Low Maintenance Guy - Limited Time Offer!

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Just Muslim
Somewhat religious
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Illinois, Chicago
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OK this is the SHORT Version!! Optional Long Version follows...If Interested!

Low Maintenance Guy Available! Limited Time Offer Only!

Experienced in Cooking & Cleaning
Does Laundry & Dishes
Can Repair Almost Anything in the House!
Easy to Get Along With
Loves Children
Great Listener! (You wont have to compete with football basketball & baseball to get my attention!)
Good Natured GSOH
Very Artistic
Not Too Bad Looking (I Think?!)
Faster than a Speeding Bullet!
More Powerful than a Locomotive!
Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound
(Well Ok...Maybe 2 or 3 Bounds, but thats it!)

Seriously though I really love the simple things in life like going for long walks, holding hands, cooking, good conversation, petit fours, kids, the outdoors, long drives leading to nowhere, staying home for dinner & a movie, flying a kite, hugs, kisses, forgiveness, a good laugh, sticking my toes in warm sand, a windy day, belief in a higher power, dunking my cookie in my coffee & trying to rescue the broken piece before it sinks to the bottom!

So in short I would love to meet a girl, fall in love on a cloudy, sunny or rainy day, and live happily ever after! (Falling in love in the rain is sooo romantic, Isn't It?!) Is that a lot to hope for these days? Gosh I sure hope not, otherwise what are we all living for now?! I hope to find a girl that I'm so crazy about that I cant make it till the end of the day to see her again. Isn't that how everyone should feel about the person they're with?

I'm simple, drama-free, educated, very happy-go-lucky, funny most of the time, a good cook, very artistic, and I love to draw and write (I've written a couple songs, a few remixes, a bunch of poetry, and my 1st book, and now I'm illustrating it)
**I live in a very magical place, and I would love to tell you all about it!!

May The Force Be With You....Whatever Force You Believe That To Be!!

Ok so here goes the rest of it....I also enjoy nice things, but 'things' are not the primary focus of my life. Material things come & go but I really believe that love can last a lifetime as long as two people respect each other & are willing to have an honest relationship. What good are all those things anyways if the love just fades off between the two of us?

I do enjoy staying fit whenever I can, but sorry, I don't get to the gym 20 times a week & climb mountains on a regular basis (Unless Im wearing my cape & flying around the world chasing bad guys!) Really, I don't know how all these other guys do it? Sometimes work alone is all the exercise I need for the day!

Im a romantic at heart and I really enjoy quiet times & doings things together. Material things are nice but its definitely not whats most important in my life. I would much rather live a simple life & have love & happiness rather than being rich & miserable all the time, & I would much rather have a wife that I can absolutely adore rather than diamonds & gold!

I am so fascinated by the connectivity of the human spirit & I feel that it can achieve & overcome all obstacles if a person will only believe. I always see people that have little attraction & love for each other, & little more in common except for mutual responsibilities, & I wonder how they can live with each other like that. I always dream about that girl who I would be so crazy about that I could hardly wait to see her again by the end of the day. I really believe that this is how two people should feel about each other.

I am more spiritual rather than religious & I believe that I can find God in any place of worship, & in the narrowest corners of the world. I believe that there is truth in all religions & I dont believe that the only way to enlightenment is through one religion only. I believe God exists everywhere, & He is there for every single person on this planet if they just believe!

Good Luck To All!

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