Yes I am still hopeful.. or am I just deluded?!

Somewhat religious
Event Manager
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Never married
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner

A Little Bit About Me

Yes it's a very long profile. I have a lot to say.... I have been 'clinically diagnosed' with "short persons syndrome" by my friends and colleagues... what I lack in height I make up by talking (a lot) - just one of the side effects!


* Down to earth / friendly approachable
* Family orientated
* Funny (so I have been told)
* Very cheeky, a little quirky and somewhat goofy (by nature that is!)
* Feisty (apparently)
* Love Millie's Cookies, mithai and all things edible hence the forever fluctuating waistline!
* Brutally honest (as and when the need arises)
* I get bored sat on beach
* Dependable and fiercely loyal towards people I care about
* A realist and an idealist dreamer.... not the greatest of combination... creates much confusion!
* Some of you say I am too 'jokey' all the time whilst some of you say I am 'too serious' and I need to 'chill out'.... so which is it?? I can be either one or the other? or even somewhere in between? Surely I can't be 'too much' of BOTH??
* I tend to suffer recurrent bouts of "Lazy-itis" and can get rather complacent - hopefully my future partner will have a permanent cure for this?
* I am a very generous person
* Can on very rare occasion fly off the handle / have temper tantrums but very far and few in between
* Semi-non-practising (although i do have faith in Islam and have recently found myself drawn to learning more and finding myself more and more fascinated) last year was the very first time I have ever fasted and I must admit it really did have a positive impact on me
* Museums, art galleries, exhibitions, theatre (love West End), movies, sight seeing especially ancient architectural buildings and historical monuments. I have a keen interest in Egyptology - i find it very fascinating!
* I can be quite impatient - not good!!
* Love long walks (to reduce stress levels when life gets a little too chaotic) - I do walk regularly
* Very sociable and also love spending time alone reflecting
* I do not suffer fools and have zero tolerance for liars!
* Sucker for Bollywood movies.... and love singing; anyone up for a game of ''antaakshiri''??
* Don't like shopping - there is much more to life than handbags and shoes! Although I do like to dress well, very girl next door and modest... occasionally the heels do come out too!
* Non-superficial
* Not your typical woman - I can't multitask to save my life and not good with diary keeping.... so you're more likely to get away with forgetting significant events such as birthdays and anniversaries!!
* Spending time with family and friends at home or out dining... Yes I'm a massive foodie... So prepare to be left bankrupt funding my eating habits!!
* Very loving and affectionate towards people I love and care for.
* I find cooking and cleaning very therapeutic - yes you could say I am ever so slightly OCD especially with food hygiene.... everything must be tidy and clinically sterile!! But please do not mistake me for a maid
* Have become rather philosophical in my ripe, old age
* Very straight forward and upfront - no games!
* Do not wish to be living with in-laws - I come from a big family and although I love family time I crave my own privacy.
* Clubs / bars are a NO-NO! Oh and I'm a teetotaller! People seem to automatically assume I would naturally partake in these activities just because I am not very religious... far from it!
* Made many mistakes and have some regrets - but most importantly I have learned from them.
* Flawed from head to toe - but as they say "your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you."

What I Am Looking For

* British born and/or bred... with no plans to be relocating to a foreign country - this also means nobody overseas please!!
* Preferably someone the same age or up to 6 years older than me. I may consider someone a year or so younger but certainly NOT anyone under the age of 30!! SORRY! With all due respect, IF I have another ''Baby Romeo'' come along and quote 'age is nothing but a number' or how our Prophet (PBUH) married Khadijah who was 15 years older than he.... often coming from boys a decade (plus) younger; like how am seriously expected to entertain that??!
* nobody address me as 'Sister'... please! it freaks me out if I am completely honest!
* Photo on display or at least willing to share private gallery from the off set - Please do not expect to continue exchanging communication or personal contact details this includes mobile, email address and/or any other social media you can think of. If you are not willing to upload a photo on this site... I am far less inclined to trust you! NO PHOTO = NO GO!
* Genuine, sincere, humble, grounded, mellow, non-judgemental, loyal
* GSOH (a must!) who doesn't mind making a fool of himself just to make me giggle! If you know you are very sensitive, and prone to take 'tongue n cheek' banter to heart and literally, then I am sorry but I certainly am not going to be your cuppa tea!
* a well refined, wholesome gent with a very cheeky, mischievious side.
* Someone active and willing to be my gym buddy / PT - my personal trainer costs me and I would love to trade her in for a cute Hubby - bonus will be he is FREE OF CHARGE! Hey I am Asian, kanjoosi is embedded in me!
* Travel buddy - I can't wait to pack my bags and go exploring with u!!
* Someone with self-respect and integrity, a Man of his words and principles! Good etiquette leaves a lasting impression!
* Time is the most precious gift we can give one another. With all due respect, if you are too busy to make the time to get to know me, what ever the reason may be.... whether you lead a busy social life or you are pursuing your career... please refrain from contacting me. Long winded textual conversation, or a phone call ad hoc is not good enough... I want to see effort and you most certainly will get the same back in return! Having said that, not everyone you will speak with, you'd want to pursue things further. If neither of us are "feeling" that connection then I really can't stress enough we must be honest and respectful enough to tell one another and move on preferably without the abusing/stalking.
* Calm / collective in difficult challenging situation (as I can be the opposite)
* Tall, dark and handsome... in my eyes anyway. Although I am short sighted... Yes as well as short in height so u may get away even if you resemble a Baandar PS good set of teefs would go down a treat not to mention dimples... they make me weak in the knees!! (not essential by the way but most certainly desirable!)
* Independent, someone who is strong and can make his own decisions and not a Mummy's boy!
* Someone mentally and emotionally stable please - I cannot deal with paranoid, possessive, jealous, schizophrenic, male chauvinist and stalkers stay away!!!
* Sense of style - for reference I love a sharp suit!!
* Good with kids / a great role model for our future children.
* Confident yet humble
* Articulate - i find a well spoken man extremely sexy!! Asian lingo simply does absolutely nothing for me! Brucey bonus points if you have a Scottish accent though!
* Somebody mentally stable!!!!! PLEASE!!! I can't stress how insecure and controlling some uu guys are!!!
* Someone that can appreciate the simple things in life, and values those special moments over material possessions
* Someone who inspires me to be a better person all round; physically, mentally and emotionally.
* Someone with his head screwed on and ready for responsibilities of married/family life and one who has a strong sense of direction.
* Someone who doesn't just "talk the talk" but must be able to "walk the walk"

Pet hates/dislikes;
* Indecisive people - if you're unsure it means "no"... simple as that! Why complicate matters?
* Overly sensitive people - trust me we won't get along at all and I will end up offending you albiet unintentionally. I need someone I can banter with (at each others expense sometimes - I am not easily offended).
* Arrogance is one of the most unattractive traits in a person no matter how good looking or successful one may be. If I am not fed up of these pompous p*gs who are so full of self importance, it's beginning to make my poor ears bleed!!... I am not even exaggerating!
* Copy and paste messages - It's so obvious! In fact some of you have sent me the same messages twice/thrice from when I was registered previously!! EPIC FAIL! Just goes to shows how very little effort you are willing to invest in finding your'life long partner''
* Rude behaviour/abusive language
* Pouting selfies... Eurgh! Yes you boys do it too... Double Eurgh! Oooh and these pillow selfies... *cringe* I ask you ''WHY??!''
* Bad boy wannabe's with with ghetto lingo/wardrobe, walking with that gansta limp.... really not my cuppa tea - sorry!!
* I have zero tolerance for liars and those who deliberately mislead, give false hope and play mind games!!
* Cowards and spineless men - all i have to say is man up, develop a spine and grow some....!!
* Drinking / Drugs / Clubs / Smoking / Partying - I can't think of a worse environment or activities. Sorry but it's really not for me and I would like my partner to be of the same wavelength PLEASE!
* Fake sentiments... I have severe allergy to!
* People with commitment phobia - yet on a matrimonial site?
* People who like the initial chase or the excitement of a new relationship but soon get bored.
* Bad language
* Polite request to potential stalkers - please be mindful, if we decide to part ways whether it is a one sided or a joint decision we leave it at that! That means no stalking! No relentless messaging! No after hours, midnight annonymous calls.. we are no longer 16 years old and I certainly don't find it amusing!!

On a final note I have come across many guys who claim to be practising, performed Umrah/Hajj yet their behaviour reflects the work of the Devil!!

I once read ''Your beliefs don't make you a better person. Your behaviour does'' ~ Sukhraj Dillon.

Keep your intentions clean, genuine and sincere! If you are incapable of this simple request.. then please take yourselves off matrimonial sites and go join sites that are more appropriate which caters specifically for your needs!

Life is too long to be alone without that special someone to share those special moments with yet at the same time, it is too short a gift to waste with the wrong person... Call me delusional or an optimist but I do still believe there are good, wholesome people out there!

Best wishes to those who are genuine in their search... May Allah guide each and every one of us to the "one" and in finding our "Happily Ever After"....

Ameen :)

Registration Reason

I'm registering to find myself a partner

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