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As Salaam Walaikum rehmatuallah hoo barkata hoo,

Hello & Welcome friends,

Thanks for visiting my profile.
Looking for instant marriage with suitable person to be this year ideally aftr one meeting am willing to meet but not date (this is haram).
Therefore, u should know what you want by now,if ur man enough to settle this year or within 6 months then don't bother contacting me. Don't waste my time, no time wasters! Thanxs

I want within culture British Pakistani.
I want to stick marry within my own. Thanks.
Looking for British males Urdu speaking Pakistani British males only - 39 onwards living in London.
Want British only- as I can't support anyone.
As I only work part time. Thanks.
Will consider divorcees but, I do not want divorcees who have children living with them- or who come to visit in the house, this all cause problems.
(Want someone Normal is well! Not a weirdo....)

Do not want someone who is too Liberal or westernised or too rigid should be balanced.
I want someone practicing/a practicing brother who stays within the shariah, sunnah of the Prohpet.
Who fasts and prays done Hajj or intention to!

I do not under any circumstances want someone who smokes or drinks or goes clubbing or has illicit relations astackfaar.
Plus someone who is just marrying for just 'one thing' - marriage is not about just one thing get your aqeedah priorities right- neither anyone who speaks and does and demands vulgar dirty haram acts.
(As sodomy and perversion is all haram by the way and u can't demand that within a marriage otherwise do not marry a Muslim lady then- marry a non Muslim and leave the deen then as this is all by the way against the shariah!)
I will report anyone who says any dirty or filthy words /speech to me. I have reported two already.
Remember sisters are here too find a spouse within the halal.
If u want to go out side the shariah then go else where and look for someone liberal then or a 'non muslim'.
A Muslim lady should not be spoken to in that way. I will not tolerate that. I am NOT having it.
Islamic adhab must apply at all times.

Do not want someone who just wants to marry for a 'passport'.

Note, Want someone in London only.
Will consider greater London areas.
If in places such as Luton, Slough, Crawley Windsor etc. Then you should be established and have at least a place /house of your own.

Also note, if interested leave ur number and I'll text you to give me a call as I rather talk to you directly.
As I don't chat on Watsapp or online or Skype no video calls either. If you request a video call I will report you as this is an unIslamic, inappropriate. You can't request video calls from a lady just like that- this is not Islamic.
No downloading of anything.
Just call me direct to speak.
Islamic adhab must apply!

No as more pictures will be sent, as one is already on the Website,refer to that.

Also no pictures no response :)
If your not man enough to show your self /show me your picture then just forget it. I'm not interested.
As my pictures up there so only fair I get to see yours.
You should must have your picture uploaded is well on site, get of the bush show urself be a man.
I will be sending no more pictures-refer to the one uploaded on Website. Thanxs

So don't express interest if your not British as you will not get a any response :)
Also no reverts either.
Not my job to tend to them.Thanks
Want someone who should pray 5x and fast must be practicing.
As this is an Islamic site.
If you don't pray 5 times a day and not practicing then don't bother contacting me-you can go astray by yourself (and no it's not my job to wake you up for Fajr! You should be doing that by your self by now ur an adult and it's farz on U! ). Thank you.

No pictures no response :)

Want to marry someone suitable for me- so if ur not ready and don't know what u want- then do not contact me. Thk U
Want someone British within London areas only, humble, Islamic, kind, caring, gentleman, marriage husband material, /Sunni who also enjoys life & luxury.
No, not looking for relationship or dating. Just Marriage the halal way.

Guys u must have picture uploaded.

Note, any vulgar behaviour speech will not be tolerated.
Note I am an Islamic woman and you can NOT say state such vulgar speech/ words and state your desire to un-islamic acts (perversion & sodomy is all unislamic and against sharia) within a marriage or outside of marriage. I will be taking note of your character.

Plus you are here to find a spouse not anything else, so character is everything.
Islamic adhab must apply at all times.
Thank You

ONLY British citizens, no students, illegals , work permits, permanent residents those who are just looking for just a 'Passport'.
So don't express interest if your not British.
Want instant marriage this year- or within 4 months 2019 with family involvement, islamic way. Thank U.

Note: I am not to looking/ do not want an to live in an extended family (bahus, sister in laws too many bros & sis living together!)system, just live with husband to be & enjoy life with husband to be, nuclear system only, as I am British & brought up here.

Don't waste my time if your not sure or are not serious. No time wasters.
I don't chatter online/ Skype/Watsapp / no video calls or into dating relationships. Astakfaar. This is not islamic.
Only want serious, sincere mature gentleman.
You should no now what you want by now, time to leave mummy time to leave the nest. Time to be a man.

No I am not looking for an 'intellectual debating' partner for intellectual stimulation neither not looking to live in an extended family / system. Just me & my husband, as I am looking for a husband to enjoy life with.
Do pray regularly and fast and quite Islamic want to become closer to the deen and the Sunnah.
I am willing to stay at home after marriage- as long as your willing to support financially.

Note, this is a Islamic website and I am practicing/ & quite Islamic thus, if you do not have deen in your heart and are not practicing then do not bother contacting me.
Firstly want to do Hajj & Umrah with husband to be it is a priority (enjoy travel marital life in general with husband to be!) Allah willing.

Therefore, if you we may be a fit think we might be good to hear from you. Parental / family involvement is most welcome. Only UK dweller contact.
No time wasters, Thank U

Also no more pictures will be sent as it is already uploaded on the Website.
If Interested then call me directly & arrange to me just once then family involvement. No dating or relationships, this is not the Islamic way, astaghfaarullah.
Also I do not actually chat on 'Juma' & during Ramadan or during when I am fasting, so pls do respect that.

Pls note: I like to speak to U first direct.
As I do not chat on Watsapp or online (I'm too busy)
Do leave/ number or exchange or talk on the phone.
U should be willing to directly speak to me first if not- then bother express interest. Thk U.

No work permits illegal & students- only British.
Divorce's are fine- providing you have no/with no children living with you.
As I've never been married(single girl) before- therefore, would want children of my own! Thank you.
NO converts either. THK U (looking preferably within culture).

Long term goal is to settle down as soon as possible and start a family, that is with the suitable person with the same intentions for marriage.
I am just looking for a nice, accepting, (as no ones perfect) humble guy who is marriage material, who is financially secure and enjoys life & luxury likes travel /holidays, serious in settling down and take on a wife and enjoy marital life! (Don't like arrogant people, no ego).

I am a down to earth person who enjoys life & luxury and grabbing every opportunity there is in life & luxury and the deen.
My strengths are I am a simple, down to earth, reliable person/ young lady who is a chilled out person and is observant in the deen- thus want the same in partner/ spouse, Allah Willing.

I like to spend time with family and eat out to restaurants and enjoy life in general.
I personally love to spend time with myself (introvert that I am) go to the spa and be pampered and to meditate and to relax, also love nature and going on holidays. Love Spa's holidays, love beaches sound of the sea, (like to feel the earth that holds the water....)
I have a good support /small circle of family and friends and colleagues/ who are all settled in life.

My most amazing and memorable experience is during childhood with my loved ones.
I am like the good aspects of culture is well.
I like to do my hajj first with my spouse to be.
I personally would not mind making hijra to more sunnier places...better quality of life, no it's not possible!
Inshallah and do some travelling with him to many a sunnier places (would not mind seeing visiting nice places within Pakistan also!)

Therefore, if you think we might be a fit I love to hear from you.

Parental / family involvement is most welcome, as I will involve family /Wali once every thing is finalised, Allah willing.
Best in luck

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What I Am Looking For
Looking for practicing, nice, accepting, decent, mature, kind, generous, balanced, moderate, Sunni Muslim, UK/ British Urdu or Punjabi speaking males ideally/ preferably living in London-males aged 38 -39 onwards.
Want British citizen living in London who is marriage material with a good accepting / calm temperament, as no ones perfect...

Educated to at least College level and with a good stable job/ income and who is financially secure.
No I do not care about whether you have a degree or not that does not mean anything to me, only character, as Islam only looks at character & deen. So should you.

Looking for a halal marital relationship with the suitable person.
Looking to settle down this year 2018-19 Allah willing - with the suitable person, of course no one is don't expect perfection.

Want someone who is humble accepting, balanced, calm, supportive, loving and caring and practices the deen-(although not too demanding or too strict and not someone too liberal) who will bring out the best and to enjoy marital life with and to love and to grow with and enjoy marital life.

Want someone who prays and fasts is a must.
Want someone who enjoys life but also observant of his deen and is a good Muslim and good for the wife a lady's /wife's man.

I can not accommodate the following:
Do not want someone who smokes, drinks or is promiscuous or goes clubbing or listens to music, films and not practicing observant of the deen or who does not fast or pray or with a dodgy past or too demanding and who is arrogant or with a major disability. Thank You

Apart from that not asking demanding for much, not fussed on caste or creed or looks or if anyone has a degree or not - as we all have flaws and no one is perfect...and we all learn and grow with time...
Just looking for someone who is marriage material and who is decent, clean cut kind, and a accepting person with a good / calm temperament. Want someone practicing decent.

We can take it in steps.

I like to speak to U first.
As I do not chat on Watsapp or online.
So if ur not man enough to leave your number or talk on the phone to me then do not bother contacting me. U should be willing to directly speak to me first if not- then do not bother too express interest. Thk U.

As far as pictures recent picture is already uploaded on website.
I expect the guy to do the same time.
To make it fair- and that is fair enough.
(As I notice people are not sending their pictures but are requesting mine-it does not work that way).
Interested, males will have to send their pictures (if not already uploaded).Thk U

Also if u want to get in touch with me do feel free to kindly call me directly and introduce.
You must be willing to call me and speak to me and must be able top strike up a good telephone conversation with me and show interest. As remember first impressions are everything..
As I do not text or chat all day long. Thk U.
May Allah make it easy to enter the Sunna of marriage with the right person and show us the way. Ameen

All the best!
See you on the other side...

Want to ideally settle down soon this year 2018-19, Allah willing.

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