I would like to ruin your make up!!!

My Sect
Not religious
My Profession
Marital Status
West Midlands
United Kingdom
Registration Reason
I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
1 Male 48, how hard can this be , very hard, after being in this a few weeks it a bit like the airport scena same faces on Monday morning and on Friday evening. By the way I am not that religious I’m not the one to go runnning to the mosque I can’t even remembered the last time I prayed Have my reasons may be not jusiable to you but make per sense to me

Any ways about me, I divorced with two kids not living with me but mean the world to me..which means I do have contact with my ex and I am financially responsible for my kids

Chspter1Q a recent stroke hs lft me somewhat disabled Chapter 2 work
I travel a lot for work which means I am only home for weekends, do I want to quit my job no , I would if I could but give me an alternative , because I have to support my kids , if this is an issue please dont waste my time and more importantly your time ,

Chapter 3 the photo test
one good reason why my picture is not public ( I am not photogenic) , I work with several young ladies who are looking for a husband on here.

Chapter 4 are you still reading?
At this moment I am not looking to to get the Imam in QuickTime, I would like to get to know the person ....

Chapter 5 me
Can I make you laugh? , depends on your sense of humour, I am far too witty for my own good and can laugh at things my son would find funny, I have been known to make people cry 😢 as well being honest... all will be revealed.. if we get past chapter 1 - 4

Do I like eating out? As long as it is a lamb Kharai with tandori Roti

Am I easy going? yes but not if you dragging me shopping and asking me if something looks big in this, you may get an honest answer ( now you wondering no wonder he is divorced)

Likes cricket, cars that I cannot afford documentaries on how to fix things although I hate DIY

Movies, I can’t sit still to watch movies at the cinema ...

Cooking on weekends only, nothing beats a BBQ

Chapter 6 you

What am I looking for , someone who attractive to me, (put it this way , you have to be much more stunning than me and trust me , this is not hard)

be good if she likes to exercise walking, HIIT, boxing, box sets , the odd movie , a great conversationalist, some calm who understand that we are both individuals,

A good sense of humour is a must , independent , religiously inclined and have a pulse (joke), nose two ears

Good luck

A stroke in 2020 ended my life as I knew it I have disabilitwhere I have to learn to walk again and I lost the use of my left hand and arm this is one of the reasons why I don't pray I believe god to be a entirely incompetent no offence meant

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What I Am Looking For
GOod sense of humour
Attractive to me
Easy going
Appreciates that I am an individual
Appreciates that I have a commitment to my children


If you say “I don’t look my age” and then send a pic with tons of makeup on that don’t count ,,,, as much as I like a well manicured lady, you failing me on a picture test when you keep the makeup industry going.

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United Kingdom
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over 50,000
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Do I have children?
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United Kingdom
West Midlands
My Height
1.75m (5' 9")
My Build
My Hair Colour
Dark brown
Colour of My Eyes
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Do I Have Any Disabilities?
Yes - physical disability
My Education Level
Bachelors degree
Subject I Studied
Boring old accounting
My First Language
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My Profession
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Chief assistant to the assistant chief in waiting.
Not religious
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Prefer not to say
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I Keep Halal at Home Only
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