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Somewhat religious
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Charity Worker
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Never married
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
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Thank you for visiting my profile.

I consider myself to be a MIX OF WESTERN AND EASTERN STYLED INDIVIDUAL. I do find myself exposed to the differences that exist in eastern and western brought ups and respect all cultures. I try to be uncomplicated. I am not materialistic. I love people who try to crack a joke or two. I try to offer good advice and can be a great listener.

I have done my undergrad in Economics and after 10 years I felt like experimenting with my studies and completed my master’s in international development from the University of Sheffield.

By profession i am development practitioner and used to work in area of non-profit and international development. I am trying to get similar kind of job in UK. Meanwhile I am working with a student accommodation company.

In my free time, I like to read books (though the hobby has slowed down with age :D ). I am taking swimming classes. I love drama, thrillers, love stories and new age movies. I also like literature, fine arts, watching sports and outdoor adventure

I do have some undesirable traits. I can easily waste a lot of my time by slacking off all day long. I do like to have my own time, and sometimes prefer solitude over anything else. If I get irritated by unnecessary arguments, or if I sense lame arguments being pushed on me, I can and will hold my ground and won't back down.

I can cook a little to survive. I can do my own chores. I don't need a wife to take care of my laundry. I have learned to live independently.

While we all talk about Islam and how we want to be with an honest, non-judgmental life-partner, I think all of us have our own versions of Islam. And if that is the case, I am looking for someone whose version of Islam is compatible with mine.

**BTW i am willing to relocate any where in for my BETTER HALF**

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What I Am Looking For
I am looking for a caring, honest, decent individual! someone who has a sense of humour with a good personality and understands family values. Someone who is sharp enough to have an intellectual discussion with the ability to carry out a debatable conversation. Someone who has the ability to remain calm and patient at times but similarly I would do the same when life does get tough.

Everyone says looks are important and yes to a certain extent they are, though we all grow old one day and our looks won't stay with us forever, however I do believe a personality is what really counts and if you have a big personality I believe it automatically makes you all that more attractive.

In my opinion the fundamentals of any relationship is understanding and communication. If you can't understand the person, you're with you'll never learn to trust or respect them. I guess that works for any relationship in general. Not just your future partner.

Someone that can make me laugh and smile and be able to tell exactly what to do if ever I'm upset. Happiness at the end of the day is what counts and I would like to make my future wife happy as much as he keeps me happy. Ultimately, I'd like my wife to be my best friend. Life has its ups and downs, but I'd like to know that there is a certain someone besides me to battle through life together. To sum up I'd like my partner to complete me.

In Last I would like to add translation of few lines from Faraz Ahmad Faraz's Poem

It's a story from good time, there was a pretty girl.
Not that she was good to see, not normal
Not that she walked through Galaxy
But if we were together, then take a good journey
In any season she was always on bloom
She was a summer shadow, she was a sunny winter
Not stay separate, neither together morning and evening
No relationship is contrary to the fact that it is normal
Not such happy robes that simplicity has complaint
Not so crazy that mirror become shy
Not become such mad in love that make life difficult
Not that rigidity that friendship become difficult

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