Looking for a Good Human? Look no further!

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Customer Support Professional
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Never married
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me

Polite request please make contact if you are SERIOUSLY Interested and willing to put in the effort to communicate. Even if you do not want to talk please say so I will not mind at all at least it saves everyones time.

I am fully committed in searching for a wife. I know how to respect all women and appreciate that you are some ones daughter and/or sister so many ladies on this platform have had bad interactions with insincere men, I say this as you share this in profiles.

I promise you that I am not one of those people. I will treat you with integrity and respect from the first moment we converse. It does baffle me how decent guys get overlooked, for the wastemen who have no class, only to end up hurting the ladies who connect with them in the first place.


I try to be sincere everyday be that at home or out and about, helping people, and making people smile. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy, but I try really hard to brighten the day of everyone I meet, even if it’s just by asking a cashier how they are, or by simply holding the door open for someone. I try to always think about others.

Feel like I have a nice balance with my day to day life. So definitely can appreciate a good movie, or Netflix session. Keep my mind sharp and healthy by enjoying a good read or just having a good laugh... Sometimes at my own expense may I add just keeping the banter levels high I suppose...

Can easily unwind and chill, be that after work or even in the comfort of my own home. Love hitting the Weights, and very keen on keeping my waistline in control so it is quality of food rather than quantity for me...so this means I look super young no joke Alhumdullilah..


I can't promise you luxuries of this world instead I aim to please the creator of all the worlds. If we all aim to live with this in mind, we will be truly content with everything we have now!

I am of Ahle-sunnah persuasion inclined towards Ihsan (Sufism), of Hanafi Madhab absolute lover of the Mawlid. At my happiest when in prayer...

Certainly not here to debate religion or creed!!!

Looking for my better half Inshallah, who loves Allah and his Messenger (sallallahualaihiwassallam) more than everything, or at least aims to.

Lives everyday with her Akhira in mind guided by her conscious.

A non judgemental lady, respectful, of a loving nature, and mature. I am absolutely not a fan of cold shoulders, silent treatment and tantrums... Life is way too short for this keep the love and respect flowing...

Must be able to talk and communicate with a calm and level head. In control of her emotions and most importantly guided by a clean heart and a pure tongue.

I never ask for something I am not prepared to provide myself, you can expect nothing less from me. Must be willing to show utmost respect to elders and deal with compassion and patience with those who are younger.

Everything above applies to me first this is the type of person I am...

My nearest and dearest describe me as:
Funny, thoughtful, honest, easy going, caring, and sensitive. Oh and slightly geeky!!! They say it’s meant as a compliment I’m not so sure?

Have a very small group of friends but like to spend most of my time with family.

Not a big fan of social media...Ahh the Irony... Oh and I don’t do the whole shisha club, smoking or Vaping, never smoked anything and never will.

If you have any questions nothing is of the table whatever comes to your mind you can ask me anything...

As you have stayed till the end, you deserve to leave with a smile...

"Marriage is a process in which Boy loses his Bachelors Degree and Girl gains her Masters Degree"

Keep Smiling... :-)

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What I Am Looking For
Below is something I put together maybe it is meant for you....

You are like the full moon forever brightening the Dark Night's way..

I’m here waiting in the darkness of loneliness, my soul is burning with pain...

My sleep and your dreams will never be in twain, every night and even in the day..

Will you be my Nimbus cloud which will forever pour down cool soothing rain?

As...I am forever in the moment ever waiting to ease the pain.

Are we finally destined to meet this season?
I patiently wait for time to explain...

The eventual road that will lead me towards our united destiny, will surely be the most beautiful terrain.

And while I eagerly await this journey, the only essence which continues to allow my heart to beat...is the pulse of your name..🌹🌹🌹

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