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Salaams - Hello there - Ahlan wa Sahlan!

I completed hifz of the Quran (memorised the Quran) from a young age. I led congretational taraweeh salah at the mosque for two years during Ramadan for the whole month when I was 14 and 15 years of age. I am proficient in reading the Quran with tajweed and made a conscientious effort in perfecting this area when I was younger.

I only follow the Quran and Sunnah in deen and have zero attachment to groups or personalities. I grew up with strong Islamic principles and encouraged to practice Islam from a young age (Salah, fasting, Zakat, charity, good akhlaq etc). Never smoked, drank or stepped inside a pub or club. I attend the mosque daily, pray 5 times a day and often pray qiyaam ul layl (tahajjud).

I have recently started studying Tafseer ibn Kathir to understand, reflect and probe on the message of the Quran. The Quran opens doors and brings nothing but benefit so it’s important to explore and understand what it is that Allah SWT is asking from us in this short life that can sometimes feel pretty long when single.

I love to read and learn. Shaykhs’ like Ibn Baaz, Ibn Uthaymeen, Al Albaani , Salih al Fawzaan, Ibn Taymiyaah, Ibn Qayyim are my favourite.
I believe there is a lot that can be enjoyed and experienced within the boundaries of Islam and am very much ‘middle path’ so would say I am neither extreme nor liberal.
Despite the religious vibe, I am pretty laid back and easy going and if you were to get know me you will quickly realise this too. I hope to meet someone just as chilled.

*Pls kindly stop asking my thoughts on groups/people you follow. I'm just Muslim-Quran/Sunnah.
* Pls STOP messaging me if you are part of Salafi Publications, Sufi Peer groups etc. I have ZERO time and interest in such groups. Likewise no khwaarij mentality. I really do not want to know. I am just a simple muslim.

Highly educated with 3 first class degrees; BA Hons, Masters MBA, PGCHE teaching qualification. Also studying part time PhD in applied strategy management.
During my Masters degree I received two University awards for ‘Best Student on the course’ and ‘Best MBA Project’.
I have also been awarded a teaching fellowship by the UK Higher Education Academy.
I have also achieved with distinction a qualification in Supervising Masters Research in UK higher Education.

I genuinely have a big heart always looking to raise the spirits of others. Deeplu loyal but mild in mature. Chatty but not loud, don't raise my voice. Seen as honest, trustworthy, a strength for other others who goes out his way way to help anyone.
Love spontaneity, hate conflict. Value kindness, honesty, openness. Judge me on my akhlaq.

A no drama – some swag – big dreams kind’a guy who likes to keep himself clean, fresh and presentable!

On a lighter note I am a little cheeky though with a playful disposition. Anything that involves fun and laughter and a bit of competitiveness so Games Consoles, Board Games, Wrestling [playful type before someone pictures doing a neck breaker on me lol], Childhood games, Theme Parks, spontaneous day/night outs - I am ready!

Key traits I am described by are: peaceful, caring, honest, considerate, intelligent, driven, chatty, kind, very loyal, creative, ambitious, grafter, faithful, generous, sociable.

I have worked for many years in varying Teaching roles at University at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. I have recently taken a break from teaching full time and moved part time to concentrate on my own online business. I designed and launched my own national online lettings platform which will have an international presence soon IA.

I’m currently employed as Strategy lecturer on a part time basis and project supervisor.
I have supervised around 200 undergraduate and postgraduate academic research projects, including for MIT University in Oman, Yarmouk Uni in Jordan. I have trained individuals who have gone on to become senior lecturers in the Middle East and other prominent positions across the world including South America and Africa. Similarly moving more East I have done external examiner work for INTI International University in Malaysia.
I'm passionate about solving business problems. I've supervised a number of small improvement research projects for the NHS, Toyota, Coventry University, Jaguar Land Rover, Abu Dhabi Police force, Saudi Education Ministry, Saudi Health Ministry, ExxonMobil Nigeria, Metro Germany, BestWay Cash’n’Carry, Tesco, Primark and a few other organisations nationally and globally.

I enjoy charity work, helping the needy, spontaneous long drives, countryside, football, shopping, reading about Islam and world events. I also keep up with trends in Business and Technology which helps me increase my knowledge base.
I also love fast cars, Liverpool Football club and have a fascination with the Amazon rain forest.
I love the outdoors and all that dwells there, the sea, greenery and woodlands, cliffs, mountains, sun, snow, rain and come what may I love exploring new places and sites. I walk every day at least 6 miles and have been for 17 years now so I am pretty fit and active alhamdulillah.
Into sports and I wind down with boxing and gym. Boxing was my first love and I used to compete nationally at a pretty high level.
I love to learn and study - anything and everything and like new challenges. When I put my mind to something, I have to get it done, I won’t give up as I hate failing. This process usually induces a starry eyed reaction from me which usually means my minds planning, plotting, picturing and problem solving and a lot of what anyone says during this may register with me depending on its importance but also may go in one ear and out the other haha. So I suppose one can deduce from this I can be a very private person at times who values his own time and space.

Short term ambition: Start a family InshaAllah as soon as possible (no lingering); Complete my PhD soon; Be a successful business man - I am building my own online business, second phase of which is due for launch insha’Allah in 2019. Continue working in a field that makes a real and lasting difference like lecturing or solving problems for organisations like the NHS and becoming the best I can at that through using innovation and technology. Work towards opening a consultancy service in improving business processes through lean management and IS/IT strategy.

Long term ambition: Work in the Gulf and travel the world. I’d jump at the opportunity to travel and discover far-off distant lands and meet different people and see nature in all its varying glory – alhamdulillah!

I am a British born and bred and my origin is mixed.
I am somewhat fairly disconnected from culture though and identify myself more as a British Muslim with Muslim foremost.

I have my own house (no riba involved).
I grew up doing a variety of martial arts and I am a fully qualified door supervisor - SIA badge holder.
I am multilingual speaking 5 other languages and can speak enough Arabic to get by.
My friend base is global and have many friends across the Middle Mast, Gulf and North Africa, West Africa who I stay in contact with and insha'Allah would like to visit them in the future.

Can't cook apart from Toast, Cereal and Pasta (I hope they count lol :)) [Although I am willing to help out in the kitchen].
I can make a mean protein shake though! I don’t like oily food so if you come out the kitchen drowned in cooking oil then that will need to change haha, can’t really see a compromise on that one! My favourite cuisine has to be Arab/Turkish cuisines but I am not a fussy eater in general and will make do with whatever I am blessed with.

1) I tend to zone out in my own world often
2) I can overthink things sometimes
3) I seek perfection in all that I do but it is not always possible
4) I get bored very easily and end up multi tasking or drifting
5) I am more productive when I am around people, BUT I do not like too large social gatherings. I get uncomfortable and just not too keen on it.

Protect both her and her honour, accommodate and feed her, spend on her from own wealth and take a responsible lead of the household are some of the commands from the Quran. Treat your wife with patience and kindness as per the command of Muhammad rasool salalahualaihiwasalam. Similarly he salalahualaihiwasalam cooked, cleaned, helped out and played with his wives and this is from the best of examples set to be followed InshaAllah. He also had emphasised that the best of men are those who best to their wives so when one understands the character and conduct of Muhammad salahualaihiwasalam and is conscious of his commands then this will set the base to a fruitful and productive marriage InshaAllah.

What you can expect from me is total respect, ample love and your biggest supporter. You will see unshakable loyalty, 100% commitment and a deep desire to not forsake you so expect me to shield you always. You will find in me a guy who will lead but not give orders, advice but not argue and see the goodness in you rather than any faults.
I hope you will see patience and gentleness in my words and actions but when I fall short then expect a conscious and lively effort to correct myself when asked to do things differently. When called upon you will find my shoulder to lean on, a guaranteed ear to listen to your worries and a devoted companion that shall consider your needs before mine.
I will encourage you to better yourself in all that you do. And when life hits you unexpectedly, my reaction will be to console you and raise your spirits and tell you “when you’re in a dark place you may think you have been buried, but actually you have been planted so chin up and be not afraid or discouraged for I am with you after Allah first”. I will strengthen you and help you to tie your camel in whatever you wish to do and lead you to the tawakkul of Allah azzawajal.
Everyday you will see me engage you in discussing worldly affairs, light hearted and intellectual conversations and a pull to unplanned escapades. Oh, and I hope the only weirdness you will find in me is that I brush my teeth three times a day and other then that you will vouch to others I am normal, simple and the biggest reason for your happiness after Allah.

Don’t erroneously assume I don’t chill. I’m a chill master and we will chill together!

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What I Am Looking For
I have my own house Alhamdulillah and will live separately from family so my wife can have her own space and home to call her own so would like to marry someone who wants to be the queen of her own household.

So if you are a romantic, vivacious muslimah with deep compassion, have a desire to make a difference to others, interested in developing spiritually, open-minded and not afraid to step out of ‘the box’, seeking a best friend, companion and equal, value honesty and integrity, can balance seriousness with a bit of madness, judge a man by the content of his character, have a sense of humour and adventure and can connect with the child within, possess a zest of life and a desire to reach Jannah, I would be keen to hear from you.

I admire an ambitious lady who wants to better herself. Obviously, I will fully respect my future wife, fully understanding my responsibilities to care for respect and provide for her and if she is working then she should continue to do so if she wishes but ambition and self development are pretty attractive traits.
Compromise and Co-operation are ingredients to a strong, healthy and happy home alongside sharing of responsibilities as per the example of Muhammad Salahualahiwasalam so you can expect me at many times to do the washing up, cleaning and other house chores.

I prefer a straighforward nikah and walimah - your thoughts on this?

We will understand that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage or a perfect spouse but there is give and take, compromises, co-operation and understanding to make a strong, stable and successful marriage. You appreciate that there will be good and bad times and to work through challenging times with patience and gentleness.

I hope to meet someone enthusiastic in becoming an amazing mother soon insha’Allah without unnecessary lingering or prolonged delay.

I am open to all backgrounds, races and origins.

I am also open to divorcees as I see divorce as a life event and part of someone’s Qadr. What Allah has ordained will not miss anyone. However, there must be no baggage or emotional attachment and you must have moved on 1000%.

Finally I am looking for someone who will wholeheartedly and gleefully accept my very first gift to my wife, which will be the following 10 books I have handpicked for her from my book collection:
1) The Holy Quran with English Translation
2) The Sealed Nectar (Life of Muhammad Salahualahiwasalam)
3) Kitab al Tawheed
4) Khadijah the first Muslim Woman and wife of Muhammad Salahualaihiwasalam
5) Rulings Pertaining to Muslim Women
6) The Key to Paradise
7) Knowing Allah
8) 100 Ahadith about Islamic Manners
9) Fortress of the Muslim
10) Explanation of Important lessons for every Muslim.
This would be my very first gift (definitely not the last) alongside her favourite perfume, chocolates and another surprise :))

I do not celebrate milaads, mawlids or have allegiance to a peer/ ‘sheikh’ or frequent shrines and dead people’s graves for intercession so looking for same. Similarly won't be interested in people who frequent immoral places like Shisha bars and openly free mix.

Ultimately what I seek is sincere companionship of a lady which will last the test of time in this short world and be a means for success in the next life, Insha’Allah.

You may not possess all of the above but have a desire and deep respect for it. If so don't be afraid to get in touch.

We are complex as individuals and all at different points in our life journey. Hopefully, most of us will be beautiful to someone. Like most I see compatibility as being about the sharing of certain core values, outlook and aspirations but believe no two couples can be 100% compatible. If I dislike something in you then I will look to the many things good in you and vice versa.

Also I would like to add I am not here to mess around or waste anyone's time, and would like to meet someone who has the right intention of getting married as soon as possible and not dwell or linger for ages.

*If you think we could possibly get along it's just best that you just message me and I will be more than happy to converse/answer any questions and we can take it from there insha’Allah*.

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