Live and let live

My Sect
Somewhat religious
My Profession
Administration Professional
Marital Status
Never married
United Kingdom
Registration Reason
I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Sorry I don’t like having pics taken and I’ve not mastered the selfie taking technique so if I look constipated or scared of the camera I probably am! lol
But I’ve done my best 👍

About Me?

Not sure where to start,

I'm down to earth loyal honest and a positive happy forward thinking individual
Loved / liked by all family & friends
Very sociable & easy going, get on with anyone and everyone
A good listener, like to see /make others happy will certainly make you laugh/smile

Forgive and forget as life's to short to.............
Independent, hardworking strive for success (success doesn't always mean financially even though I am financially stable)
I have respect for all young and old regardless of back ground skin colour religion. Have a great sense of humour and banter with people of all ages so 100% won't have a problem with getting on with you and your family. Don’t get offended easily

I have a big heart and an even bigger smile (with perfect white teeth!)
Dress well, smell well, regular at the gym, try staying fit & healthy, hygienic!
I'm a Urdu speaking British born Pakistani and adapt to both cultures as and when need to. Although I'm quite modern and westernised I feel roots, heritage, culture(not the petty stuff) should be embraced and not forgotten. So hope to keep in touch with my roots in Pakistan. Have strong Islamic & family values and well mannered.

Part of a close knit crazy family that I love. Youngest of six but they all have their own families. Yet I'm probz the most sociable and the one that keeps everyone in check. My youngest brother is my world as after loosing my parents at a young age he looked after me, don't think I would be where I am in life without him so respecting him is a must.

Travelled a few countries, bungee jumped 4 times, Just been skiing in the French Alps very unsuccessfully to realise cold is not for me deffo warmer holidays for the future 😂

Fun loving, don't ask for too much in life just stress free, peaceful and happy MIND and a wife that will keep it that way! 😂

Any questions feel free to ask or chat

I’m from Blackburn in the North West and have no intentions of moving,
I’m serious about marriage so no time wasters
I don’t like talking to many girls at once so sorry,
Not here to make friends so if I’m talking to you I’m

Good Luck to you all 👍

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What I Am Looking For
Main thing I require is connection and understanding because a mature married couple can work around everything else!

Someone who doesn’t feel sorry for themselves all the time or is ill all the time life’s too short make the mostly of it,

Has to be a smiler, people that don't smile make me uneasy
Looks and some attraction has to be there
Age group of 25-35
Mature, (as one of us has to be)
Good personality, good sense of humour, sociable, patient,
no negative attitude,
A homemaker, family oriented, compatible, Someone who will tame / curb angered moments rather than fuel them more,? gives 100% to this marriage, a good person in general, a friend for the rest of my life to grow old with.

If you block cause you’ve not had or have had a late reply or don’t like somebodies reasons for not going ahead then you’re not for me,
I’ve had my fair share of rejection & miscommunication etc
I have never had the need to block anyone regardless of how rude they are.
We are on this site for the same reason so please understand and respect people’s decisions 👍
If your hot headed your not for me
No hijabi’s
No Smokers
No one with kids
No Photo No Reply

Good luck 👍

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Personal Information
My Citizenship
Country of Origin
United Kingdom
Willing to Relocate?
I am Looking to Marry
As soon as possible
My Income
15,000 - 25,000
Marital Status
Never married
Would I like to have Children?
Do I have children?
My Living Arrangements?
I Live Alone
United Kingdom
My Height
1.78m (5' 10")
My Build
My Hair Colour
Medium brown
Colour of My Eyes
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Do I Have Any Disabilities?
My Education Level
Non degree qualification
Subject I Studied
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My Profession
Administration Professional
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Project management
Somewhat religious
My Sect
Prefer not to say
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Usually Keep Halal
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