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A Little Bit About Me
I'm funny, caring and family oriented. I am very affectionate and very romantic, a real "softie at heart". People who know me well say that I am very understanding and compassionate. I like to help people whenever I can. I am very relaxed and chilled out. I love binging on Netflix. I do take my health and fitness seriously. I do go to the gym. Although Covid has put a stop to that. I love going out with my mates, eating out at different restaurants, I'm a proper foodie, going to the cinema, going for long drives and long walks on a good day. I love spontaneous desert trips.. I've got a really sweet tooth lol and I love cooking... although a very experimental one. I enjoy and love spending time with my family.

My friends tell me that I am very attentive, so if you have something to say, rest assured in me you have someone who will listen.

If you have or want to share any secrets then I wouldn't worry at all... Your secrets safe with me.

I am very passionate about everything that I do. I set myself goals and I go out and achieve them.

I don't have any regrets in life. I truly believe that everything we do or any decision we take, even choices we make are all written in our destiny.

I live each day to the max. I don't dwell on the past and I don't stress about the future. Although I do keep one eye on it and like to plan ahead accordingly. I firmly believe that inshallah everything will be alright.

I truly believe that the key to a beautiful and successful marriage is honesty, clear communication, understanding and most importantly being respectful towards your spouse.

I am not one of those men who believe that men are always right. Husband and wife are equals. Helping out your wife is a thing of beauty and should not be seen as something you have to do but you should willingly want to do. There is no harm in listening to your wife and taking advice, she might have something better to say or suggest. There is no shame in that.

Every woman would love a husband who is attentive and treats her like the Queen of his heart.

Marriage is about give and take... not everyday will be rosy, there will definitely be ups and downs, the key is how you deal with it and overcome those challenges.

It's about compromises too, not only the wife but also the husband should put in equal effort.

I appreciate and value this beautiful blessing and gift called life given to us by Allah.

I have been in my current job for 5 years alhamdulillah.

I work at the airport. For British Airways. I get to see Planes take off and land really closely. Meet different people from different countries and cultures with different backgrounds.

I am very religious in the sense that I pray my salaah 5x a day everyday Alhamdulillah. I keep all my fasts in Ramadan. I've also had the privilege of doing my Hajj pilgrimage which is a once in a lifetime experience which you just cannot describe in words.

My deen is very important to me so it would be nice if my wife also values and gives importance to her deen too.

I have memorised the entire Holy Qur'an Alhamdulillah... Yes that's all 30 chapters of the Holy Qur'an. So I am a Hafiz of the Qur'an.

However this does not mean that I am very strict and I don't know how to balance deen and dunya. I am a flexible, funny romantic person, who is looking for my life partner and soul mate who will complete me as a person.

Travelling is my passion and I love travelling so it would be nice if my wife also loved travelling as I would love to travel around the world with her and explore this beautiful world created by Allah.

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What I Am Looking For
Loyalty and modesty are very rare to find these days so that's why I'm looking for someone who is loyal and modest. Someone who is of a kind and caring nature. Someone who respects her elders and loves children. Someone who has a mind of her own. Someone who will support me through good and bad. Someone who is practicing or at least trying to better themselves regarding their deen.

Nobody is perfect, I'm certainly not. I have room for improvement. We can always learn. So let's grow together.

Someone who can have a laugh and doesn't take herself too seriously. Someone who is aware of her responsibilities as a wife.

I absolutely love children and inshallah would love to have a family of my own one day. I would love my wife to instill good manners and Islamic values in our children.

I am very close to my family... it's a close, small knit family...

It's mum, dad, grandma. I have 2 sisters 1 older and 1 younger and I am the "Malcolm in the middle"

"To my Would be Wife,

You don't know me but once you get to know me, you will love me. You have no idea what is lying in wait for you. A world full of happiness, excitement, passion and love. You will be welcome with open arms. You will be given the love, respect, affection, space, privacy that you need and deserve. My parents are so lovable, caring and understanding. You will enter my house as a daughter-in-law but will forever remain as the daughter of the house. In my 2 sisters you will find your BFFS. Finally in me... You will find a companion, friend, lover, supporter, husband. I was, am and will remain forever yours.

I'm not going to judge you regarding your ethnic background, your caste or your past...

I don't believe in castes. We are all muslims and we all bow down to 1 Allah.

Your all welcome.. as long as you are a muslim, that's all that matters to me...

I am a totally flexible person...

My heart is open to all...

Let's help each other become better muslims...

Finally we have reached the end... If you haven't been bored and have actually managed to read it all and still maintain an interest...

Then Congratulations... you have almost hit the jackpot..

Why don't you swipe right and see the magic unfold, let the sparks fly...

You never know until to try... Who knows we might be written in each others destiny...

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