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Salam. I am currently mostly considering ladies from Turkey, for one main reason - they are capable of making decisions super quickly. I have found almost everyone on this site wants to talk, talk, and then when it's time to make a decision, talk some more. You can see why this is unlikely to result in marriage.

You can get in contact if you like, but my first question is likely to be about how quickly you think you might be able to make your mind up. Stop wasting your life talking. Be decisive. You know, the way our parents were.

Quick version here. Longer version below.

I will always reply to messages, so just message me!

Ready for marriage. Serious. Been turned down more than once by unrealistic people looking for a Hollywood romance.

I’m ambitious and eccentric. I exercise and I can cook. Alternative thinker. Determined. Sometimes stubborn.

I can offer you commitment, effort, reliability, and a lot of laughter.

Ethnicity no issue. Religion is.

Let's talk and not waste time!

Longer version:

Full time IT consultant, part time entrepreneur. Enjoy doing sports and going out to eat (especially desserts...). Pray all 5 salah and take religion seriously. UK born and bred, of Turkish background. I am 183cm and 74kg.

Very few serious people on here. I am serious, and I'm not too scared of making a decision and committing. Are you?

Best to mention this now: I am not interested in a long getting to know each other period, I think a few months, with regular meetings, is more than enough to understand each other's basic nature.

I am a bit of an eccentric and think I will be able to have a laugh with my wife. As long as she can put up with my humour!

Religion is important to me and I want a wife who feels the same, and who prays her salah regularly. Also someone who does not take themselves too seriously, so we can have a laugh together. I would prefer someone who wears a hijab or covers their hair.

I think any two people can get along as long as they have respect and are willing to compromise. I have learned from my dad (a terrible husband) important lessons in how not to be a husband, so I hope that this will benefit my marriage in future.

I can cook and do chores around the house, which I will do if we will both be working.

I will always have to live close to my parents (like, walking distance). They are old and obviously I can't just abandon them.

Although convos on here are OK, probably easier to move to whatsapp and phone calls sooner rather than later.

I'm sure you have a very good reason for hiding pics, but if you aren't prepared to let me see what you look like, I will respond telling you I don't wish to take it further.

Finally, may Allah help you with your search!

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What I Am Looking For
Someone who prays regularly, at the very least.

I probably wouldn't want to marry someone older than me tbh.

The easiest is if you are from or close to London, so that we can have a face-to-face meeting easily. Otherwise everything just takes too long.

If you don't want children or are unsure then there is no point getting in touch. I’m not interested.

If you are looking on behalf of someone else then there is no point getting in touch. I’m not interested.

UK citizens or those who are eligible to work/live here.

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