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Assalam Alykum. First, 2 things you should consider:
- What are the things you can't compromise on? IA, I won't slacken on growing in Islam.
- For Allah, go against the whole world if you have to, even if it gets offended/insulted.

Enjoy reading! (NO skimming)

- No cultural or religious practices that have no basis in the Qur’an or the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) and his companions. We all make mistakes, but to allow something that implies direct/indirect contradiction with the basic foundational principles of Islam (e.g. grave worship, pirs, saints, Sufis, etc.), that is pathetic, and only harms ourselves. People find this hard to understand, but then again, they neither want to understand, nor are they humble enough to pray for guidance. Remember, the best way = the Prophet's (SAW) and the Sahaba's.
- No sectarianism, no ‘sects’, no ‘denominations’. Allah chose our name, and the names of the past believers, as ‘Muslim’. His choice is above everything any man or scholar can ever say. Period. Correct aqeedah, correct practices. And naturally people with similar thoughts come together. These are the ones worth standing with. I hope you’re smart enough to think about that :) (I and my family call ourselves Muslim. Not Sunni, or Shia, or anything else, as this is against the ayat of Allah where He has repeatedly asked us to not split into any factions of any sort).
- I graduated from Texas A&M University at Qatar (A.Whoop Aggies!) in Mechanical Engineering, that, if you like to hear more about, you can ask me later, iA. Alhamdulillah always.
- Through the air, I am he who walks unseen at night…to devour delicious desserts and all things food in the kitchen.
- Born in a military family where respect, simplicity, and hard-work is the norm.
- I really like space and astronomy, the night sky, and marveling at Allah and how He has Created things on an unimaginable scale (YouTube ‘Largest star ever discovered, compared to our Sun’).
- All cultures have good and bad aspects. Islam is above culture, so sticking to Islam helps you with a wider perspective, and lets you interact with all Muslims. As it should be. Where reasonable and not conflicting with our religion, we should respect other societies than our own.
- I've usually found myself having more in common with people from different ethnicities and social setups, as long as they're humble, friendly, merciful, reciprocating, non-racist, and at least somewhat religious. 
- Avoid being the guy who sits only with their own group. Can fit in, and know how to work in a team. That's part of what a marriage is about, right? :)
- Avid enthusiast of the written word. My English teacher told me to become an author and write stuff of awesomeness across different genres/categories. Novels and stories used to make up most of my time back then (don’t worry, you’ll have my full attention hahaha…..haha….ha…sigh).
- Following on from that, and with regards to moving abroad, that depends on how well we get along. I don't mind moving :) but if one place has better opportunities, a better system of returns (and barakaat, in sha Allah), and a better way to allow me to take care of you, that's definitely logical and something you should consider. Remember, Allah will put amazing things in that in sha Allah, but you have to try as well and pray.
- Care to have a match in ping-pong (table-tennis)? Football? Volleyball? I could give you a run for your money.
- I’m a hugger. If you don’t like being physical, then you’re in for a hugpocalypse.
- A child at heart. Friendly and warm. Outgoing when I need to be. I like spending more time with family and at home than with friends.
- I love my parents! We have our own ways of dealing with things though.
- There are better things to do than indulge in social media.
- I dislike taking pictures of only myself, with my own hands. Waiting for the world to realize how narcissistic it has become. Putting photos here is purely for your interest. 
- I hate wasting money on unnecessary things, but love sharing gifts with family and friends whenever possible.
- I don't follow music artists, albums, releases etc. unnecessarily i.e. if I have my headphones on, I’m probably watching a video or so. That being said...*mischievous grin*
- Masters at some point inshaAllah. Allah knows best when.
- I don’t hold the keys to the future. Allah does. Our job is to work and pray hard, and do our best. I don't own oil fields, neither do I grow money on tree's.
- We don't hang any sort of pictures, statues, representations of living objects in the house. No dogs.
- Trying to think of ways to help new reverts gain access to resources and support. And of course, a listening ear and a warm heart :)
- It would be amazing to be with a revert! :) My mom says I’m a really good teacher and explainer. It would be something to help someone grow from scratch, and would definitely help my own self as well. But of course, you have to be willing to listen and learn.

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What I Am Looking For
Someone calm, collected, understanding, knowing and practising of their basic obligations, keeping away from feminism and similar garbage, and invested in learning more and growing in Islam, and closer towards Allah in the truth. One who keeps away from mixing with men unnecessarily, and will embrace Ghairah and the intensity of her husbands love wholeheartedly.

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