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Assalamua'alaikum from Sunny Southern California (Los Angeles Area), I'm on here based on friend's recommendation. Let's see how it goes.

Highlights that matter to folks: I have a beard and kids. Don't like that, be polite, no need to be rude. Okay with that or have questions, read on and chat.

I have a lot to say, but are you willing to read? sometimes its better to communicate via chat etc. and get to know the person on an individual basis than a generic profile right? I promise you won't be bored.

Do you want a good balance between the east and west? How about between deen and duniya? Its important to take care of obligations but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy life. That also doesnt' mean you have to be a super strict person, haram police or a mulla.

No seriously, one should take care of their obligations but we can enjoy life, e.g. the wonderful natural beauty of California has so much to offer, why not go and explore?

At the end of the day, every person is responsible for themselves..we can't force people nor should we judge people. Although in marriage, some judging is not only allowed its necessary, still there are limits.

Education is very important, one should strive hard, study hard, but should not forget to rest and play :)

I'll approve pictures as needed but don't want to publicly display them for you to judge a book by its cover only. I will say this, I do have facial hair, so if you have an issue with that or just like to "assume" things then i don't need to hear anyone being rude. Especially when Americans, Non-Muslims or people that just dont care about looks can see you as a human being and not your name, your skin color your looks etc.

I am not a Jerk. If you decide not to talk anymore you can just politely let me know that you're not interested and i will leave you alone, I promise. Why are people so quick to block on this site? they must have had really bad experiences here lol. Oh and yes i'll pray for you of course that you get the best you deserve, yes even if its not me. We're all humans, none of us are perfect and we'll never be perfect.

Let's be respectful please. (If not to others, than respect yourself by respecting other human beings around you)

I'd love to be in love, hold hands walk in the park, walk barefoot on the beach. Is it too much to ask? Most people think you can't be romantic if you're past a certain age or if you have kids but that's just non-sense.

In the digital world, there are a lot of misunderstandings and often we misjudge a person. I urge you to ask for clarifications, not just with me but anyone.

I have two lovely young kids. This complicates things for some. However, it should not be the reason to say no or "pass" Remember that once we were kids too. Don't worry, I can handle my boys really well, I'm not really in search for a mother for them. However, if this new princess/queen in my life loves kids, she will most definitely love my kids. Still if you'd like to move on, be polite. Thank you

Also, please note that my divorce is legally in progress and I have full custody of my kids, which I'm fighting to keep. Why keep my kids, I dont want to share here but may share with you later. I am 100% firm on my decision for divorce and keeping my kids. My kids are the number one priority. If you really knew my story, you may understand why I'm so firm on my decision.

Please note, I am NOT, I repeat, I am NOT trying to get a co-wife, that's just illegal in America and besides, its hard(AHEM maybe even IMPOSSIBLE) to handle just one, how can people think of more than one? =) I'm also not here to play any games, cheat or have an affair. If that's what you assume that that's on you, I dont know what to say. Keep Calm & Think positive.

Other thoughts:

Another Important thought:
Sometimes we turn away people with kids assuming that they are no fun or "oh I don't want to be stuck with your kids or be their mother." However, this is not the case as life with kids can be very fun, plus in my case, my parents are happy to watch my kids even for several days. Therefore, kids or no kids, life can still be a lot of fun. =)

I pray that we can all find a life long companion who will be compatible.

The website/service gives you certain drop down menus to chose from. Sometimes you have no choice but to pick one of the selections. I am not here to lie or cover up any truths. Please ask questions, put aside assumptions and have some patience and dignity to let me answer any concerns you may have.
Thank you for reading my long profile, aka novel lol jk

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What I Am Looking For
The following is just an idea which is not set in stone. I can be very flexible.

Someone who respect herself and her spouse. Someone who loves and supports and accepts the same. Be open minded. Sometimes you may be right. and other times you may not. Are we willing to learn from others? or do we think we know it all?

If this was a job application it might say
Title: Muslimah Wife for this world and the next
Summary of job: Be a Muslim who strives to practice her religion while living in this world (Balanced Wife)
- Must be Muslim
- Must pray or try to pray 5 times a day
- Must fast, or try to fast in Ramadan
- Must give Zakat
- Must want to do Hajj if not done already
- Must try to take care of basic obligations
Nice to have:
-Be educated in both deen and duniya
- Must be loving and caring and want to be loved and cared for as well
- Know her rights as a woman, as a wife, as a mother etc.
- Know the rights of the husband, as a father as a man etc.

(Again, I made up the Job requirement as a funny way of sharing some really nice to haves but not really a requirement as I'm flexible and we're never perfect, none of us. Don't take this Job summary as "oh that's what you're looking for and i'm not that" haha no one ever gets a job if everything is a yes right?)

I am not that picky, I am quiet flexible. I could share that I would love to have a wife who doesn't mind putting her head in my lap while I run my fingers through her hair. you get the picture right?(Smiling, see I kept it G rated)

Well I also want someone serious who knows how to smile laugh but take things seriously be a true partner in life :) Age, race etc. is not really a factor we're Muslims , that's all that matters, that's the bare minimum.

Yes, I can talk a lot, or write a lot in this case. But I'm also an great listener.
I do want to say "sorry I made you read so much"

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