May Allah bring us together soon insha'Allah :)

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I do strongly believe if Allah wants to join 2 hearts together, then even if the distance is like sky and earth...HE only says BE AND IT IS ...
First and foremost, i would like to say that Marriage is a special bond made of trust respect love and commitment....if ur looking for a true real love and happiness ,then this can only happen for me after marriage in a halal relashionship that is pleasing Allah azza wa jal
So, that Allah would grant us a blessed marriage insha'Allah ^^

Plz read my profile well,bcs that's how u gonna have a hint about who I am as a person and what I seek in my future life partner, and the kind of life i wanna live with insha'Allah πŸ˜„

A little about me :

Iam Soraya from morocco practicing muslimah doing my best alhamdolillah to be every day and night close to my creator subhanahu wa ta'alah

Iam single,young,guarding my chastity for the sake of Allah ,and for the right person Allah will choose for me as my future husband to share my life with insha'Allah...

I have a university level of education,but unfortunately I didn't continue my studies even i succeeded...alhamdolillah for everything...

Iam Looking for to complete the other half of my deen, iam a very loyal, affectionate young female...I seek a REVERT to islam to marry and share my life with sooner not later insha'Allah ya rab πŸ˜„

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What I Am Looking For
Insha'allah looking for~ a Revert loving Husband for many reasons....
i choose a REVERT FOR the reason to stand by his side. help him walk through his islam teach him arabic Would be honored to do so insha'Allah. it my duty in front of Allah azza wa jal...thats is my main goal in this life... bcs i have so much respect for them ...
And bcs most of the reverts find themselves alone and lonely after they become muslims

And it's my pleasure and honor to be there for them and to be everything for my revert life partner for my husband who Allah will choose for me insha'AllahπŸ˜„ to have a beautiful family and build a happy home with🏰 🏩that is based on the foundation of love trust honesty respect value and loyalty insha'Allah ya rab.

always lhamdolillah trying to maintain a healthy life....
In a relationship with my future husband I am looking for :
Love,Respect, Trust , Honesty, Loyalty..Peace, And Happiness....a husband who is kind,humble,caring, loving,patient,and a Protector after Allah azza wa jal :)πŸ˜„

What I do not like :
arrogance, disrespect...cus ALLAH dislikes people who behave like this ...

My activities that I like to do :
health( fitness just at home), reading,religion ( and I keep learning )

I am easy going, i don't judge or criticise anybody, i respect and value people as they are

So, iam lookimg for Someone to hold my hand throughout this worldly life and also my companion to be in the hereafter. A down to earth individual and a best friend who I can build a beautiful understanding with and relationship to start a happy joyful family of our own that pleasing Allah azza wa jal insha'Allah ya rab...πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜€

I would love my life partner to be such a good pious muslim man who is trying always to better himself, who fears Allah..some one who knows how to value a woman ...who knows that our prophet Muhammed peace be upon him said : the best of u is the one who is best to his wife ...πŸ˜„
U know, the more u love Allah subhanah and his prophet peace be upon him the more I will love u beyond limits 100%

I seek a husband who has manners as number one who donst get angry Calm who donst swear at ppl or yell who is soft hearted respectful kind forgiving tolerent treating people with kindness and humblness and romantic in our marriage life insha'Allah.πŸ˜„

Asking Allah to bless me with a man who wishes to please his wife. Live a happy life together and spend time traveling the world insha'Allah πŸ˜„

A husband who would do his best to make his wife happy who is willing to do anything and everything for her to see her smile out of Respect and out of love for me as his wife to be insha'Allah and above this all to have the reward with Allah aza wa jal and same is true with me towards him πŸ˜„

I might not be the best, but iam definitely different than the REST... I an not like other girls who would care to marry u for ur home castle money VENICE OR GREECE....

For me, if u are not having good character than i won't accept to marry u EVEN IF UR the wealthiest man on earth....becauseπŸ‘‡
Our beloved prophet Muhammed peace be upon him said :MARRY THE MAN WHO HAS DEEN AND GOOD CHARACTER....

I love travelling a lot did I mention that ?βœˆπŸšƒπŸš„πŸš˜, it is my passion in lifeπŸ’ dream is to travel the world country by country with my future life partner togetherπŸ’‘ to see the beauty Allah has placed on earthπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

i like to travel and explore different cultures and places, its my dream to travel the world with the right person Allah will choose for me insha'Allah and who will guide him for me as he will guide me for him insha'AllahπŸ’‘

I hope my husband share same desire to travel arround the world with me to take me to enjoy every moment of our life together insha'Allah to film and memorise everything for our future kids and for us to remember when we get old insha'Allah. ...😁

I would love my husband to be pious to be willing always to do his best to get closer to Allah to love to do charity help the poor the needy ppl put smile on their faces and seek by that the pleasure of Allah aza wa jal doing everything for the sake of Allah ...a charity that will benefit him and his family in both worlds dunya and hereafter. ...Insha'Allah ya rab...

I love english language as a foreign language and i wanna use it for his sake to help and support those who convert to islam ^^
whoEver Allah will choose for me would be the best husband inshaAllah bcs i always make dua and I do beleive in Allahβ˜πŸ’–that he is so near and will answer my invocation insha'Allah. ..πŸ’–

Plz if u think u have these qualities I ask for which is easy if ur a true real muslim who fears Allah 100% u would have these qualities which is having manners and respect in our marriage life...

I believe that there is no perfect person..... because perfection is for Allah alone, but it is the good person who tries to avoid harming others or himself and fearing Allah in everything he practices... (that is ISLAM IS TO HAVE MANNERS BEING PIOUS AND DOING GOOD DEEDS IN THIS LIFE FOR OUR HERE-AFTRR)

Feel free to contact me and I wish the best for every one here insha'Allah. ..πŸ˜πŸ˜€
May Allah give what is best for us all ...HE IS THE BEST DISPOSER OF AFFAIRS πŸ˜„

Feel free to ask please whatever question(s) you may have....
Thank U for reading my profile
Wa alaykum assalam ^^

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