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A Little Bit About Me
***I'm not looking to waste time, make endless small talk or date. I kindly request you refrain from contacting me if that is your intention - Also for the lazy ladies who can't be bothered to read my essay, scroll to summary at the end in the 'looking for' section***

When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade!

I was married previously, we separated and divorced after 4 years of marriage.

Around the divorce period it felt like I was sheltering from a storm under a lemon tree. Bish, bash, bosh, lemons fell on my head. I stood ankle deep in lemons!
For a while I sat there sucking lemons. Needless to say, that patch of my life was relatively unproductive. It was sour, bitter and unpleasant.

In Sha Allah, I’m looking to move my life forward again. I want to make lemonade!
Aside water, I guess the two other key ingredients in lemonade are lemons and sugar, right? The lemon part I got that covered. Need you to bring the sweetness! I’ll chip in obviously lol.

Someone else who will throw in bags of sugar is my beautiful baby boy. He lives with his mother but I see him regularly. He is 8 years old. I am happy to discuss further details upon request.

About me; I actually rewrote this part of my profile because in the first version I wrote about my flaws in relative detail. I tried not to sugarcoat my personality. I was hoping the ’one’ reading it might credit me for being open and transparent. In hindsight, perhaps I was too self-critical hence the rewrite.

I really don’t like to blow my own trumpet but needs must… so, let me try again…

I am aware I have flaws – I’m conscience of them and trying to overcome them. I’m working on my patience and sensitivity amongst other things.

I’m not perfect and I do not expect you will be either. If I see one flaw in you, I’ll try offset it by reminding myself of three other beautiful things about you. I don’t get hung up on peoples’ flaws. I’m self-critical but not of others.

I’m never too proud to admit when I’ve made a mistake. If I upset you, I will make it my mission to make you smile again. That goes for old, young, man, woman, cat and dog. I’m actually scared of dogs lol. Not scared, I don’t like…. ok maybe a little scared.

I’m loyal, honest and fair.

Im not good at small talk. Some people are brilliant at chatting nonstop about anything and everything (not criticising). I'm a little reserved, perhaps even a bit awkward at first but once I get to know you I'm 'normal' lol. Having said that I don't mind sitting quietly in someone's company. I like that.

I like to laugh but I don’t think I’m funny. My jokes are lame.

I am a simple and uncomplicated man, I can live without most material luxuries and would genuinely be content with roof over my head and food in my belly. Although it might be nice to have vast quantities of money I have no burning desire to chase it. I am comfortable and happy, Al’hamdulillah.

Al’hamdulillah, my income is halal. I do my best to keep away from haram and compromising situations. I don’t have any female friends. I try to attend lectures here and there.

I pray 5 times a day, not always on time and not always in a Masjid. Fajr is sometimes a struggle if I’m honest.

My likes; I used to be a really active/outdoorsy person but the pressures of recent times have made it difficult to be as active as I once was. Al’hamdulillah I’m still in decent shape and have every intention to be back out there. I would love for the other half to be active/outdoorsy or at least willing to try.

I love to learn about different cultures and when time and finances permit I travel. Love road trips!

Aspirations; put simply I want to be a better Muslim. I’m looking for a partner who will remind me to aspire to this, in turn I will do the same for her In Sha Allah.

In Sha Allah, at some point I would like to live abroad. Not decided where exactly but I’m pretty serious about living abroad.

Okay, I will save you from having to read any more of this essay but In Sha Allah there is enough here to give you a sneak peek at my personality. Any further questions, please feel free to ask.

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What I Am Looking For
I believe I’m a conservative Muslim but not extreme. To my shame, I still watch old X Factor clips on youtube occasionally. What I’m trying to say is, I’m not ready for a ‘hardcore‘ sister lol. For her sake, I would feel inadequate and worry about dampening her imaan. I do not want to disadvantage anyone and therefore I could not select ‘very religious’ where Single Muslim asked about my religious inclination. In Sha Allah I want to get there, I aspire to get there but I’m not there right now. I want to get there holding my wife’s hand not chasing her tail.

I’m not looking for the perfect Muslima but I am looking for a partner that is somewhat practicing. Someone who tries to pray five times a day, for me that is a must. My preference is that she wear a hijab.

This bit is important; My prospective partner should have an active willingness to learn about Islam and a desire to want to better herself for the sake of Allah.

Not bothered about race or colour but we need to be able to communicate, I speak zero Mandarin.

If you are divorced or have a child I’m good with that, not a problem for me.

A good sense of humor would be fantastic to make up for my lame jokes.

I mentioned bits of this already in the about me section; someone active/outdoorsy. Someone who likes to travel and would consider living abroad at some point.
Ideally, I would like someone who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty or a chipped nail but at the same time maintain grace and femininity.

I currently live with my elderly mother, I want to stay with her and look after her. I don’t have any expectations of my wife to look after my mother. My mother is my responsibility. However, I do expect my wife to be understanding of my responsibilities towards my mother, as I would be of her (wife’s) responsibilities towards her parents.

Mutual attraction is important. Sister, you are beautiful and it is a weakness in me if I can’t see your beauty. I apologies in advance if this is a cause for loss of interest on my part. Please do not be offended.

Lastly and most importantly, I will remind you again that I have a son. He is my world. In Sha Allah, my prospective wife will treat my son as her own.

p.s. I'm 37, not a spring chicken anymore so no time waster please! If you're serious about getting married give me shout.

JazakAllahu kahirun for taking the time to read my profile.

(I can't believe you made it to this sentence! You've come this far, we may as well get married!)

- Homely person, not interested if your current priority is studying/travelling (nothing wrong with that but I'm at a diff stage in life right now) I want someone ready to settle and start a family
- Someone who wants more children
- Max age 35
- Divorcees and single mums welcome (preferred)
- Someone able to converse without casually swearing. Major turn off
- Someone ready to make moves. I'm not doing the whole dating and endless 'getting to know' thing

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