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South Carolina, Columbia
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A Little Bit About Me
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

I only have one picture in my profile, honestly speaking I do not take pictures unless necessary.

My outlook about life and living:
"Takdir" is predestined, and every person is bestowed with some inherent qualities of his/her own. Our life can have so much significance in meaning that sometimes the meaning is found in building something new, sometimes in sacrifice for some noble goal, sometimes in the unexpectedness and excitement/adventure of pursuing a higher purpose of life, etc. In my case, it is the excitement of intellectual endeavors. The way I want to shape the world with my outlook is through my intellectual endeavors – in both building a global career as a scientist, as well as serving society with honest intellectual discourses In-sha-Allah. I can simplify it in an easy-to-imagine term: ‘the quest for meaning’. In my appreciation, that stands out to be the highest and the noblest outlook at life; whereas with no disrespect to others, I have to admit that I find money-based outlook to be the cheapest outlook at life. And it is the same as to what I expect for my future family. Therefore, for the people who want to judge a person in terms of the socially perceived so-called notion of ‘future prospect (in terms of becoming a rich man)’, I would say that I do not know if there is such prospect in me. This is because I do neither pursue such a goal; rather I am inspired with something more fundamental and significant. I simply want to lead such a life so that if at the end of it I look back, I could find my life standing for meaning and purpose as well as defining what it means to have meaning and purpose at my contemporary time. Therefore, my first request is that I hope my outlook would be respected, and more importantly I hope the bride who is predestined in my Taqdir to be married with, would also be from a family where such an outlook is respected. After all, although I do not pursue a career to earn wealth and to be driven by that definition, I believe we cannot escape our Rizk (provision) that has been predetermined by Allah SWT (which is unchangeable, and which follows us), and therefore, although I cannot certainly see a life full of roses ahead of me (none either can), at least I can see a life filled with excitement and adventure, if these could provide a truer measure of happiness and fulfillment.

I have a B.Sc in Environmental Science, and M.Sc. in Environmental Science and Engineering. Worked as a research scientist for 2 years after my M.Sc studies which leaded me to an industry to follow another 1.5 years and ultimately started my PhD in USA. I am an environmentalist, in addition whenever time permits I do volunteering for disabled people and animals (mostly in Columbia, SC area).

Cycling for long distances, and solo Paragliding. I often cherish my desire to set-up one small scale biodiversity farm (including plants, birds, mammals, and fishes) in my hometown or wherever possible (could be in USA).

I enjoy cooking a lot, know how to cook many Asian cuisines. It will be good for my future wife, she can try a variety of foods at home. In'Shaa Allah I will do household chores to the extent I can, I hope 50-50. Besides, I am very adventurous in nature, and like to spend time for outdoor recreational activities only with males.

Dawah in Korea: I can speak intermediate level Korean, Alhamduillah it helped me to converse about Islam with my fellows in the company where I work in South Korea. At least I could have send the messages of Islam (e.g. Halal food, prayers, the almighty is one and there is no other entity besides him, last messenger, etc.) to my company people who never heard about it before. In' Sha Allah I will receive the permanent residency here soon, and I believe it will help me to continue dawah here even more.

A little me (my style):

To stay fit and healthy
you need not to be wealthy
It requires regular physical and mental activity
Keep away from sedentary lifestyle
Always be lively and smile
You can win over stress and Tension
Let yourself to be the point of attraction

NB: I am very easy going, and In sha Allah a down to earth person according to my friends and fellow students. Definitely I am a humorous person, i like to make other people happy and make smile at their faces. It would be excellent if i happen to marry a girl who is also humorous (it will be a boon).

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What I Am Looking For
Regarding spouse: A practicing muslimah, fulfilling all of her duties given by Allah.

Regarding marraige: According to Sahih Ahadith "The simplest marriage to be the best marriage". Having said this ahadith, we can hardly see such marriage in our society now-a-days. People have crowded the occasion of marriage with so many culturally evolved elements that the prime thing of a marriage becomes the most ordinary and the least attractive part of a marriage, merely being done for the sake of formality as well as legal records. I would prefer to cut all other clumsy things off the occasion of marriage; and rather making it the simplest, which then becomes the best marriage! Therefore, although I acknowledge peoples’ desire in society, however when it comes to me, I feel self-dignity to deserve the best marriage (i.e., the simplest marriage) for me.
In addition, I do not intend to do 'the so called ceremony' for my marriage, in place of it the money I would like to spend to take care of an orphan (or if possible two or three). Preferably, I would love to get married with someone who is willing to do it in mosque, and spend the cost of a marriage ceremony in building the akhlak (character) and islamic education of an orphan (until the orphan becomes 18 years old at least, In sha Allah).This is a noble sacrifice, and I hope my outlook would be respected from my bride's side. So, if you do not respect this outlook, I guess we would not be a good match.

A little poem (written by me) for my spouse:

(To Whom It May Concern)

You will be the most beautiful women I have ever seen
who will invite me to the right path, and call me towards deen
I shall wait for you, until i find you, for this I am very keen
where are you now and how have you been?

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