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IA I hope to meet someone with intention to marry.

Thought about jus writing a few sentences but actually would rather you get a gist of my life and personality and think if it may fit in with your own as Id like someone who has similar philosophies and attributes in life.

Im a Bangladeshi Sunni Muslim born and raised in east London now living in Redbridge.
I’m a practicing Muslimah and do my daily Salahs, read Quran fluently, have always kept my fasts, I try my best to learn and lead my life according to Islam and try to find my answers/duas in Islam to guide me.
I appreciate everything I have.
I have a very good understanding of my cultural traditions and I’m very adaptive in the western society.

I’m a really hard working individual in all aspects of my life.
My overall personality is chilled, easy going, happy, talkative and the rest I’m happy for you to make your own judgements.
I have Respect for everyone and I feel I have good manners. I’m open to criticism and where I make mistakes I hope to think I’m quick to learn and make changes.

I have lots of interests but overall I am more of a home girl spending time with immediate family and would like someone who’s a bit of a homey family person too.
som1 who enjoys cooked food at home, watching tele, conversing, doing our prayers, chilling in the garden, have gatherings with friends/family, gardening, fun activities at home, someone who finds peace and takes pride in their family and home life.

I really enjoy cooking, I’m a dab hand at all the traditional bengali food/treats and Alhamdullilah I do get lots of compliments, so I am a bit of a feeder and try new things tat I’d like everyone and especially my other half to eat and enjoy. It’ll prob annoy me if som1 don’t enjoy n eat wat I cook and is worried about their waistline!

I’m a sociable person and mostly I enjoy people’s company and having gatherings ie weekends, bbqs, bday parties, eids, Iftar meals, xmas hols with family and friends, that is where I’m most happiest.

I’d like to go on holidays, do hajj/umrah inshallah, build a home/do home improvements together, have a family and enjoy the kids together and grit through the hard work of raising them to be good beings, teaching good morals and values and also being there and caring for our parents and ultimately working towards life hereafter, all whilst having lots of laughs along the way inshallah ☺️
I’m open to getting to know someone who has kids or wishes to have them.

Some of my interests are
▪️cooking, home improvements, gardening, cleaning and organisation, ▪️swimming, gym, cycling,
▪️tv soaps/drama series (recently watched money heist, queen of the south, peaky blinders)
▪️I do make up and hair for people
▪️enjoy coffee/tea/breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert meet up and chill-outdoors or at home.
▪️spa, massage and pamper sessions
▪️playing board games/cards/puzzles with friends, cousins, family and kids.
▪️going out to do fun activities-top golf, bowling, trampolining, theme parks, safari, the beach (I like to organise and plan activities.)
▪️driving to scenic places in the UK and places in Europe.
I’m kinda fearless and youthful so happy to try anything once.

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What I Am Looking For
IA first and foremost I’m looking for someone whom is a practicing Muslim and prays Salah, fasts and reads Quran and wants to try live life as best to Islam as basic minimum.
Someone who wants to continually better themselves and those around them and is aiming and working towards this.
Someone smart and wise, who’s inspiring and I respect, who will help guide me, push me n remind me to do better, be better IA.
vice verse, I hope to be same for my other half also. Someone whom I’m proud of.

I’d really like someone who is upbeat and happy and enjoys the simple things in life and is hard working in all aspects of life ie religion, work, family and home and is able to balance this with my support IA but is also someone fun and adventurous, sociable and enjoys doing activities individually as a couple or in group/family settings.

I can talk alot, so someone who can string together more than a few words in a sentence is essential.

I’d like someone who appreciates whatever it is they have (especially me 😊) and understands money and wealth is not the most important aspect.

For me it’s about having a connection with somebody, someone I wan talk to, listen to, be around, spend all my time with, work towards our deen, have ambitions and goals in life to work towards, whilst being happy each day.

Guess I’m jus Really and truly looking for a good man with a good heart!

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