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Salaams :)

The concise version (for all those with a short-attention span!)
I’m a friendly guy, who loves learning about life and our faith.
I enjoy reading, sports and spending time with family.
Religiously devout and kind-hearted, and looking for someone who sees our faith and family life as beautiful and important

Ps please do read what I'm looking for and please have a photo up or be willing to share photos.
Also, I've made an effort with my profile and would really appreciate something similar. Profiles with a few words and no photos, and messages with just a hello are unlikely to get a reply, sadly.

The long version:

I tried to persuade the keyboard to start writing lots of cool things about me to impress you by offering it loads of chips, but all I got was …"computer says nooo!" As a result, I have had to use my imagination and come up with things to say. I hope I'd get a smiley face for this piece of writing.

I'm an easygoing and friendly chap. Yet I've got views on the important things in life, such as how many pairs of shoes a woman really needs... and which is the best brand of chocolate biscuit. And other trivial matters such as the extinction of endangered species; like honest politicians.

I'm a loving soul and want to take care of my wife, and would like to be with someone who would instinctively be the same back. Your family and friends would be like my own. Even your Aunty Nasreen character who makes inappropriate comments every two minutes… unless of course you don't like her too - joke!

Islam is very important to me, and when I say very important, I do mean that. I've been fortunate to have grown up in a good home with knowledgeable people around me and alhamdulillah have been closely following deen since my early teens. We only have a few years on this earth, but the hereafter will be eternal. I want to make sure I'm in the good books before it's time to go.

I spend a lot of my time these days in trying to learn about deen and bettering my character by attending Islamic courses and lectures – I have been to the Rihla, and if you know what that is, I’m sure we’d be on a similar wavelength. I'm also trying to learn Arabic (very badly!), as well as trying to get involved in charitable work. May Allah give me sincerity, steadfastness and accept the little I do. I would love to have a wife who has a similar desire in these endeavours :)

I have weaknesses and faults like everyone does, but they are not because I lack the effort and courage to improve myself or learn. I understand Islam, and try to follow all Allah's commands. I would like a wife who is the same. I want us to lovingly support each other to be better in all aspects of our life. Family and upbringing of children in an Islamic environment is of great significance to me.

I enjoy a number of things - movies, reading, eating out, the cold side of the pillow, Liverpool FC, milkshakes, chit-chat and traveling which I would love to do a lot more of - loved geography at school. It was my favourite A-level subject, just slightly ahead of sleeping. I think it was the colouring in.

Honesty is paramount for this, so I should tell you other things about me too. I know I've talked a lot, but I'm also a bit shy! I'm not materialistic in a world that encourages us all to be so. I like life to be simple and deal with things rationally and without getting too worked up. Hmm… I sound quite serious there. Is this a good time to mention my Hugh Grant film collection?

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What I Am Looking For
That's simple, a nice and sweet person, who loves Allah and is already making an effort to please Him.

I've intentionally used the words 'love Allah' as opposed to the commonly seen 'fear Allah' on profiles. There is a difference, and if you understand that, then we're probably on the same page in life.

By the above sentence, I mean someone who prays 5 times/day, someone who cares about others - their parents, their siblings, their future spouse, their neighbours, those in need. Ideally someone who wears hijab or wishes to very soon - this beautiful act of devotion will be loved and welcomed.

I'm previously married, but have every reason to hold my head high. It does not detract from me as a person in any way. I harbour no ill feeling to anyone, and still believe in finding love. If anything, I understand marriage better than most, and want a loving family home more than ever.

So, if you're still awake after reading all that, and interested in getting to know me better, give me a shout. My best wishes and duas are with you all.
Take care and salaams

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