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Just Muslim
Somewhat religious
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Prefer not to say
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Greater London
United Kingdom
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A Little Bit About Me
“Looks like a girl, acts like a lady, thinks like a machine.
Works like a boss, smiles like the sun, loves with full passion.
Dreams without boundaries, lives life to the max.
Child-like spirit, old soul at heart.
Mind forever inquisitive. Simple yet complex.”
Welcome to my world....

*Pics will be revealed at the start of a conversation. I won’t reply to empty or picture-less profiles or to those outside age 38-46. I am not interested in connecting with anyone currently living or wanting to settle in Pakistan, Bangladesh or India*

Bonus points if you are from a Mauritian background!

Hello! I am an independent, well presented, well spoken, articulate, London-based, hard working professional who is passionate about experiencing life. Although career-driven, I am not a workaholic and I like to relax and have fun outside of work. I have been fortunate to travel to most places around the globe, thriving on experiencing new cultures and spending time learning from people from all backgrounds. I am both mechanically and creatively minded with a passion for helping people and I hope to be a positive influence on others.

I’m really not into debating politics or religion and probably wouldn’t match with those who constantly share these type of posts on their social media feeds or thrive on this subject of conversation.

I have a peaceful outlook that likes to bring people together, rather than creating divide and I like to make the most of what I have, to make each day count.

I am quirky, family-oriented, loyal and chatty, with traditional values at my core. I like warm weather, dislike rain, passionately loathe glitter and believe that there’s nothing quite like a good cuppa to fix (almost) everything!

I am a bit of a foodie (+gym bunny) and enjoy cooking healthy nutritious meals. I love relaxing with gardening in the sunshine and listening to music. I am somewhat of a tech geek, or maybe just a sassy geek in general?! I have bags of energy and a positive outlook on life, enjoying banter and laughter. Some might even go as far as to say that I am funny.

Jumping out of a plane at 14,000ft and skydiving back down to earth for charity has probably been one of my craziest moments... (don’t ask me to do that again!!). I also like my quiet time to pause and reflect.

You’ll know where you stand with me as I communicate openly and honestly. I take care of my appearance in a natural way... so if you’re looking for your partner to wear a full face of make up and dress in heavy blingy asian clothes and gold jewellery then that’s just not me. My dress sense is chic, simple, conservative, feminine and western.

If I sound like your cup of tea, swipe YES and I'll stick the kettle on. Oh, and it’s milk with sweeteners, incase you’re wondering 😉.

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What I Am Looking For
The following traits will likely be compatible with my character:
- A traditional and dapper gentleman aged 38-46;
- Romantic and affectionate but not needy;
- Emotional maturity, a positive mindset, honest, trustworthy and loyal;
- Motivated and driven (but no workaholics please), with a sense of adventure and doesn't take life too seriously;
- Genuinely nice, kind, calm, family-oriented, house-trained (!) and willing to share life's responsibilities (lazy folks need not apply)! ;
- Willing to be on equal footing and can compromise to put other people’s needs before their own; and
- Self-aware, reflective when required and looking to learn from life and self-improve over time (wanting to give back and support others is also an admirable trait if you have it).

Professionals would be a likely natural match but I am open minded. I’m also a sucker for a well-dressed and articulately- spoken gent! 😉

And for some comedy, here’s what I’m not interested in:
- Hookups or non-halal types of conversation;
- Jewellery, bad socks or beardy beards 🧔🏻;
- Six packs, gold teeth/ bad teeth, flashy cars, watches or materialistic tendencies;
- Guys whose clothes and homes smell of Oud, incense, eau de curry and/ or eau de Asian spices (i’m allergic);
- ‘Boy Racers’, ‘Rude boys’, ‘street talk’, those using excessive slang.

That’s quite a list, right? If you’ve made it to this point and you’re ready to have me as part of your life team, drop me a note with a decent introduction, as I’d love to hear from you! 😃

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