucky to have you x"

" orientated...great sense of humour (Coz you laugh at the the one friend joke EVERY SINGLE TIME I REMIND YOU)...honest...outgoing...
reliable...trustworthy. "

Easy to talk and get on with
Good at coaching
And a very good friend"

"Loyal, trustworthy, very independent, family orientated, funny with some whit, too tough on yourself at times, caring, shy but once warmed up very open with others, rich hahahaha" - not so sure about the rich part haha

"you've got a hard persona but your heart is in the right place you definitely wear your heart on your sleave and if you don't like someone you make it known also your not a girly girl as you would rather be kicking the back out of a bag than being a traditional Asian female definitely westernised"

Things I enjoy doing are the same as most people!! I enjoy listening to music, watching movies both at home and at the cinema, reading, baking when I can be bothered haha, dont mind a bit of cooking (my mama aint brought up no fool), spending time out and about with family and friends, staying relatively fit haha!!!

Will be interesting to see if this makes any difference...really serious about finding someone to get to know and settle down with...

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What I Am Looking For
Im not asking for too much...
Im looking for: -
Someone who is like me but also different
Someone who will make me a better person
Someone who enjoys the same things as me and who wants to experience new things too
Someone who is trust worthy
Someone who is honest
Someone who doesnt mind going out but also likes to spend time relaxing at home
Someone who doesnt say things that he doesnt mean (have come across quite a few who do this like its second nature to them)
If you can dance like Bruno Mars that will definitely go in your favour haha (sorry have just seen him in concert and just a little in love with him at the moment)
Someone who is open to sharing responsibilities and not having this stupid idea that the woman does the cooking and cleaning - this is something that I find is a complete turn off
And obviously mutual attraction and chemistry has to be there!!
Ideally looking for someone who is in the North-West area and who is Pakistani...really important to state as well MUST BE UK BORN AND RAISED

I reckon I have reasonable requests...if you think what I have included matches you as a person then please drop us a message! I will try my best to reply to all messages...

Also just a little warning...if you request my picture without sending a few messages I will reject your request! Im a person who likes to give someone a chance by swapping a few messages first...there is no point being good looking if your personality sucks! And be a gent and request a swap...that will be the only way a pic request will get accepted!

Wishing everyone luck...

p.s. If I have viewed your profile more than once...apologies...its hard to keep track of the ones I have already visited!

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