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A Little Bit About Me
Alhamdulilah, I have an intense love for Allah, His Rasool, and his Noble Family (may infinite peace and blessings be upon him and his noble family).

I like reading classical Islamic books that induce me to improve myself - generally these are books of Seerah/hadith, Stories of the Anbiya, Stories of the Sahabas, and Stories of the Great Ashiqs of Allah and His Rasool SAW.

My dream is to move to Madinah tu Munawwarah and be a neighbor of Rasulullah S and be buried in Janatul Baqi (Inshallah).

I try my best to go to Hajj and Umrah in Ramadan every year.

I believe strongly that true piety lies completely in the love for Rasulullah SAW, his Ah Layl Bayt, and the Sahabas. "Say: I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my close relatives" [42:23]. When one truly loves them their actions begin to follow them whole heartedly.

Our family is originally from Sadaat-e-Amroha (near Delhi), most of which have migrated to Karachi during partitioning. We are direct descendants (arab) of Hazoor-e-Ghaus-e-Azam (Jilani father/mother) and Hazrat Imam Naqi Al Hadi A (Naqvi mothers side)- Hasani/Hussaini. We are Najeeb-ut-Tarfain (pure syeds). I am the 36th descendant of Rasulullah SAWAWS (39th from mothers side). I come from the best of the Hasanis and the best of the Hussainis. I am Quraish, Bani Ibrahim (A), Banu Hashim, Banu Rasool S, Banu Ali, Bani Fatimah, Banu Hasan (father), Banu Hussain (mother).

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What I Am Looking For
Allah has made everyone unique and special in their own way. I take great personal joy in my love for Rasulullah SAWAWS and his family. *ONLY* someone who has more love for them will be compatible with me. 'Pure men for the Pure Women' 24:26 - I deem nothing more pure than true love for Rasulullah SAWAWS, his noble Family, great Sahaba and the Awliyah.

If you do not feel deep pangs of longing for him and his illustrious family throughout the day, especially for Bibi Fatimah Az-Zahra (A), it will be impossible to even begin to understand me on any level. If your level of love for Bibi Fatimah (A) is not BEYOND MAXIMUM, there is NO way you can become my wife. I have NO use for the love of a woman who is not MADLY in love & devoutly loyal to Rasulullah SAWAWS & his family (AHLE BAYT) and doesn't see Bibi Fatimah (A) as her Perfect Role Model/Hero & QUEEN in this life and the next. I am SOOO DEEPLY in LOVE WITH AHLE BAYT that I can not bear to be separated from them. I live with them, I die with them. If you are not loyal to them you can never be loyal to me.

Things I look for in my ideal partner: the person must have the highest level of taqwa and piety, have a full understanding of heya, wear hijab, guard her eyes, have no love for dunya, spends the night in ibadat - a true Ashiq of Allah and His Rasool (SAW), a great deal of patience, recites Quran/durood shareef daily, fasts regularly, ready to sacrifice in the path of Allah, smiles a lot, desires a large family, wants to be a home maker, good manners/adhab, humble, and have an intense desire to please Allah and draw as close as possible to Rasulullah SAW. MUST SEE HERSELF UNDER THE HOLY FEET OF BIBI FATIMAH A AT ALL TIMES!

Please contact for marriage purposes ONLY if you are a Pure SYED (Najeeb-ut-Tarfain). Prefer someone who understands humility, sacrifice, heya (modesty/shame) and ghayrat (honor) and has khoosh Akhlaq.

No Wahabis/Ah-layl Hadeeth/salafi/khwaarij/deobandi/ghair muqallad/modernists(Jamat e Islami/Ikhwan)/shia- If you have no love for Rasulullah SAW and his family, I have no love for you!

Only those who truly love Allah, His Rasool SAW, his family and the sahabas from the Ah-Lal Sunnah Wal Jammat.

Someone who understands the ayats addressing the Ummil Hatil Mumineen (Mothers of the Believers) and the Ah Lal Bayt (Surah 33:Al-Ahzab) and applies them in their life. Someone who understands the motto of the Family of Rasulullah SAW as taught by Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (great grandson of Rasulullah SAW and Hazarat Abu Bakr R, the sixth Sunni Imam and my great ancestor): 'This dunya is not made for us.'

Someone who is truly seeking Allah's Muhabbat (Love), Qurbiyat (Nearness), Happiness, & Pleasure and loves hearing about the greatness of Rasulullah SAW, his family, his sahabas on a daily basis and loves to shed tears of longing for them. Someone who is truly righteous ("The righteousness women are devoutly obedient!"[4:34]). Someone who loves to hear and talk about Syedna Fatima Az-Zahra at least 100 times a day (As-Salaam Wa Alayka Ya Ummi Abiha!). Someone who understands love and is ready to sacrifice herself and everything in the path of Allah, like Syedna Khadeeja Al-Kubra (The Great) who sacrificed her complete self in love of Rasulullah SAW.

The MOST beautiful thing in the world to me is any talk, expression, feeling/emotion in the love of Rasulullah SAW and his lovers. The most ugliest thing in the world to me is any talk, expression, feeling/emotion that disrespects or degrades Rasulullah SAW and his lovers.

Verily, hearts become alive once they are full of the Light of the Love for Rasulullah SAWAWS!

If your Islam is not based in the love for Allah, His Prophet Muhammad & his Family Sallahu Ala Wa Alaihi Wa Salim it will not be compatible with my Islam. Per Hadith Shareef of Rasulullah SAW: no one can begin to taste the sweetness of Iman until they LOVE him more than they love themselves, LOVE his family more than their own family, LOVE him more than wealth and everything else. I invite everyone to taste the divine ecstasy that comes when one becomes intoxicated on the wine of love of Rasulullah Sallahu Ala Wa Alaihi Wa Salim & his Family (Sharab-e-Tahoura from Hadith). The ones who have tasted it know.

I am a staunch Sarwari Qadri (Qadri Silsila from Hazrat Sultan Bahu that leads to the receiving the greatest of spiritual treasures). Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

I believe that the essence of my marriage binding me to my wife will be the love for Allah, His Rasul SAW, the Ahle Bayt, the Sahabas, the 12 Sunni Imams, and the Awliya. Love for them is what will keep us together in this life and in the next Inshallah.

My dream is to be the closest to Rasulullah SAW and the Panj Tan Pak (Ah Layl Kissa) in this life, the next life and in everything. I will never leave or forsake them for anything Inshallah! My wife has to know that my love for her will never exceed my love for them and she needs to love them in the same manner: Our Jannah resides under their Holy Feet.

I judge a Muslim by their level of love for Rasulullah SAWAWS.
I judge a Mumin by their level of love for the Ahle Bayt A.
I judge a Wali by their level of love for Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Sultan ul Awliya).
I judge an Arif (Knower of Allah) by their level of love for Sultan Bahu (Sultan ul Arifeen).

My mottos in life:
1.) Live & Die in Ishq of Nabi! Salalahu Ala wa Alaihi wa Barak wa Salim
2.) Live Like Ali, Die Like Hussain!
3.) Fana Fi Ghaus-ul-Azam (Fana Fi Ali)
4.) Haq Bahu, Sach Bahu!
5.) Live to Serve Ahle Bayt until my last breath (Khaq pay kadam Az-Hasan Az-Hussain)
6.) Half Lanat on Dunya, Full Lanat on Dunyawi!
7.) Jo Dam Gafil So Dam Kafir
8.) Ya Hussain! Ya Hussain! Ya Hussain!
9.) Ahlul Dunya should stick with Ahlul Dunya, Ahlul Muhib with Ahlul Muhib.

I am Ithna Ashari Sunni like real Sufis: the Khwajagan-e-Chisth including Hazrat Nizamuddin Awliyah and the Shaykhs of the Suhwardhi orders (all of which are Sunni Naqvis who believe Imam Mehdi (A) not born yet). In my free time I have built a Sufi Khanqa called Ahle Bayt Institute with the focus to understanding Seerah and focusing on spreading Ishq-e-Ahle Bayt to children/adults in Chicagoland area. I have written an extensive biography on Bibi Fatimah (A) called Al Batool and have distributed over 25,000 books pertaining to Ahle Bayt at Muslim conferences.

The only reason I am single is that I have not found a pure blooded Syeda who's love for Ahle Bayt surpasses everything, who is dying to be in their company in this life and the next. Someone carrying deep Wilayat. Someone dying to to be closest to Bibi Fatimah (A).

To my dear Syed Sisters, please read and take heed. I say this with love and respect, know who you are and where you come from. Better to die with Rasulullah Salalahu ala wa Alaihi wa Salim than to leave his noble family! Pir Meher Ali Shah Golravi (the one who took down Mirza Qadiyani in public and wrote fatwa of Kafir on Qadianis that Pakistan based on) wrote fatwa that ghair Syed who marries Syeda is committing Kufr and Zina as the marriage is not Islamically Valid.
Live Like Ali, Die Like Hussain!
JazakAllah Khair!

More of my philosophies:

• The seekers of world are either hypocrites or pretenders.
• The world is a Satan and its seekers are devils.
• This world is violence and rebellion and its seekers are rebellious.
• World is a hypocrisy and its seekers are hypocrites.
• The world is an impurity and its seekers are impure.
• The world is a lie and its seekers are liars.
• World is polytheism and its seekers are polytheists.
• The world is an evil and its seekers are also evil.
• The world is a curse and its seekers are accursed.
• Only the irreligious and disobedient fools love the worldly riches.
• The world is an ignorance and its seekers are ignorant.
• World is duality (it means opposite of Tawhid) and separation from Allah. One who indulges in duality and separates from Allah is actually on the way of Satan.
• The world is a heresy and its seeker is an atheist.
-Hazrat Sultan Al Arifeen Sultan Bahu

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