I am Nazar sameer looking to find & be found

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Just Muslim
My Profession
Administration Professional
Marital Status
Never married
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
It’s okay to take a new direction and path to help us all find "the one" Insha,Allah. I'm only interested if you're serious about marriage and ready to take that leap.
I'm at that stage of my life, so if you're not, let's not waste anyone's precious time and efforts.
I've had the thumbs up from my family and the freedom to choose my own marriage partner without dating. I have previously tried various halal routes like being introduced through family and friends etc Without finding success, I have now decided to take a turn towards online Muslim matrimony sites.

Here is a little about myself: I am 30 plus and have 3 brothers and two elder sisters who are married. I come from a very close-knit family, I do consider myself as being family oriented, as family means everything to me. Both my parents originate from Kashmir.
I would best describe myself as easy going, love to laugh with a positive outlook on life. I am God fearing, respectful, educated, with the right mix of modern and traditional culture.
I’m adventurous, so I do like to live life and would like to travel with my Wife in the future Insha Allah to Turkey..say ameen.!
I offer salah & recite Quran regularly so if you are regular too would definitely motivate me and drive me even more closer to Deen.
Education and Experience 【EE】:--
I am an MBA graduate from UK having worked in retail and banking as a unit manager. Currently working on getting certified as a Financial analyst with SAP ERP which is hot in the market. Since my family is happy in Kashmir therefore I would be alone with whoever becomes my other half.
My Dream: Really want to fall in love with my future to be wife and most importantly enjoy the feeling of being loved by that one woman who means everything.
Alhumdulillah for everything.

Allhamdulillah for everything.

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What I Am Looking For
I don’t carry a Tick List, however I will do my best to state the basics:
Someone with a good mix of modern and traditional values, who doesn’t take life too seriously, appreciates the small things in life and likes adventures with an interest in traveling. Most importantly a good balance of Deen and Duniya. Educated and should be able to hold an intellectual conversation.
Someone who is open minded, who will be a friend not just a wife, and always stand by my side. Attraction alongside personality is not as important for me as your love for deen.
💝🤗【】Marriage is a lifelong commitment and to make it last a lifetime you & I both will have to understand, adjust, keep calm, talk, not get carried away in anger, learn to love in different ways, live with ups & downs, encourage each other to do better, support each other, treat each other like you would treat your self and sacrifice for one another.
A strong-minded person with a soft heart from any ethnic background will do. I am also open to someone who is divorced without children.
It really breaks my Heart to see soo many sisters get divorced,separated, annulled bla bla bla. Therefore one needs to ensure that the life partner you stick with is someone you are happy with.
🚣🛥️✈️My strong belief is that if you really follow your deen (not just a Muslim for namesake) then your Marriage bond
will never break never weaken never fade ..but with Allah's blessing..it will grow to be stronger, happier, beautiful and a Lifetime Adventure.
May Allah guide us all and make it easy for people to find the desired partner and protect marriages.

You can't be Some one who values money more than everything else or the relationship and not just muslim by name but by taqwa.

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Never married
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1.85m (6' 1")
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Dark brown
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Masters degree
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Administration Professional
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Just Muslim
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