Ya RABB Bless Me WithA Righteous Spouse Ameen

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West Midlands
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Please Read through My Profile before contacting Me, Jzk'Allahker.

Me, a Strong minded, Independent, Honest, Kind Hearted loyal, & Caring Proud committed Sunni Muslimah who follows one of the 4 Imams Hanafi Madhab & also open to learn of the other Madhabs.

I'm not a saint but I Do practice to the best of my ability to be a better Muslimah Insha'Allah.

Someday to go to Perform Umrah & Hajj with that Special Someone who will be my Companion for the rest of the days.
Would like to travel places going on a cruise 🛳 🇪🇸 Spain 🇹🇷Turkey, 🇵🇸 Palestine etc but will save it in my dreams💭 untill It comes true if Allah wills.

I enjoy having a laugh and spending quality time with family. I'm quite a homely, friendly, loyal, loving and sociable person as I've raised 4 Fabulous children on my own, 2 adults & 2 teens My Children and serving the deen are very important to me, My Children are sort of independent & old enough to take care of themselves Masha'Allah they are good kids😀.
I adore Islam I'm very passionate about my deen & very proud to be a muslimah Alhamdulilah! I also Respect all Faiths n Religions.
I enjoy visiting my local Islamic community centres and listening to Islamic lectures. I have a huge passion in volunteering in causes which help the muslim community & others.
Now & again enjoy dining n chilling out, I am a bit of a old school like, do enjoy listening to nasheeds.
I like my independence & also enjoy nature, going for walks (that's when I'm in my trainer's👟👟🎧😄)
A Regular Gym Goer (luv releasing the endorphins out😁) & like to look after My Health Alhamdulilah.
Enjoy watching Netflix & Love Turkish Historical Films also like Action Thriller & Comedy Movies.
For Me a little thought goes a long way, I Don't need to be Spoilt just appreciated with Love & Devotion.
I am looking for someone to complete half of My Deen but "Living Apart Together" stay with Me Until Death do Us apart & Love & Care for Me & vice versa for the Sake of Allah Swt. I would like to maintain a nice & healthy relationship Insha'Allah.
Can message me if you like, please don't get offended if I don't respond back maybe because I'm speaking to someone or don't feel Compatible with you but May Allah Swt Bless You for your effort.

Don't message Me if you just wanna chat or your bored or your some sort of Fantasist, stay away or if you're just looking for a girly girl cause I'm no girly girl I'm a Woman with limits, No offence but I Deserve to be Valued & like to keep it Halal.🙂
I like to speak to one individual at a time.

Bless You for reading through My Profile.

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What I Am Looking For
Some soul, individual who will support me in the path of Allah Swt.
Someone Serious about Marriage *Age from 37 to 53 years old,*
A Man who prays there 5 daily Prayers, fulfills the Sawm (Obligatory, Fard Fasting) & Pays their Zakat for the sake of Allah Swt.
Searching for the Love of My Life, My Soulmate, the one Insha'Allah.
I am a one man woman, & interested in a one woman man😊No Polygamists Please.
A Man Who would want to Pray Fajr Salaah in the early hours of the morning with Me. Want to have that L🥰ving feeling & want to be in L😍ve, looking for someone with a Stable Mentality & confidence, calm with a good sense of humour, open minded, a devoted soul mate, someone who inspires me, who can sweep me off my feet😄
A man who is strong enough to Endure Teenagers😎 Someone who can give me companionship & grow old together Insha'Allah a best friend and a man who genuinely has good morals, is kind, honest, calm, loyal, supportive, understanding, considerate & trustworthy. One who is like-minded and not judgemental. A Musliman who has a good understanding of the Eastern and Western cultures, a husband who will be the extinguisher of my fire & vice versa. I am looking for a man who is a good communicator is optimistic, adventurous, enjoys to cook and is family orientated. someone who is in a similar stage in life as me who can speak understandable English language. Mutual Attraction & compatibility is important to be in a marriage most importantly a man who has love for the deen, a God fearing practicing man and can help me improve in practicing my religion and wants me to succeed in this life and the hereafter.
I Believe Having Tawakkul تَوَكُّل (Trust in Allah Swt), Communication, Understanding and Laughter together as Man n Wife is the Key to a Successful Future/Marriage.
Lifes a Test if we Don't have Complications or Challenges we will never learn from the Best🤲🏼❤pbuh

I am Not here to spend My Time for endless chats.
You should be willing to Meet, Wali will be Present, No meetings alone!

⚠️ No Users or Abusers or any kind of Swindlers, Lascivious, Womanizers, No Scammers Or Fake, Fraudster Loosers! No Visa hunters, No Extremists, No Controlling, Coercive types Nor any Time wasters Not interested!
Stay Away!
If You're only here for desires(bad nafs)& Don't have the intention of Marriage Do Not Contact Me as your No Good for Me. So get a Life And Do Not Waste My Time!
I am Only looking for Purely Halal Relationship Marriage nothing less, nothing Harram.
If your speaking to multiple people on here at once Keep away!
Please🙏🏼 have a Photo ready of Yourself, Ta. Don't Like speaking to a No-Body😶‍🌫️😁!
All the best to every single individual on here who's genuinely looking for their Halal wife/husband,
May Allah Swt Grant You all a Spouse who will be the Coolness of Your Heart & Eyes Insha'AllahAameen🤲🏼
Keep Smiling it's a Sunnah!😊
Read through before messaging Me thanx.

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