look for the one who will take you to Jannah

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Very religious
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Never married
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
I was born and brought up in Saudi Arabia bread and buttered in India. Currently I reside in India. I describe myself as a 'Slave of Allah' and would love to become a favorite slave of the Almighty. InShaaAllah. I love to travel, swim, read useful articles, watch informative documentaries & Islamic lectures.
I am not the movie or music kind of person. For some reason I am allergic to music. Got inspired by the doctors in my family I decided to plunge into the world of medicine.
Its a blessing from Allah to be loved and admired by all in the family.
I come from a very practicing family Alhamdulillah.
My views on marriage
I look at marriage as Character Development and not as a self serving thing.Marriage basically is a Laboratory of Akhlaaq.
Its a means to get closer to Allah SWT.
Allah SWT mentions marriage as one of 'His Signs'. Signs are meant to guide one to a destination. We all have a set goal/destination which is Jannah. Therefore marriage is a vehicle taking us towards our dream destination. Together with the spouse that Allah gifts me with - I look forward to a journey that pleases Allah SWT alone.

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What I Am Looking For
The one important element that a person should possess is the ability of being 'God fearing'.
I believe this one trait is enough to make a perfect man.
Fear of Allah and solicitude for the assessment one's deeds on the Day of Judgment is very critical for a successful hereafter.
The fear of accountability to Allah SWT on the Day of Judgement leads to fear of displeasing our Rabb.
This fear then helps one be the best in everything - Ibadah, dealings with others and family, being faithful and trustworthy etc.
I pray that Allah blesses me with a man rich in Taqwa and that Allah SWT instills in me the same essential quality.
I secretly hope for a man whose heart is attached to the Kalaam of Allah. Someone who plans on memorizing it or has already preserved it. Someone who recites it in a very beautiful manner such that the house resonates with his beautiful recitation. Also I am looking for someone who is careful of his earnings and food making sure it’s always Halaal - as we don't want to feed our bodies and souls with Haraam and also because Halaal earnings and food have barakah, give izzah , protect against illness and loss and earn the pleasure of Allah.
I would like my man to be passionate about following the Sunnah. Having a beard isn't mandatory but will be highly preferred as it is an indication of how much one loves Rasoolullah S.A.W and wants to resemble him S.A.W in looks too.
A few other traits that I am seeking in a spouse are – being kind and considerate to those weaker than him, having a sense of humor, smart enough to hold serious and sensible conversations, sensitive to pain and feelings of others and the ability to value relations.

I pray that Allah blesses me with a person who will love and honor me for the sake of Allah. I look forward to a selfless relationship from my side too in order to attain the pleasure of Allah SWT. I look forward to respecting and loving my spouse for who he is and not for what I derive out of him.
I want to be my husband's strongest weapon and support for life and make easy for him his journey to Jannah. InShaaAllah.
Together I dream of a house full of imaan and righteous children who shall grow up to become a source of maghfirah for their parents long after we leave this dunya. Which is why inclination towards deen in my future husband and father to future kids is of utmost importance to me.

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