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Full time IT consultant, part time entrepreneur. Enjoy doing sports and going out to eat (especially desserts...). Pray all 5 salah and take religion seriously. Of Turkish background.

Best to mention this now: I am not interested in a long getting to know each other period, I think a few months, with regular meetings, is more than enough to understand each other's basic nature. The rest of it (the bad stuff, lol) will only be understood after marriage and living with each other anyway.

My spare time is mainly used to do physical activity or work on my side projects. I like eating out sometimes, especially at dessert parlours too (I do the 5-2 diet to ensure I don't get fat!) I am 183cm and 78kg.

I am a bit of an eccentric and think I will be able to have a laugh with my wife. As long as she can put up with my humour!

Religion is important to me and I want a wife who feels the same, and who prays her salah regularly. Also someone who does not take themselves too seriously, so we can have a laugh together. I would prefer someone who wears a hijab or covers their hair.

I try to learn more about religion all the time, mainly by making sure I learn one new lesson a day or review an old lesson I've learned in the past. I try my best not to judge people for anything no matter who they are.

I think any two people can get along as long as they have respect and are willing to compromise. I have learned from my dad (a terrible husband) important lessons in how not to be a husband, so I hope that this will benefit my marriage in future.

I'm sorry to have to put this in but mutual attraction is a must. I know its not ideal but its being realistic.

I am a good cook and help my mum with chores around the house. I think a husband should help around the house although this isn’t something I want to come back to bite me in the future! I can cook lots of dinners, although my favourite is probably some of the Italian dishes I can cook.

If I had to describe myself in one word I would say I am reliable. I am the one everyone in my family comes to when they need something to be done.

One important thing I should add. I will always have to live close to my parents (like, walking distance). They are old and obviously I can't just abandon them. I think it would be a good idea for and my wife to live by ourselves for a period of 1 or 2 years, and that maybe, depending on the situation, that we would live them afterwards.

I'm sorry but I've found a *lot* of women on here are totally indecisive and seem like time wasters. Just to be clear, I am neither.

If I do not respond to your messages please do not be offended. There is obviously a reason why and its just easier than trying not to offend someone by being specific about the reason why.

I think that covers most of my points. Finally, may Allah help you with your search!

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What I Am Looking For
Someone who takes their religion seriously, and who I can have a joke with.

Ideally between the ages of 27-35.

The easiest is if you are from or close to London, so that we can have a face-to-face meeting easily. Otherwise everything just takes too long.

UK citizens or those who are eligible to work/live here.

Also, I am not looking for anybody with children, or divorcees. I have nothing against either, but my parents are extremely judgmental and would never accept them. My apologies.

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