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BRITISH ONLY PLEASE , preferably born and bred in London thank you. If you do not have a picture please DO NOT contact me. I will simply ignore. I have made the effort to put pics up and write a profile so I will be expecting the same in return InshaAllah.

I am a very friendly person and I love to help others out when they need it. I love my family and friends and always try to do my best towards them. InshaAllah. I can be very sociable at times but then there are times where I like to stay home and just reflect on my life. I think I have a good balance of both alhamdulillah and would like my future partner to be respectful and understanding of my life goals and ambitions. Ideally I would like to focus more on charity work once I've raised a family and have more time to myself. InshaAllah.

There is a lot about my life that I will disclose to someone if I see that there is some compatibility. I don't believe in showcasing my whole life to complete strangers. It is what it is. Let's see if you can make me feel those butterflies I've been waiting for ;-)

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What I Am Looking For

I would also prefer someone who holds a UK driving licence and is currently driving.

I'm looking for someone who has the following characteristics: loving,caring, sensitive, independent and witty. Someone with a lot of patience, love and compassion and is not judgemental. If you cannot stick to talking to one girl at a time then please do not message me as I'm not looking for a serial dater.

I don't have an issue with background and race as long as you are a muslim and you have good manners, that's what matters the most to me.

I would also prefer a person who does not smoke not even socially. This is a deal breaker. I've had some brothers message me who clearly smoke, I really don't understand why you are wasting both our times? I dont smoke and prefer a non smoking husband InshaAllah. Most men on this site wouldn't consider a girl if she smoked so the same applies to women too. Some women want a non smoking spouse, it's a preference. In no way does it mean that a non smoker is better than a smoker, yes I do realise that. The same way a guys preference to slim woman doesn't mean that she is better than a plus size woman. The heart wants what it wants

Personality always come before looks, but looks are still important as I am sure it is for everyone. My ideal type is slim, 5ft 11 to 6ft 2 and very lean but if you are a good person then I'm happy to compromise on physical attributes and height. There is no such thing as the perfect partner.

I am looking to get to know someone for a little while before getting family involved. However I am not looking for a boyfriend or a physical relationship. Sadly there are many brothers on SM who are looking for sleeping partners as opposed to future wives, I suggest you deactivate your account and say Astagfirullah. Respect women if you want someone to respect your sisters or daughters. Just saying.

I still have a lot of hope of finding my hopeless romantic on this site and getting married to fulfill each others rights. I would like my husband to be my life partner in the Duniya and akhira. InshaAllah.

I would like a husband who prays 5 times a day or willing to start immediately at point of contact. This is a mandatory obligation and I cannot be a mum to a grown man to remind you to do your salah, it is your responsibility to take care of this. A man who doesn't give importance to his salah can never give me true happiness so if you don't pray at the moment then please do not message me. I make dua Allah makes it easy for you to pray. Ameen.

I would like a man who wants to increase his good deeds by doing more nafl salah and nafl fasting as a couple. This is something I would like to aspire to do, so if you think that's too much then i'll be too much for you lol .

Take care and thank you for reading my profile. May Allah help you find a beautiful soulmate that benefits you in this world and the akhira , Ameen

**** To all the younger single brothers that think my profile is worth contacting , let me remind you that your parents will be totally against you marrying me so please dont waste your time unless your brave enough to stand up to your family for me. Good luck :-) ****

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