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A Little Bit About Me
Loyalty. Love. Respect. Thats how i roll.. 🏍

Salaamulaikum to the genuine women on here.

Ola! Bonjour! Guten tag! Marhaba!

A little about me.. I believe in respect , love & not war. I guess I’m a man of humanity and integrity and I’m looking for some one with similar principles. One who respects them selves respects others and is looking for peace in their souls.

Im a pretty simple laid back kinda guy who enjoys normal things like working, going gym, swimming, holidays, going to cinemas, holidays, going on long drives blah blah blah and more..

I am a biker:🏍
I am also part of a muslim motorbike group where we volunteer for charity and go out on friendly fun ride outs encouraging more muslim riders to take part in our activities to make the community grow. ile tell you more about this later if your interested.

Don’t worry i have a car too as i cant carry all the shopping & the wifey on the bike hehe

Food and family:
i like eating out or try moms home made specials. I would say I’m a family oriented person and alhamdulillah my family are very friendly, heart warming and supportive in my decisions . Im looking for similar things in my wife’s side too..
Life is a journey that goes through many changes but in the end we all want to reach that same place. Happiness.

Purpose of marriage:
I want to settle down so i can complete half my deen with my spouse In Sha Allah also to enjoy life and have fun banter like normal couples do. To me marriage life means coming home to a place of Zen after a long day at work to find peace with your spouse and discuss anything together.

What I’m looking for:
Im looking for some one family orientated who is also jolly, funny, down to earth. A woman who has self respect and respects her family too. Divorcees welcome as long as your past is your past and mentally ready to move forward..🤨

These days its becoming more and more difficult finding a good honest women with the right intention of marriage. Also Some one who likes to look after them selves in appearance and health with no crazy over the top make up 🤡 that makes you look like icing on a birthday cake 🎂.. im just saying 💁🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😂 i dont want nightmares when i wake up in the morning 😂

I don’t mind if your working and want to continue to work after marriage. Thats fine. Main thing is how a woman holds her values high and knows how to carry her self in this materialistic world and can balance marriage life with work life with a positive attitude. Sometimes in life the soul needs to be shaken to understand the reality of life.. Modesty and shyness is the key. sometimes being a little spontaneous is cool too! :)

Don’t know what else to say.. any questions please message me. Thanks.

Oh and if you like Turkish food, fast motorbikes and watch Ertrugul on Netflix the series thats a bonus! “Aywala!” 👳🏻‍♂️

One more thing, dont want any silly girls who know too many rude boys, go clubbing or say things like ‘bad boys know how to treat a woman right etc.. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

If you have this mentality stay well clear of me as we deffo wont get along and you need to stick to your plastic gangster

i need a good classy woman who can be a loyal wife not a street girl who has been round the block too many times. Sorry if that offends anyone but i aint looking for a party girl and if you are one then your in the wrong place looking for a husband. This is a muslim site not a club for a place to get boyfriends for some temporary fun! In most cases girls like you have a sad depressed life when you never get your weekly shot of fitna. Its a shame many single mothers are on this haram path too. Nothing wrong with being modern but lot of muslim women in the world have seriously lost the plot.

I ain’t super duper religious and i aint perfect but i like to keep my morals and standards intact as much as i can. If you think your my cup of tea or coffee then hit the match button. (I like coffee by the way)☕️

Best of luck to everyone who is genuine here looking for marriage and not looking to play mind games or just looking for fun or on the rebound .. also if you believe in a simple nikkah and not a big fancy weddings then your already my cup of coffee :)

Oh and if your the type to demand lots of gold and crazy dowry amounts please hit the X button coz i dont do cultural crap and neither do i want to buy some ones daughter. To me marriage is a simple process. Nikah, small family party and a wedding ring.

Thanks for reading my long profile haha😜

Meanwhile those who click ✔️ please be genuine or your getting blocked😜


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What I Am Looking For
First of all why so many girls on here with identity crisis?? Why 5 different pictures of your selves with hijab, some of you even showing pictures in saudi doing umrah or hajj then pics with no hijab and blonde dyed, wacky clothes and botox lips like you ready for the night club? You girls are seriously and utterly confused!!! 😂

So i am looking for some one calm cool collective and real. Dont mind a career woman if you want to carry on working thats fine. Also if you have never worked in your life thats a bit worrying though as being home bound you dont really pick up many life skills..

Also some one who isn’t mentally obsessed with filtered pictures pretending to be something they not.😑. All i see is filtered pictures these days. So annoying. I dont want makeup cake faces either🤡😂

Some one who isn’t insecure or on the rebound

Some one who is funny bubbly kind caring and supportive

Some one who is witty and serious and sarcastic but down to earth too

If you think your normal dont be shy and get in touch. Thank you

Also no cat and mouse games or hide and seek games please. If you cant show your pictures on here and think your going to get to know some one by remaining anonymous.. think again. This type of behaviour is strange, and you shouldn’t be on here wasting peoples time.

I have heard all the excuses for not uploading your pics on here and not a single one of them excuses is valid. You should atleast keep them in your private gallery and not be asking to show on watsapp as that means sharing phone numbers which i don’t think is a good idea until you find compatibility.

Thats all folks. Catch me while you can😛

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