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Human Resources Professional
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United Kingdom
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A Little Bit About Me
I've suffered heartbreak before, it was a few years back. In a sad way, the feeling of loving someone who doesn't love you back is the most beautiful pain that exists - I didn't need her in my life to feel the way I did and she couldn't take it away, it was mine to keep. But that's now all very much in the past.

I'm 30 now and these last 18 months have been significant in defining my character – a lot of ups and downs but all experiences that have helped me mature as a person. I've recently just purchased a flat and moved in about 6 months ago. I'm very goal orientated and huge on self development and being the best version of myself.

I’m very (sometimes overly) honest, expressive and somewhat of a unique personality. I feel as if I know myself really well...

I’m far from perfect but I am on a journey of self-development and self-improvement. I’m a bit emotional, sensitive, but I learn from mistakes and experiences. I love wholeheartedly, I never give up even when things get really bad. I can’t promise you a perfect relationship or marriage without arguments. However, I can promise that as long as you’re trying then I’m staying. Weirdly, I have an aspiration to make this #whatatimetobealive hashtag a worldwide trend in this digital age. I promise you there is a very cool (and hopefully inspiring) backstory behind it. It's also the reason I'm not pursuing a self-study qualification outside of work to become a professional coach (generalist for now but maybe specialise later).

My preference would be to get to through the love life-cycle and get to know someone for myself. I don’t know many Muslim females, and my lifestyle (work and social) does not really allow me to hang around coffee shops or libraries to suddenly bump into my future bride. I don’t like putting a time frame on being married - I don’t see it being tomorrow (unless you’re Mila Kunis, Nargis Fakhri, Farha Mirza or Anoushka Sharma), but I’m a firm believer whenever the feeling is right I will know.

I work within Recruitment for a data analytics company that looks to solve the most complex issues facing society today. I want to do well in my career and reach a point where I am comfortable and happy with my surroundings. My purpose in life is to help others in whatever capacity I can, I want to leave a positive social footprint on the global community, that's how I will define and measure my success.

In the past, I haven't been the greatest at understanding and carrying out relationships along with values within the family, but a few difficult personal life events whilst growing up have groomed me into a well-rounded person. I like to think I’m quite a family orientated individual – it comes with its difficulties, my family is far from perfect but our bond is unbreakable.

I love food - dining out is a hobby for me and the fat kid inside of me will always stay there! I enjoy all sorts of cuisines (Thai, Turkish, Lebanese, Pakistani, Indian, Brazilian, Iranian, Italian, French… all sorts). Enjoying consuming as much food as I do means to remain in decent shape I have to burn it off - I try to play football as much as I can and train regularly with a personal trainer. Other than food, health, and fitness, I also am a massive fan of films (both Hollywood & Bollywood) and certain TV shows.

I also read a lot about the power of positivity, mind management, the laws of attraction and generally anything that will give me more knowledge - I believe reading is powerful and has heaps of benefits. I'm also an avid blog writer. I like to challenge myself and continuously put myself out of my comfort zone in order to improve as a human being.

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What I Am Looking For
I’m looking for love – someone who will be my everything! A best friend, a lover, a safety net – I’m seeking that “ride or die” sort of love where you support each other no matter what. You do whatever is necessary for the other person to be happy - for this to work, communication is key!

Marriage is important to me and I only wanted to be married the once so I want to get to know you properly, intentionally or not that would mean being in some form of serious relationship so I’m not sure it will work if you’re looking to go straight into marriage. I'm really open with my family and don't mind family involvement from an early stage...

Some features I find attractive are:
- smile
- hair, lips and eyes
- loyalty
- honesty
- an open mind
- a selfless appreciation to understand and respect others

Physical attraction is important to me. Apologies to anyone who takes offence or thinks it’s shallow but I’m not going to settle or compromise in that regards. Personality trumps looks, however, the initial attraction has to be there.

I think what I like in a person changes depending on the person and how they are formed in terms of good or bad traits, perfections in someone can be imperfections in someone else - one, both or none can be attractive. So I’m fairly open and flexible on getting to know someone.

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