Bismillah, Here to love, and be loved

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Just Muslim
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Investment Professional
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Never married
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
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Sunday 13th October 2019-update / I shall be rewriting this profile soon as I wrote it over a year ago now.
Line 1. I'm looking for a woman who smiles ...


I am told I am a really nice guy (lol), evidently this is quite accurate. I have a big heart and enjoy helping others smile.
4 years ago, I took my shahaada after studying islam and feeling absolutely fascinated by the Quran. (This is another story in itself) but Alhamdulillah Allah guides whom he wills and i was guided towards islam; i found reading and studying about islam to be very stimulating and rewarding.

I simply believe that my perfect match exists. Somebody written for me, who i can put my energy and love to good use with. This person is somebody that will make me feel loved and somebody that will accept and blush at my sweet gestures. The responsibility of loving another person is a beautiful thing. I am an ambitious person, and have a crazy romantic imagination. I know what I want and id like to know exactly what you want at all times. Somebody to keep me on my feet would be good lol. I know you are out there somewhere. And I'm praying for you. Your emaan may not be high right now, and mine has been up and down to, but we will live a happy pious life together :)
Knowledge on islam is attractive as is an unquestionable desire to study islam.

The right person will truly understand the "struggle" of being a revert. They will be loving and caring. Somebody who understands the fire the burns in my heart. And understands the feelings behind what motivates me. We must be able to pick at each others brains. We will tell each other our dreams and make them reality..we both have dreams and goals to fulfil and being stuck in the UK for most of my life is certainly not part of my plan. I think that there could be a wise loving woman on here reading this one day. And this is why I am here writing this, so that one day we can pray together and feel peace in our hearts together. It is important for me to be able to see that my spouse has Allah in their heart.

Growing up i have always had an ambitious personality,, this quite possibly stemmed from the fact it has been soley my duty to look after my mother and "make her proud". Life so far has incurred a few more bumps than i had expected however alhamdullah i am grateful for all i have learnt and experienced, and i enjoy embracing how far i have come in terms of personal growth. I have considered myself deserving of a truly amazing love life (dont mean to sound cheesy) - and so this has been something that i have wished to gravitate towards me. Finding islam is truly a blessing, and enhances my existing beautiful outlook on life. Kind gestures and humble patterns of thinking have always held place within my mind before islam came into my life. I am thankful for being guided to islam.

Whilst trying to state the basics about my background, there is alot much more to be said, something that will always remain relevant is that i am looking for a best friend and a life long companion, a soul that i shall want to reunite with in jannah. Life will change and we shall all grow as individuals. Im here to find a special individual who i can share a stimulating life long relationship with. I enjoy eating good food and keeping fit, id like someone who shares the same interest of continuously learning, whilst trying to live life to the max.

So enough with the fairytale business
The above simply puts emphasis on the ideology of teamwork, a genuine union, life long love and successful marriage

I feel as if I am ready to settle down and find someone to cross paths and walk the journey of life with

I do feel as I have much to give however I am seeking someone who has their own individuality and ideas to bring to the table.

I am constantly trying to increase my knowledge and wisdom, I try to have a clean, beautiful and positive outlook on life,having a clear mind helps and so finding someone who is a deep thinker and is opinionated is my desire

With that being said, it is in my nature to protect and guide others, and to share my wisdom

Well mannered, focused and strong personality that can lead a family and guide others in different aspects. Intelligence, morals, and a good smile are attractive to me.
Trying to be greater than good, for the greater good

Bismillah, If you feel like you resonate with my bio please feel free to message me.

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What I Am Looking For
The other pea to my pod

Somebody i will want to reunite with in jannah and share the love of islam with together in this dunya. A bestfriend, a wife and one day a mother in sha allah

(Character and wisdom) :)
A smart person who is a bit of a joker. Ambitious and well spoken
Down to earth
Stylish ?
A desire to become the best version of themselves
Keen to travel and explore the world
Mutual physical attraction is important as well as a strong mental connection

Mutual interests would be :
Self established boundaries and morals
Having a clean heart
Health and fitness
Prayer and worship

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