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Real Love never hurts you, never betray you, real Love can be trusted, and it's not an exchange " I giving you this, so I expecting that" No. Real Love never expects anything in return, it's not a trade...

I'm easy going not demanding guy. I like peace and freedom but in brackets of trust.

I learnt that as long as you keep smiling, all the troubles of life stay away of you, even if they arose you will have power to face it whatever it is without struggling... Smiling keeps you on the positive side of life...Some of us has to be awaken to it...

I did learn as well that no amount of material goods and things of this world make you satisfy if there will be no Love around.

I'm not rushing with finding a partner but could be lovely to have a right and good soul next to me now, best choices are gain by patience.

At present I living and working mostly in London.

Before I become Muslim I went through long trial and journey of searching for my place, peace and connection with God. I been in environments and practices religions and philosophies as a Catholic, Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hare Krishna, Islam and even more. When I found Islam I knew it's just a beginning as my heart bow down before God just there. After it all I seen and expirienced, I know my direction will be always Love.

If you asking me for profession I will tell you that my profession is where Allah sent me, as there was lesson to be learnt there. I did million things in life, from being farmer and scaffolder for many years, worker of administration and IT, building websites and internet shops, working in very cold environments as well in furnace where temperatures reach + 800 degrees, being self employed and having limited company, driving various brand new cars as car test driver, and more. It's good to taste it all to know what life is about. At the end of it all I think that best profession of all will be the one where you will be able to help and serve others, how you asking! we have to find out for ourselves what is hidden behind the person! deep deep in ours hearts...You probably ask me from which hell I come out, I would say my own, created by myself! Time to clean that, whatever it was. We are the sweetest juice after being squeezed.

I seen and experienced many unexplainable things in this life and all of it makes me aware and conscious that there is no way that God not exist...This is only small part of that mountain...We just need to pray, be still and as much possible good to please Allah and all will become possible and accessible...Without this knowledge and opportunity we are nobodies or if you prefer dead bodies...

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭32:8‬ ‭KJV

After all life is a test, how we gonna behave in most hard, dreadful situations, if we stand on the post till end by choosing light and fly to it like blind moth, or we show dark side and turn back to God. Both directions still brings us to the light earlier or later..This process will teach most stubborn entities to be humble, as there is no strong ones in the eyes of the Existence, if they think they are, they are simply ignorant for a little while....

I would lie to you if I would say that your appearance doesn't mean anything to me. Therefore I would appreciate if I see at least one image of you,. There have to be a certain set of characteristics like smile, or eyes or just shape of the face and body we will like or not which can create further pull. We all almost instantly know if we would like to progress on that path or not. I know myself and I had to say that if comes to physical attraction I like ladies with body types as athletic, petite, or slim more into natural form than artificially created by different extensions, but even this can be good add if used in right way. I wish for myself that before I will look at your external beauty, firstly I will be able to see and grasp beauty of your heart. As every human being should start from seeing each other's souls before they decide to live together. It's not easy but it's possible Allah will. From other side appearance doesn't matter as much anymore after while, as acceptance and something much more good comes into play.

I think it's easy to have princess or prince, challenge is to live together peacefully and in love only, despite hardships of the life, therefore we must fit internally . Partner is not a toy, it's a living human being with all his complexities, that why we need to chose wisely, not blindly, foolishly and in a hurry, if we not, miserable will be time together. So it's not one day meeting and bang 💥 you are husband and wife...No, from other side it can happen and it's rare that 2 people can feel instantly attracted to each other's.

I will need some time for conversation, to know a little bit about you and the way you express yourself. Then we both may decide to meet. Trust me even through this glass screen we can feel something about us.

I think my last and maybe not only experience completely healed me from any form of jealousy (sometimes we have to accept not acceptable just surrender and move on) so covering of your whole body and face is not necessary as true Love has trust included in it.

Allah knows ours hearts and minds and motives in it. Nothing wrong ever will be forgotten so here is my peace of mind as all is equally same for all of us "what you saw you will reap".

I can understand, accept and forgive almost everything, see through much but there are some things in this world which simply should be avoided or ignored from wisdom point of view.

After all, whatever we put here life itself and Allah will test. There is no end to happiness, we have power in ourselves to make it as we see and want it. External life around us is an mirror of ourselves inside.

What is this experience called life? Anyone knows? I see it have only reason when we feel ❤️.

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What I Am Looking For
I'm looking for someone who will share experiences together, who enjoy my company and be able to accept who I'm, not who they think I'm.

My preferences are more into direction of natural, not materialistic kind of lady.

I'm looking for healthy, happy and full of joy and supportive relationship. Someone who live in the Now, not past or future and understand that all happening just in this very moment. Demand and blame destroy relationships. As a couple we need to be open to correction and changes, and have the patience to listen to criticism.

I'm interested in someone who will be honest with me, in times of biggest crisis will be able o approach me and say truth straight into my face, by looking into my eyes, as truth and honesty is most important for me after God Love.

Lady who understands deeply that Allah is provider of everything including ours life, who won't be afrid to have friend, lover and husband who is strongly guided will be perfect match.

Please don't think of me that I'm serious Sam, I see life as a fun and Love and that's all we need.

If anything of it sounds ok to you please contact me, don't be shy, just be honest and open. Please remember that all we reading and perceiving usually is not as much scary as in reality is, it's just matter of value we give to things in ours minds.

My wish is that my second half could understand that we all are in the process of change and that when I'm like this today not means I will be as same tomorrow. All is in constant movement it's ours choice, destiny to chose right direction...

I'm looking for someone who is compassionate and knows what Love is about who accepts who I'm now without putting pressure to trying to change me. I can adjust myself a lot if this will be healthy.

I wish that my future life partner, lover, wife could trust me as I will trust her, could love me as I will love her, and understand that we are only able to give as much as we have ourselves inside no more no less.

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