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Salam alaikum

Giving this another go..

Single, never been engaged nor married, never been involved in a messy relationship lol, some of the misconceptions people have on here - I can assure you that I belong to a decent and reputable family (which you can close to time research for yourself. I can lie but people I live around will not.)

I know this app is seen as a dating app and people on here are after all sorts, I'm only seeking marriage and companionship.

Any potentials that are slightly younger in age, I can assure you that I'm not seeking to get married in a month or two lol, so don't be afraid to approach me - I would ideally prefer someone above 34:).
My work and personal life is pretty hectic so I will make time for the person and please don't approach me if you are going to either match and not converse or send one line every other day.

Seeking something halal leading to marriage - If you are on here purely seeking haram/intimate relationships then please refrain from approaching me. I have some self respect and dignity and I cannot emphasise how many of you have approached with these intentions. It's disgraceful and please show some respect when you are approaching the sisters, we are someone's daughters.

Now the introduction bit is done,
Let's start with the flaws shall we
lol I'm serious.

Emotional, sensitive and direct. Ok a little too direct sometimes, what my mother says
*hand on face*
An introvert who gives the impression of an extrovert lol hence why I often attract the opposites. Extremely shy deep down inside but when I walk, I walk as though the world all revolves under me lol

I used to be hot tempered and crazy at the same time but have calm down, some would describe me as laid back and very calm now lolz

Hate slapped/caked makeup on day to day basis, false lashes and false nails.
I don't smoke shisha, not on Snapchat and hardly take any selfies -most of my photos are taken by someone else.

I get on with my own life, don't like interferences or being nosey. I don't care what someone else is doing with their life or in their own homes, I'm not one to judge either as I believe we will be accountable for our own actions and deeds. Oh I cannot stand being dictated or being controlled. I am a pretty sensible lass in general :)

I used to be the type who if received any negative vibes walked out; whether it was a situation, a place or people. I have a strong head on my shoulders but a weak and soft heart. Unfortunately I have been taken advantage of my good and generousity in the past but on the other hand I am capable of putting people back in their places too.
*rolling eyes* lol

I enjoy creativity, so can be anything from Art work to cooking or even making lush deserts.
Netflix thrillers or documentaries are a common watch at the moment unless I'm with my mummy so it's an old comedy Hindi movie or a Pakistani drama lol - at the moment it's the Turkish Series on Ertugrul Ghazi.

I work for the civil service/government, have flexibility within my job which I quite enjoy, quite a cheerful bubbly person with a tiny spec of cheekiness ;D
I believe in staying positive, optimistic and being content with what Almighty God has given you. They say that Almighty God blesses you with even more when you are happy with what you already have.

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What I Am Looking For
What am I seeking?

Ideal age range between 34-40!
If you don't have a picture gallery, then I don't think you should be on this. If you have pictures on here and ask me to add you on WhatsApp just to see the pictures, then you will be reported and blocked as harsh as this may sound. 😔

Please don't view my profile over and over, it can feel intimidating. Anyone views my profile more than 5/6 times then I may end up blocking you, please be aware.

It’s difficult to put down a list; you have to make some effort getting to know somebody in order to determine the compatibility.
I have always been asked what sort of soul mate I'm after and I have said, someone abit like moi LOL

Someone from a small family, educated, mature and preferably from over here would be attractive. I’m a real sucker of a friendly and sweet personality, some of the qualities that shine for me are; caring, considerate and understanding.   

I'm also seeking someone who is a good decision maker and a good communicator. These are very important especially if you have a large family background.

I am open to other ethnicities 🙂

All the best with your search and May the Almighty bless us all with a righteous partner, Aameen.

Ps  A few have asked about my background - Born and bred in the United Kingdom, my ethnicity is Pakistani; family are from Azad Kashmir, my mother tongue is Pahri and caste is Rajput (Mangral). And I'm based in Yorkshire and not Birkenhead.

Pps Profiles that have blurred pictures, unfortunately I will have to pass. I can understand some people wanting to keep things confidential and I totally respect that but i think it makes the initial stage of the process a little easier.
I apologise in advance for this.

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