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Thank you for visiting my profile.
I consider myself to be an eastern styled individual. I have lived in USA for the past nine years, so I do find myself exposed to the differences that exist in eastern and western brought ups.

I try to be uncomplicated. I am not materialistic. I love people who try to crack a joke or two. I try to offer good advice and can be a great listener.

I have done my undergrad from Pakistan in Telecommunications Engineering. Felt like experimenting with my studies, so I opted for Industrial Engineering to pursue my masters in. Did my masters from USA. I did a corporate job in oil and gas and then had the opportunity to join family manufacturing business as Logistician.
I enjoy my work; I get to travel a lot.

In my free time, I like to read fiction (though the hobby has slowed down with age :D ). Recent fav. was a short-story titled THE WANDERING EARTH. I also like to write sci-fi, and hope to get published one day. Also, like computer programming. I am taking a couple of part-time programming courses. Also like Netflix - though can't binge watch. I love horror and sci-fi movies.

I do have some undesirable traits. I can easily waste a lot of my time by slacking off all day long. I do like to have my own time, and sometimes prefer solitude over anything else. If I get irritated by unnecessary arguments, or if I sense lame arguments being pushed on me, I can and will hold my ground and won't back down.

TBH I am old school. I do not want to complicate my life with a girl that is at daggers drawn about Islam vs independence. I can cook a little to survive. I can do my own chores. I don't need a wife to take care of my laundry. I have learned to live independently.
At the same time, I am very confused about how every other girl wants to be "independent". I do not know what independence is? Is it working a professional job? Is it refusing to wear dupatta/scarf? Is it refusal to clean the house? Is it the unwillingness to have kids?

While we all talk about Islam and how we want to be with an honest, non-judgmental life-partner, I think all of us have our own versions of Islam. And if that is the case, I am looking for someone whose version of Islam is compatible with mine.

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What I Am Looking For
No picture on display = no response.

Please do not contact me if your profile ONLY describes what you are looking for and nothing about what you are bringing to the table. Also, do not contact me if your profile has no description whatsoever.

Not looking for a western styled, career-oriented girl. This doesn't mean I am opposed to women at work. And I know it makes sense.
Education and decency is must. I have no hidden past, so I do hope for a transparent partner.
Would prefer if your brought up is from Pakistan. Doesn't matter what your immigration status is, as long as you can travel to USA (if you are in Pakistan). Also, if you are in Pakistan, and are willing to work out a long-distance relationship, I wouldn't mind speaking to you.

Also, please be specific when you are describing your sect. Just Muslim is alright on paper but in reality I have seen it make a huge impact on how people prefer to lead their lives.

Be as it may, I AM searching for good looks. I think most (if not all) people desire a visually pleasant life partner.

As I said, I am old schooled. I do not keep up with current fashions, and I do not live a life to impress others. My social status is not a race against society. I have a modest salary that runs me all month while affording me a nice car and a nice two-bedroom apartment, in which I live all by myself.

I am looking for someone from a middle-class family. Not looking for rich, well-established, affluent families. USA is full of such people who gauge others based on their credit scores (and Pakistan too has a good share of such population).
I hope my wife can be a person who is content in her own existence.

Addendum: the reason I am marrying at this age is because my circumstances weren't favorable when I was in my 20's. I would have had married much longer ago if I could. I believe there should be a decent age gap between husband and wife (and I know this is debatable). I am looking for someone around 26/27 age. I apologize to females who are above this age. Also, I apologize to females from foreign nationalities as I don't find myself capable of abridging the gaps between my culture and theirs. Life is already complicated enough.

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