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Salaams Ladies

If you like Trump and support Brexit then we definitely won’t get on but if you love a good cuppa and some fun banter then there’s always a chance, are you a half full glass or half empty type of person?

Firstly the serious and boring stuff ideally UK,USA born and bred or you have spent the majority of you life in the U.K only please.
When messaging please provide photo or be willing to do so on initial contact it's only fair as my mug is there for all to see after all there's the option to password protect,also when messaging please write more then Hi or Salaam. I will only respond to profiles with 3 stars or above.

I have been on off this site before so please do not be offended if I do or don't contact you if we have had past communication can I also say please don't be offended if I decline an invitation after all we are all in the same boat, some people will like what we look like and have to say but others may not that's life there's no offence intended.

We all have a past some good some bad,sometimes we give up on certain things to get what we want, but there comes a point in our life that makes us stop and think maybe a loss of a loved one or a serious illness,to be a better person,to be better then we were before to understand what's important in life,we as humans can survive on our own but where's the fun in that,we love to share our thoughts and dreams so when you meet that one be true from the heart and not the head. Our priorities and what we are looking in life are very different in our 40’s to what they were in our 20’s and 30’s.

Well what do I write here that you haven't read or heard before,I could tell you I'm an astronaut or a secret agent or even a premiership footballer for all you wanna be wags out there,how about a doctor or lawyer for those who think status is everything. Whatever I write will not even come close to giving you an idea of the type of guy I am. I'm happy with who I am and with what I've done in life with no regrets and I know what I want from life,after all life is what we choose to make of it,we choose our own path we can't blame anyone but ourselves if we go down the wrong path.

I'm easy going with a slightly wicked sense of humour,I'm witty,cheeky,independent,adventurous, a very good listener, I should also mention I'm domesticated and handy with tools, I always make time for those important people in my life,above all of this I'm loyal,honest and non judgmental,have loads of patience and consider every one's own situation,those are the words of my friends not mine, I can be serious when needed,I speak my mind when it's necessary, not into letting others guess what's on my mind so I apologise in advance to those who ask the question "does my bum look big in this" in return I expect the same,trust me I won't throw my toys out of the pram.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, I enjoy travelling the more the exotic the better, I travel to Dubai three/ fours times a year as my brother and his family live out there,love to learn about different cultures and customs,I've been lucky enough to travel a fair bit in my life as you get older the world gets smaller so no excuses not to travel, most people I come across think I’m 10 years younger then I look which is great.

I'm looking for someone who understands a relationship is 50/50 your there together for the good and bad,your there for each other, your families, a relationship is based on trust,honesty,loyalty,commitment, respect and that little thing everyone forgets communication. There are so many ways to communicate these days there's no reason not to,it's so easy to drop a short text that can change someone's entire day so please ladies don't send or accept an invite if you have no intention of communicating.

I'll just finish off by saying when you get to a certain age you don't really have time for games or to play with people's emotions so let's make this an experience that we all remember for the right reasons.

If you like what I've had to say and would like to know more,believe me there's so much more to tell,do get in touch,what's the worst that can happen?

I wish all the very best in their search.

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What I Am Looking For
Very simply someone who knows what life is about and is willing to embrace it, someone who understands honesty,respect,loyalty and knows how to communicate.
Someone who isn't scared of the unknown and doesn't run when life becomes real.
Someone who is comfortable in a eastern or western situation and most of all is comfortable with who they are and most of all someone who actually lives up to what they say and do.

Please be willing to communicate on contact and not send a message every now and then or disappear mid conversation only to return hours or days later without explanation, it only takes a moment to be polite.

Communication is key in getting to know one another,a lack of effort gives the impression that your unsure of what you want and it is the first impression you get of someone especially with the amount of time wasters on here,
Apologies but had to be said.

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