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Never married
Maryland, College Park
United States
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Live few miles away from Washington DC. Easy going and honest personality.

Professional: NASA Engineer with PhD. During PhD, I worked in highly successful projects.

Deen: Spend over 20 hours/week learning Islam (75 %) and other theology like Christianity (10%) and Jewish texts (15%).

Citizenship Status: Unconditional Green-card holder based on my contribution to US economy and innovation for national interest. I filed my petition without any sponsorship. Originally from South Asia. In USA since 2011, first came in 2008. I choose citizenship USA because there is no option for official US persons (permanent residents like us) in the site and many can miss in the search engine to avoid visa holders.

Activities: Reading books and Washington Post, NY Times, watching documentaries, comedy central, visiting museums in DC, helping people of all race, known and unknown regarding career and housing, have professional contribution to history and meeting real people rather than binging online series. I regularly invite people at my place for lunch or dinner. Many times they are my colleagues, neighbors and little known acquaintance both male and female, mostly non-Muslims. Kids generally like me. Don't have any cable connection in the last 9 years and never went to concert or movie theaters.

Household Capabilities: Excellent cook and do everything independently. Spouse should not be subjected to daily chores. Keep things very clean, organized and looking for the same.

Social Circle: Most of my colleagues and friend circles are American, European and few BDs. I had roommates from 14 different countries of origin. So, pretty much open to people and not the typical Desi person in cultural way or food. I can blend-in easily with decent people. People trust me with responsibilities and appreciate my hard work.

Food: Try to be halal as much as I can. No smoking or Alcohol (Never), rarely soda, avoid sugar, salt, cheese and oil if possible. 30% American, 20% European, 10% Mexican and rest are Desi food.

Family: All PhD's from UK and Professors. Father and sister (British) live in back home. Mother died 3 years ago. My father was a Rockefeller fellow in early 90s, lead projects for Gates Foundation and many other US agencies like USAID, and used to work with UC Berkley. My mother was a top artist in the whole Pakistan at her young age. During my undergraduate, I got NSF award for research and presented works at Harvard-MIT.Just to make a sense that my upbringing outside states was not typical case as often assumed.

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What I Am Looking For
US Persons only: American or Green-card holder. My job situation makes my life complicated to have a foreign contact. Please don't contact me unless you are a US person.

Career: High skilled professional or on the path of having a good job after graduation. I like independent hard working women and strong personality with kindness. I am not looking for someone who will agree with me in everything or submissive because I am the husband.

Deen: Maqāṣid al-sharīʿa is important. Someone who can distinguish religion from tradition. I know it is not possible to just use few words on this topic. I would love to talk over phone if interested. Most importantly, don't try to use religion to avoid responsibility or like a court motion. Also, I want someone who equally values non-Muslim neighbors and colleagues in personal and social settings rather than just confining in religious and regional preferences.

Lifestyle: Minimalist to comfortable. Not on the curve of risky spending behavior. Not a fan of materialist person who try to buy everything new or expensive.

Debt: Not likely. It impacts relationship and moral values in the long term. No credit card debt. I am not in mortgage and would rather stay on rent in needed.

Work/Life balance: Preferred. Will be supportive to your career even if you are a doctor and need to work late at night. I will also not dig into if you have good male colleagues.

Kids: 1 or 2 based on situation.

At the end marriage is a legal contract that we will sign with the highest stakes involved. While being optimistic is healthy, it is also safe to understand that marriage will only work with pure intention. At the end it is to submit to G-d.

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