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Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

All Praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, who granted us this short life to see which of us is best in deeds. And to Allah belongs All Power and All Might, All Majesty, All Wisdom and All Honour, and surely the Disbelievers, the Sorcerors and the Munafiqs will soon come to know who it is that owns All Sovereignty and All Capability and that nothing is possible without the Will And Command of Allah, the King of Kings, The Supreme, The Most High, The Most Great.

And the best of His Creation is our Prophet Muhammad (saws) who is our role model and what we all strive to work towards and emulate 😇, even though we may be confused today with the fitna of "modern" society, the fitna of social media and the internet, the fitna of free mixing and open zina, the fitna in our everyday lives and the fitna of nonsense words and opinions 😑🙈

To that end Allah has granted the Believers righteous spouses 🥰 to complete our Deen and worship of Him, that we may strive towards Jannah, an awesome reward and the true life promised to us, and that we may complete our Test and pass the trials and tribulations of life with greater ease, instead of hardship.

Any other way is going to lead to failure. The dunya we chase, the attention we seek, the money, power, beauty, career, relationships and status we desire is but a grand delusion and grand deception which Allah has made on purpose, and it reveals itself over time. 

All the answers we seek are revealed in good time. Death and the grave is the destroyer of hopes and dreams, what makes man sober and humble and makes one realise the error of their ways. Surely those who are cautious of their Appointment with the Lord of the Worlds recognise the Light and are drawn to it in their hearts when there is Darkness all around.

Oh Sons and Daughters of Adam, remember Death and do not be deceived by the luxuries and deception of the dunya, for the grave calls out to you in a solemn voice every day and soon it will be your home.

With that religious tone set, l'll add bullet points now about me and my family 😇:

- born and raised in Scotland. As you can probably guess I am practising 😁, we are all practising alhamdullilah but moderate and easy going at the same time. I have 1 sister who is married with 3 kids 🥰. Both mother and sister wear a hijab. I am never married before, no kids, no health issues. Currently live in Edinburgh

- Personality wise I am very laid back, humble and straight forward. Religious doesn't mean overtly strict or controlling as is the stereotype! What matters is do you aim for Jannah and what will you do to get there? What is the iman in your heart? Do you ponder on the life of this world and its deceptions and the reality of the akhirah? What is your level of zikr and remembrance of Allah?

- Career wise alhamdullilah, Durham and Oxford educated, ran a brain training ecommerce company and now a private equity/private markets investor. Most of my friends growing up were "white" Europeans with European-level conversation skills, as is the case with many of us growing up in the West. Obviously I'm well known in the mosque too! And I disassociate with the fitna and widespread nonsense of Western society today 🙈. Knowledge and application of Islam is the light when there is darkness all around.

- Seeking a simple, straight forward, soft speech and soft character practising Muslimah for marriage 🥰. Not after anyone religiously perfect as there is no such thing anyway! Everyone has sinned, and Allah even says don't claim purity, as He knows we're not pure, we all have nafs and desires!  Surely Jannah is the Abode for Carnal Desires by the Permission of Allah, a mighty reward for those who do good.

- I am looking to get married asap 🥰. I was on here before but there isn't as many practising people as I thought 🙈. What matters is what's in your heart, but what's truly in your heart is revealed when it's exposed to the Light. Surely those chasing the dunya and lost in it will be even more lost on the Day of which there is no doubt!

- I am best suited to those with European-level conversation skills as I am born and raised in the West. It means if you're put in a room with "white Europeans" you should be able to hold a normal conversation with all of them without being out of place or missing your basic social cues.

- Soft character and soft in speech is the model of our Prophet (saws) and is always the best fit for marriage 😇

- I can say much more but my goal here is to set a religious tone and foundation, especially important with so much fitna around. Everything else can be asked 😇

May Allah protect us from the fitna all around us, make the search easy for us and grant us the coolness of our eyes.


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What I Am Looking For

- Soft, gentle, simple and straight forward partner for marriage 🥰😍

- Someone who is practising and with a desire to improve and do better 😇

Ideal Age Range 22-35

Please use the code word "apple" as proof you've read my profile. Please don't message saying just "salam" - make an effort people! If you have nothing on your profile please don't be surprised no one takes it seriously 😑🙈🙈🙈

On that note, to conclude I'm excited to get married and have kids 🥰🥰🥰 May Allah make it happen quickly for all of us. Ameen.

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