Looking for Love

My Sect
Very religious
My Profession
Health Care Professional
Marital Status
Never married
United Kingdom
Registration Reason
I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
I'm kind, caring, loving person, always puts other people before herself. Sunni

I am a senior care assistant working in the health sector.

Sibling of 3 and the Eldest.


Lives near Manchester and Liverpool

I have a passion for helping other people. Don't know if it's my caring side or if its to do with my role. I am career driven and I am currently studying and will probably continue to study till I find the one.

I am a big massive bookworm. Love reading. But at the same time have a passion on going places. Every 2 weeks. For a day. I always find myself somewhere new and going to lakes and hikes or even to the beaches.

I don't drive. Haven't had the chance to learn when there are so many adventures that I can go on and see the world for myself. Hell the world is my oyster. But wouldn't you rather hop on a train one day and never know your destination. Get off a stop and see whats out there. If your that person well come along with me.

I use the block button more than anything as most guys are looking for a stay at home wife or someone to bring to Pakistan as they have back home mentality.

I am a career committed person. Who has a voice and doesn't think like the 50's if I do find a spouse. Its up to me whether I finish my education or a job. I enjoy being independent within reason and go out.

People can say nice things about me or sweet talk me because of my nature but in reality. I just want to find someone so special and love me.

Currently in my last year of university studying BSC in Health and Social Care with Honours. Want to be doing so much in my life that I don't want to stop.

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What I Am Looking For
looking for a fun, kind and caring guy. Wants happiness and someone to love her for her.

Looking for my own personal badboy in a sense of passion and drive.

someone who is religious and fears Allah swt.

Sunni and religious to some extent.

Someone who's fun loving and so romantic at heart. Wants to go places and be something in life. Doesn't take me for granted but will hold my hand through the bad times.

Someone who will love me for me. Someone who will respect me no matter what.

I don't mind travelling to see the other person as long as he's respectable and understandable.

I'm not looking for someone who lives in Pakistan or any other country outside the UK. If you live abroad. Then I'm sorry. I will just ignore your message. As harsh as it sounds and I'm sorry. But I will just end up blocking you. I need someone to be in the UK.

Also. I am not looking for someone to sleep with or have sex. I want something long term not short term. I'm not the type to go around sleeping with guys. Sorry.

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United Kingdom
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Never married
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United Kingdom
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1.68m (5' 6")
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Masters degree
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Mental Health Nursing
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Health Care Professional
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Senior Care Assistant
Very religious
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Yes Hijab
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Usually Keep Halal
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