Take life seriously, but never forget smile😊

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A Little Bit About Me

Salam aleikum. 😊. Im a profesional woman but, above all Im a decent, honest and family oriented person. Other important thing about me is I love to pray Al fajr and alhamdulillah it is not considerated hard work for me. I feel the day change for better when al fajr pray is performed.

Life tought me that there are no perfect person but my point of view is: " we should try to be the best version of ourself".
I live alone with my lovely daughter of 2 years and wherever I go, she must come with me. She is the most important person in my life.

Im a woman with good humor sense and most of the time Im funny and happy, vibrant cheerful person. Im a loyal and good friend, helpful and enjoy making charity. Im a very optimistic person and I like to think about solutions more than focus in the problems. Maybe it sound obvious but, "the key to success in solving problems is to determine the possible causes of the problem". So I do my best for solving problems and always trust Allah.

In my free time I like to cook and baking special food and sweets ( by the way, I love sweet more than salty food). I like to read about of diferent interesting topics, I love travel and know new places, my favorite place is the sea specially if water is warm and calm 😊

Im affectionate and romantic, so I wish to find a man similar than me. I love to dance and whatever make me happy in a halal way.

Im a profesional woman and now I work but if I get marry again I would wish to stop working at least until my kids have 4 years, the reason of this is: my experience as a mother tought that children need care and love specially in the first years of their lives, what mom gives them better than no one.
After that time I would like to work and at the same wanna do all my duties in islam as well but I want and hope my husband gives me all my rights in islam.

I wanna build a happy, peace and greatful environment to live with my husband and his, mine and our kids being a big family with no diferences between my daughter or his children, because I believe when I love a man I must love his kids because they are a part of him. What I think is part of true, honest and mature love.

Im easy going and if my husband at least tries to do his duties as well then I will admire him and he will have earned my devoted heart forever.In sha Allah.

For me passion come in from I feel protected and loved to be bonded to him in that area of marriage.

Its very clear that Im able to work, but I decided to put my kid's life over my professional development while they are babies until their first years in this way they can get all my atention and I can educate them very well and care about his islamic values.

Finally, I think that respect and comunication each other are the base of any relationship, specially in a marriage and family.

What I Am Looking For

A man who does his best and perform his 5 prayers per day. Im not looking for a sheikh but is very important that he prays al fajr everyday. No one is perfect, but at least a good muslim who wants to improve his deen day by day. I promise him to support him all my life to get this goal In sha Allah, but the honest intention is what real is important for me. Love Allah with honesty.

He has to be madure, serious in marriage and really knows what he wants for his life. I wish him to be a decided man, just makes his decision and keep it until find all possible ways to get the results. Please dont give up, without trying!. At the end, I will really admire him for all his efford, doesnt matter what is the final result, because it depends on Allah wishes and what He wrote for us, as our destiny. He has to understand about of compromise of marriage.

Someone who will never doubt me and will always stand by me regardless of whatever obstacles life has in store for us.

Someone honest, trustable and loyal with his values and with me.
He has to be a decent man and affectionate with kids, because all ready I have a daughter that I wish he will love as his own daughter.

I wanna a man who is smart, cultured, funny and tender as well but humble at the same time. Not a superficial man.

I want a partner life with soft, warm and kind heart, above all very patient to deal hard and stressed moments in life and be easy going person with a bit of lovely crazyness as a husband.

Someone who like talk about interesting topics. Someone compassionate and tolerant. He has to be my best friend!

Someone happy and adventurous, sometimes be able to go out from routine.

He has to be Romantic and like music and enjoy dancing with who he choose as his wife.

My man has to be hard working, down on the earth and ambitious and above all he has to be a generous heart man.

I wish to admire him, love him and be by his side until last day of my life with passion, kind and pure love.

In sha Allah.
Thank you for reading my profile until the end. 😊

May Allah bless you.
Very very Important: DO NOT contact me
1. If u dont have a profile picture.
2. If you just wanna make a chit-chat (wasting time).
3. If u are not able to make at least a couple of video calls with you and to introduce me properly to your family or loved ones in the near future. Marriage is a serious proposal. Im real person, so im looking for a real person.
4. If u are not able to meet me in the real life, in a near future.
Thank you! 😊.

Registration Reason

I'm registering to find myself a partner

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