Sincere, other half. In'sha'Allah.

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Hi (Salaam),

Before you start reading, just a little warning, prepare yourself for a very, very, long read. So I've been told, but hey, you are here to get to know someone, right? So I've made the effort. (Also, I know I've written wee bit too much, if I wanted to cut it down, I wouldn't know where to start. But if you get to end in one go, I'll know at least you tried.)

(TIP: If you really do not have the energy to read all of this, go to the short and sweet SUMMARY in the second section. Only if you really can't be bothered to read all this, though).

Side note: I’ll be honest, if I can’t see who is sending me a message, I may not open it. Please have a public picture, it’s the least one can ask for on this sort of platform. JzkAK.

Dear gentle person, I would just like to say that I have had the chance to read over my own memoir and would admit it is quite a long read.

To save you the blood, sweat and tears I would like to bullet point a few suggestions or wants.

Simple qualities that make me smile:


Things that disorientate me, such as sheer:


I hope to meet a simpleton, for I am a simpleton myself, to lead a simple life. Basically.

Seriously, men who think too deep about their appearance i.e. good looks and or achievements in life, need not apply. There’s honestly no time left for all that heedless arrogance. Being vein, is insane. I find it hilarious. I don’t mind quietly confident, enough to keep you going, just not out loud. Ahem.

I have come across some profiles, quite disheartening, I must add, whereby some seek a wife who is in the same profession or in some instances exceed their achievements. A wife is for life, literally. She is not a trophy piece that you have achieved through your earnings, for you to show off in the community or in family gatherings for the sake of your or your parent’s ego. She is not bought. She is a gift from Allah swt, as you are to her, to complete your half Deen. She is her own person, dignified and established to her capabilities. She will come with great expectations of a good and happy life with you, not as a servant but a beautiful addition to your family. She is someone’s daughter, sister and their pride and joy. She will be your queen and you her king. She will be your best friend, if you let down your guard and be open to being happy, and making her happy for the rest of your lives, In’Shaa’Allah.

A marriage will be the binding of two hearts and souls, willing to walk the path of this delirious world, to the gates of Jannah, still bound at the hands, together, In’Shaa’Allah. So let’s put some heart in it, In’Shaa’Allah.

I will take my own advice and I hope that I never intentionally judge anyone. May Allah swt have mercy on us all. Ameen.

If you would still like to get to know me, there’s a full history lesson below. Written quite a while ago, I must add. Ahem. SCROLL DOWN BELOW. :)

Firstly, guys, I just realised I have magically turned 30 something. I swear I can prove I was 25 just like a few years ago. No lie. Feel like I’ve woken up from a coma, where everyone around me is much older, like all the kids were midgets and had squeaky voices and now bam! then that makes me OLDER! :’( I’m not ready for OLDER! *cries in agony*


I like to think I am a very kind-hearted person, Alhamdulilah, as all muslims should really be and also very down to earth, Alhamdulilah.

I have a calm and reserved personality, I enjoy tranquility, I'd enjoy watching the sunset for hours, if only that was possible. I'd choose historical landscapes over beach holidays any day. I feel immense pleasure from the simple things in life. Alhamdulilah.

A bit insecure at times (I guess we all have our insecurities, but that's what makes us unique).
I am an outgoing person, in terms of my thinking. I like meeting new people, seeing new places. Although, when it comes to having fun with friends it does not include anything that would be frowned upon or render sinful or immoral. I really do enjoy going out with my best friends, usually cinema and dining out nearly every other day. I don't mind ice-skating but be prepared to be bruised! Hehe

I may come across a little too caring and a bit emotional- cry at nearly every movie where the actor(s) start crying, with my brother or sister, sitting next to me saying ''why are you crying?'' my reply- ''you have no heart!'' lol Human emotions, can't hold it back. :)

I have to say, I'd like to think, that I am very understanding, of all situations, and all emotions and like to keep calm, so therefore not be judgmental or hold a specific criteria for everything and be narrow-minded or shallow, so to speak. I guess how some can be or come across. We have to give everything a chance and be patient. I like to treat people with respect, in all circumstances, and dislike arrogance, and so does, Islam. We should always try our best to be humble and not ask too much from others, InshaAllah.

I love people who care. Humanity seems to be lacking in the world, when I come across someone showing me the slightest of humanity, it brings tears to my eyes, that's sadly how much of rarity it's become. A smile goes a long way, a chain reaction that can affect a lot of people and how they treat others that day, try it. :)

"...a servant (of Allah) does not believe (truly) until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself." (Bukhari, Muslim).

I like to be creative. I tend to do most of the interior work in the house myself, but only the strength lacks so I get a guy (brother lol) to come lift something other than that I won't trust them with precision, that's left with me. No offence to the male species. lol.

I love painting, drawing, water colours and painting on canvases. It's so relaxing, and rewarding to oneself to witness what imagination and skills you hold within. Sometimes I wonder if I should have speciailised in Architecture, Art and Design or photography, but, I made a very obvious choice, Law. It was either that or medicine. I'm afraid I didn't take science-related subjects at A-levels so I couldn't pursue Medicine... love the idea of saving lives and doing something for others. Those of you who are doctors/nurses... I admire you. lol sorry, getting boring now.

I am a family orientated person. Love my nieces and nephews to pieces, ah children are angels in disguise. MashaAllah.

I respect others how I would want them to respect me, everyones' self-worth is the same so it's the single biggest thing I believe in. 'Respect' yourself enough and you will automatically respect others around you, too.

I will take every step to make someone happy and make them smile because I would like the same back. I just want to be happy and there's no joy in seeing someonelse sad or in suffering. I want to help others as much as possible, Insha'Allah.

I believe in Karma, what goes around comes around, I only intend to do good deeds.

Most importantly I would like to do some charity work at some point. I would love to get involved in travelling and doing charity work abroad, If Allah (swt) wills.

My father passed away September 2010 and it has shattered my world, I have witnessed the death of a great person, the person who brought me into this world, who worked so hard to fend for his family, the persons' blood which flows through my veins, reminding me that life is nothing and it's all a test, but we must still, live it, and do so in the ways of our Prophet (s.a.w).

Alhamdulilah, I am praying 5 times a day and where it’s missed I try my best to make it up. May Allah swt accept it from me and everyone, Ameen. I'd just like to add, two years (on and off) after my father passed away I did wear the Hijab and only took it off for personal reasons. I intend to wear it again, In’Shaa’Allah.

I am sorry to have brought in this subject regarding my father, but we should all be reminded of death which is a fact and unavoidable, it's all dependent on time so lets spend it wisely, inshaAllah.

P.S. I am sorry, but sometimes I won't be able to get back as I don't come on this site as often so PLEASE try to have a public profile, I am not too fussed about making my profile private, makes life easier, I guess. Thank you.


Also I'm afraid age is an issue for me so I may not be as interested in anyone younger than myself, and I appologise beforehand I'm still finding this site little out of my comfort zone, just want it to be halal as possible, InshaAllah.

Furthermore; please do not ruin any chance(s) by asking to exchange numbers just after a message or two because that to me shows you are not as respectful towards ones' feelings, because I do not believe in exchanging numbers, until I can feel totally comfortable. If you're serious about marriage then please be courteous and be genuine in your approach, less of the slang and short spelling of words we like to text friends, just shows you are making an effort and not give a bad first impression. Have sabr, InshaAllah, and you will be successful in finding the right person.

Jazak Allah Khair

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What I Am Looking For
Marriage is a serious matter and ofcourse this completes your half Deen, In'sha'Allah.

A practicing Muslim. Someone who respects women very much, caring and able to call me their own for life. Lots of Love and admiration for each other is essential, accepting each other and very passionate about all things, especially love of Allah (swt) and Islam and if you have that there will no doubt be immense love for your partner and everyone around you.

I very much DISLIKE ARROGANCE and so does Islam, Astagfirullah. I will be able to tell just from the way you message. PERSONALITY over EVERYTHING. I am not being aggressive or arrogant myself, but I have come across such that it was not a good experience, it's very off-putting. Being pleasant and courteous should come naturally to us, as Muslims. In'Sha'Allah.

The GEEKY part: I would like a best friend/companion for the end of the world (when that happens). Hehe

You know we love our family and nothing could replace them BUT let's face it, they are all going to settle and live their lives with their significant other and we'll see them on weekdneds and dinners, and we'll become the lonely and tagging along type, 'what's happening in your life?' type, therefore we also need to live our lives and with our significant other who will be there with us all the time, who we could bug all the time, since they will be ours and forever with us when no one else is around. Shouldn't we therefore give this endeavour a serious effort? shouldn't we be living our life and making memories already?!!! Strangers who become our soulmates in this life and the next, just like the way our beloved parents did/were/are. #JustThinkingOutLoud. May Allah swt open our minds and guide us to the best of things and times. In'Shaa'Allah. Ameen.

I would like someone who will reassure me that they are made for me and will always be there as a best friend and a soul-mate, take time to check every detail to my happiness and for me to say ''...there's no need, i love you for who are, i don't need all the luxuries in the world as long as i have you by my side''. If you find that cheesy then maybe you're not as passionate about love, which incorporates care, trust, emotional stability and steadfastness.

Looks aren't everything, I admit appearance is the first thing that we notice but personality outweighs the former. I am very decent Allhamdulilah, I do work hard, moan at times, get stressed easily at times (from sheer nonsense, only), so i need someone who can comfort me, reassure me just I as wish to do for them.

I am not asking that you be someone who hasn't been out with a girl before although that would have been preferable but looking at society as it is, it may not be as possible (hope I am wrong), Allah (swt) knows best but I personally would like someone who believes in everything after marriage... just as I do, Alhamdulillah.

I believe in destiny, Allah (swt) has that one person who I have not met yet, worthy of each other's Love and care, my undivided attention and who I wish to leave this world with but while here, temporarily in the Dunya, to live by the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (s.a.w) and be each other's strength, be the best of friends in reliance, in love and in sickness and in health.

I don't believe in separation after marriage so may Allah (swt) bless all the brother's and sister's who are getting married and may their heart be filled with love and respect and with Imaan, in effect stability. I pray for the same myself InshaAllah, Allah (swt) knows best. Ameen.

SUMMARY (for the lazy ones, who think they are in a English lesson reading an essay) A few basic requirements:

-A British Citizen
-be based in London and surrounding vicinity (i.e. west midland's too far) Sorry :(
- max 3 years my senior (I have a decent, justifiable reason for this, please don't be offended)
- Be a gentleman, no number swapping. We have to remember, this is a serious lifetime alliance. It's forever, so doing it right and halal, is essential, inshaAllah.

- Non- divorcees i.e. never been married before and believes in everything halal, In’Shaa’Allah.

In ordinary expectation/opinion:
- a person who is gentle in his approach, not forceful with his opinions and attitude, not demanding or inconsiderate (thinks his way is better). Is not shallow, patrnosing, demeaning, eccentric and petty. Not deluded, thinks outside the box, basically not rigid in thoughtfulness and depth. Must have depth.

- someone who will use their god-given intelligence and be considerate enough to offer doing the driving rather than be driven. I think that gives them an edge as a man, a gentleman. Making an extra bit of an effort can go a long way.

'D*****bag' syndrome (excuse my French)- Doesn't seem to give small gestures any importance, i.e. Opening the door for the lady, fails to acknowledge basic etiquettes. Starts making funny comments, starts analysing you like you're magazine cover. Expects a spark without a match (as he fails to appreciate that he has nothing to offer, himself). No arrogant personalities, please. Your wealth or stature has no bearing unless you have a courteous personality to go with it.

Patience and decency is key. Someone who really knows how to handle themselves but is very gentle in nature. Split personalities, please stay away. If you have anger management issues and cannot control your temper, then you must learn how to control it, you must know how to treat the female in your household and generally everywhere, at all situations. It’s my biggest fear, being in an unhealthy relationship that leads to abuse. Once a man dares to even contemplate putting his hand on a woman, that no longer makes him a man, it makes him a coward. Intellect is a restraint from physical abuse. Remember that. I hear too many stories that really sadden me. In’Shaa’Allah we are guided well.

Alright so that was a little rant, had to be done. Oops. I was being serious, though, this process is getting a little tedious. Hmm...

I really hope everyone finds their match, In'Shaa'Allah.

Allah swt knows best.

I'd like to leave you with something, very short and definitely sweet:

'A brother and a sister, were both given £20 each to go buy themselves something. He wanted to buy a shirt and she wanted to buy a dress. When they both got home, he asked her what she bought? She showed him a shirt that she bought for him. He showed her a dress he bought for her. At the end they both got what they wanted but the feeling was of something else, buying something for one another made them feel even better.'

Jazak Allahu Khair.

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