Celebrating my 9th year on here.....

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A Little Bit About Me
Ever since winning the Euromillions it's become increasingly difficult to find a genuine life partner.

I am a proper boring guy!!!! Honest!!! Cross my heart!!!!

Probably the worst husband in the world!!!!

I'm not a great cook but I know how to order the best takeaway's....

I'm serious about serious stuff and couldn't careless about the price of fish in China.

I'm a friendly, fun, family orientated person (your mum will love me, not sure about your dad though).

I like the sunshine and the sea. I'm well grounded and down to earth, it's taken a while but I think I've finally found that equilibrium, the balance needed to enable us to pursue our real goals.

My day typically starts at around 6am for Fajr, then off to the gym. I am a former boxer and still like to keep in shape although my fighting days are now over.

Anyway, life for me centres around my salah when I get the opportunity to stand in front of my Lord...this is how I start and finish my day(Alhamdulillah).

I am well travelled, educated and devastatingly handsome, oh and modest too.

In the future by the Will of Allah I would like to relocate somewhere for a bit, maybe Brazil, I'm not sure yet.

Sometimes i like doing absolutely nothing and some day's i like doing something.

I enjoy reading, writing and drinking banana milkshakes....

I am self employed but my background is in Marketing and Media. Allah gives Barakah to those who work hard, gold and silver doesn't fall out of the sky.

I'm a deep thinker and like to drift off sometimes, i'm quiet, noisy, lazy and hardworking!

If you like washing dishes and hoovering please contact me immediately, my sink is almost full....

I live a pretty simple life, I have the best circle of friends in the world, a good family and all my own teeth!

When i get bored i shave my head, you may notice i look slightly different in my pics, it's coz i'm worth it! If you marry me and you get bored i'll shave your head too.......

Oh yeah, i like mangoes, cheese, mayonnaise and 80's movies.(not all in one sandwich tho, that would be silly)....

I'm simple and complex, i have self destruct button, i have many, many flaws but i'm perfect in every way for the right women! She will love me and i will love her even more, forever! Cheesy, but true...

I like listening to Otis Reading, Nina Simone, Etta James records while drinking full fat milk on the sofa!

I have loads more pics if you need, but i look better in the flesh(i think)

P.S: Nothing

Quiet nights out and noisy nights in!!!!!
Good times guaranteed!!! Maybe

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What I Am Looking For
Someone who understands that the man is the most important person in the relationship and that women are slaves (only joking).

Ideally I'd like to marry someone like Marge Simpson, but she's a cartoon and happy with Homer!

I need sunshine, angels, blue skies and strawberries

I'm not expecting anyone to grow flowers in the desert, but would like someone who likes to live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime!!!!

Funny women are more than welcome.

NB: It's ok for you to message me first rather than clicking on my profile forty times and waiting for me to message you! It's not 1958 anymore and women can initiate contact, it shows substance!!!

I promise i will reply to all messages, but i am a liar!!!

Do something wild today, message me... lol (i hate people who write lol everywhere (lol) only lolling, lol me all you want, i love it really, LOL

I'm born in February which makes me a Pisces
(Albert Einstein was also a Pisces BTW, see how I managed to crowbar me and Einstein in the same sentence, proper clever innit!

No love on the planet can compete with a Pisces man and Scorpio/Taurus/Cancer women
(William Shakespeare)

N.B: Although my profiles a little toungue in cheek, I am seriously looking for marriage and I don't mind waiting months/years/decades whatever, i'd rather be alone than with the wrong one, besides if you look on the bright side it's only another 50 odd years until the next life anyway! Lol

I hope you enjoyed my profile, let me know if wanna join me and we can both be crackers together or you can go and find another fella on here and see if he floats your boat.

All in all and sincerely I know how tough it is endlessly scouring for the right person, but I genuinely hope we all find someone 10 times better than what we're looking for! InshaAllah lol

I'm not discriminatory but no one over 75 please and no supermodels.

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