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United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Assalamo Aleykum.

If you're looking for an Aishwarya Rai then you'd better be a Hritik Roshan :)
In other words if you're looking for a skinny model to hang off your arm then that's not me. I am bigger than your average and if that doesn't bother you then you'll get a great cuddle. I appreciate we need to be attractive to our partners but I'm not solely focused on looks. At this age I'm interested in the individual and what would make us into a solid partnership with love, care, respect, devotion and being best friends.

I am practical, easy-going and open. What you will get from me is loyalty, honesty, kindness and generosity. I am not materialistic and appreciate the simpler things. I am house proud and enjoy cleaning. I love ironing!
I desire to go to Umrah and Hajj as I have not had the opportunity to go as yet and I would like this to be with my spouse. I wear a hijab and appreciate modesty. I do not celebrate milaads and khatums. I find humility attractive and prefer to be in the company of those who are honest, empathetic and strive to better themselves as people/Muslims.
Educated at Glasgow University, I take the opportunity to enhance my self-development. I have spent many years involved in the charity sector working directly with those in need as well as serving on boards and management committees.
I have a 22 year old who is self-sufficient so essentially it will be me and my husband. I will not be having children at this age. I enjoy intellectual stimulation, meeting new people and eating out. I have travelled a little by myself and like hill-walking. As well as English, I speak Punjabi and Urdu. I am a Rai by caste and my family comes from the Faisalabad region.

Checklist -

* Read my entire profile to get an understanding of my character.

* Take a look at all my photos and be sure you're ok with my size.
I can be a size 16-20 depending on which shop I'm in.

* My 22 year old child is part of me. Are you willing to be step-father to her?

* I wear a hijab and will not be taking it off for anyone.

If you are ok with this then it would be nice to hear from you 🙂

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What I Am Looking For
We all want the usual characteristics in our partner - kindness, loyalty, loving, caring, attentive, sense of humour etc but honesty is very important to me. I'd like someone aged between 40-60 (I'm 47) and ideally above 5'10" in height but not terribly important (I'm 5'6").
I am not looking to be in a polygamous marriage. I would like someone who is fluent in English and educated to some level. I do not mind if you are bald, wear glasses, have a beard or a dad bod - I'm not shallow to hold that against someone.
I don't care if you have piercing or tattoos.
I would like someone who pays attention to Islam, even if it is a little. No smokers. I would prefer someone from the Pakistani background. I would only like to meet UK citizens.
I would relocate for a VERY good reason. I note men automatically expect the female to uproot and join him. If you don't want to leave your home then why do you expect her to leave her home; if you don't want to leave your job, why should she leave her job; if you don't want to leave your family and friends then why are you expecting her to leave her family and friends. There needs to be a compromise. I'm not interested in controlling and narcissistic men who want everything their way. I don't want someone who drinks, smokes, is always out with his mates, takes drugs, wastes money, gambles, treats women with disrespect, messy, unhygienic, sends his money to relatives abroad when bills need paying, doesn't communicate, is lazy, doesn't know how to do housework, is rude and arrogant.

Still here? Well done :) Scary bits over.

This is a basic snapshot of the essentials. Please get in touch with a view to getting to know me further. I could be the The One.

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