Honest, Loyal, Caring, fun to be with & a bit mad

My Sect
My Profession
Marital Status
Never married
West Sussex
United Kingdom
Registration Reason
I'm registering to find my son a partner
A Little Bit About Me
I'm 22, one of six brothers and sisters.

The family and I celebrate Eid Milad-un-Nabi, Gyarvi Sharif and perform regular Khatum. If your not that way inclined, please refrain from making contact.


Near had a girl / boy friend
Never smoked
Never consumed alcohol
Never dabbled in legal or illegal drugs
Never gone clubbing, pubbing, or raving
Never got into any scuffles / fights, I assume they know better, not to😎
Never been verbally / physically abusive to anyone

As per above, some people might think I've lived a sheltered and sad life, but, hey ho, everyone to them self.

I actively pray my daily salaat and sometime Tahajjud, if I wake up on time.
I read my Quran daily
I always pay zakat and sadaqah
I have always since my childhood, along with my brothers and sisters, kept our fast and prayed Taraweeh at our local mosque.
We as a family, also financially help our extended family and friends abroad

I would love to do Umra and Hajj with my future special one

Last but not least, I'm in no hurry to get married but I do believe, Allah sub hana tala has, that someone special for me, and at the right time of his choosing, everything will fall into place and we'll both accept each other.

I like to keep fit and have started to hit the gym, at home, as I've been told my weight is slightly going north, plus, there is not much else to do, due to Covid.

I work for a company called CAE who train Airline Pilots, as a Simulator Technician. I thank Allah Sub Hana Tala, my job hasn't been affected by the pandemic, but sadly others here, have been less fortunate.

Prior to Covid, I regularly went out with family as well as friends for meals, outings, car meets, etc. I have always wanted to travel around the world and would like to do that and share this amazing experience with someone special.

A bit about my family..........................

My family and I are extremely close knit and always help each other out no matter what.

My eldest sister is 25, has completed her Accounting and Finance degree, works in a private air charter company, pursuing her professional qualification ACCA, through them and has been working from home since March, due to Covid

Next is my other sister at 23, completed her Law with Business degree, currently off from work as a Court Advocate due to Covid. She's also in anticipating of her BPTC LLM results waiting to be called to the Bar.
(Can't wait to see her in that funny wig and long black cloak..πŸ˜‚πŸ€£)

I'm number three in the list.

My younger brother, 20, has completed his HND Aeronautical Engineering and is job hunting and currently working part time, but is off due to Covid

The baby is 17 who has progressed to his second year of college following in his older brothers footsteps.

The youngest of them all is, 9 weeks old and so jealously gorgeous and cute.
He's soooooo adorable.His name is Loki and he's a Scottish Fold straight

Can't forget about Mum, Dad and Grandma

Dad, is the stabling factor of the family, mr know it all (9.9/10 he's normally right) he's our rock and wouldn't be where we are without his guidance/direction and sheer perseverance. He works in Immigration on behalf the of the Home Office and Mum is, just lovely, and who we all love to bits, and an amazingly excellent cook.

Her zinger burgers and chicken dishes are legendary.

Grandma, at 90, lives in her own bungalow, has a lot of underling health conditions, disabled wheel chair user, so have to be extra vigilant in her care due this pandemic. She has never missed her daily Salaat, Ishraq and Tahajjud along with her regular Quran in the morning and evening.

It is with her dua and blessings, our house hold is thriving and long may it continue, Ameen suma Ameen.

NOTE: Grandma is looked after 24/7 by all of us, their is no obligation or incumbrance for you, the potential partner, to do the same.

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What I Am Looking For
**Please only contact if you reside in the UK without any limitations or restrictions to your stay**

**Please do not make contact if you are a hot head, argumentative or like to scream and shout**

On a positive note;

- Roti status (round)
- Someone that is clam and humble in nature
- Mild mannered
- Mature, with a dash of madness
- Funny
- Fun to be with
- Family orientated.
- Loves cars (not necessarily, but a distinct advantage)
- Loves cats ( if not, this could be a deal breaker)
- Is ok with regular pranks.
- Has sarcasm as a second language (my preferred choice)
- Has the fundamentals of Islam as an integral part of her daily life
- Willing to pursue and improve spiritually.

- Most of all, just be yourself, my best, forever friend & together, we'll work through what life has in store for us, In Sha Allah.

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Personal Information
My Citizenship
Country of Origin
Willing to Relocate?
I am Looking to Marry
Next year
My Income
15,000 - 25,000
Marital Status
Never married
Would I like to have Children?
Do I have children?
My Living Arrangements?
I Live With Family
United Kingdom
West Sussex
My Height
1.68m (5' 6")
My Build
My Hair Colour
Colour of My Eyes
Do I Smoke?
Do I Have Any Disabilities?
My Education Level
Subject I Studied
Aeronautical engineering
My First Language
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My Profession
My Job Title
Simulator Technician
My Sect
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Do You Keep Halal?
I Always Keep Halal
Do You Perform Salaah?