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A Little Bit About Me
I guess people first impressions of me are that I am a very easy going laid back individual. However, I take my duties and responsibilities very seriously.
I would say I am quiet in a large group but in a smaller setting more of my character/personality comes through.

I am currently working as a Government employee and have a very stable enjoyable profession.

Like most people I enjoy travelling and have been fortunate enough to travel to some countries a highlight being Japan.
I look forward to visiting many more places in the future so that I can continue to learn about about other cultures & traditions.
I performed Umrah this year during Ramadan and plan to do Hajj pilgrimage in the future aswell ia.

In my past time I enjoy running and I regular compete in the Great Manchester 10K Run every year.

I enjoy cooking, watching sports, movies and I also drink tea (love a good Yorkshire brew). One of my little quirks is collecting different Tea samples from the places I have visited.

Some of my favorite films are Tom Hanks Big and 500 Days of Summer. I enjoy shows like:
Levison Wood Walking the Himalayas;
The Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor;
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Netflix)
Master of None (Netflix)
(small insight to my personality I guess)

I am a happy go lucky person, light hearted individual. I maintain a positive outlook to life.
It goes without saying I enjoy spending time with my little nephews and nieces.

I do my daily prays, donate to charity, read the Holy Quran. I try to follow the principles of Islam to the best of my ability and do the basic fundamentals as required. Admittedly I am looking to improve my deen and seek more knowledge in Islam - hopefully this is something I can do myself aswell with encouragement from others.

I guess that's a short snap shot of me.....feel free to say hello

Please also only contact if you have a photograph. A lot of the profiles on here are hidden or without one...its simply a matter of knowing who you are communicating with and having mutual attraction and not to waste anyone's time.

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What I Am Looking For
Please also note I am only interested with profiles who have a picture as mine is up. I have no idea why 98%of the profiles are hidden on this site.

I hope to meet someone with a happy outlook to life, light-hearted with good vales/morals and sees the good in people first. Not necessarily the traditional housewife role but still upholds Islamic values/traditions. Relaxed in nature & keen to learn about other cultures/traditions not afraid to enjoy the smaller things in life from time to time.

I tend to get along with those who are a little bit different/quirky. I would not want someone who smokes unfortunately as I don't like that smell. I am more than happy to get family involvement if there is mutual attraction & compatibility at first instance.

Please also note I do not own a fancy BMW or a Mercedes. I also can't offer someone a house at this moment in time. My search has come across as those who want everything now and not willing to work together to build a future.

Although I do have a house in both Wales and Manchester. I do not own a house in London.

Please also note I am diabetic I have been since I was 14; unfortunately lot of families appear to have an issue with this. However i am not ashamed and will can look after myself and will continue to do so with or without someone.

Please also note although I work & live in London (since 2012) I am looking for someone open to the idea of relocating.

I do apologise if my statements come across as strong but my experience trying to find some one has been difficult and troublesome and I just don't want to waste my time any further.

Not sure what else to add but feel free to ask all the necessary questions and good luck to everyone.

I am open to all cultural backgrounds.

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