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A Little Bit About Me
Asalaam o alykum,

Thanks for dropping by…
I am an independent, mature and a wise lady, a practicing muslimah and keep my religion in mind when making choices and decisions in life.
I have a wicked sense of humour, love banter but I know not to over step the mark. I can be serious when I need to be.
I like deep and meaningful conversations. I am a listener, an advisor and a mediator.
I am easy to get along with, keep my life simple and know my priorities. I don’t like mind games or into family politics. I stay clear of trouble makers and toxic people.
I am a simple woman with a peaceful life and I love it. Alhamdulila…

I’m an honest, faithful and caring person.
I like keeping fit by attending the gym 4-5 times per week and or run/walk 20-25k per week, also throw in some Yoga and weights in there too.
It’s hard work but the results make it worth every drop of sweat.
I love eating out but equally enjoy cooking at home, (I make a mean lamb chops BTW) I would say I am pretty creative when it comes to Asian dishes. Oh and I love desserts! I repeat I LOVE DESSERTS…. Did I tell you I love desserts? Yes I do, I do, I do… ok ok that’s enough…
I am also (intimidation not intended) a DIY lady, I have 3 tool boxes and use them well. I paint decorate and do the odd jobs around the house myself and even assemble furniture. So hammering a nail is a piece of cake! even though I have broken many of my own nails in the process. 😣 

I have to say Alhamdulillah, I am very happy and content in my life right now. The only missing thing is companionship, a husband, someone to share happy and sad moments with, someone to grow old with, a person who will be there for me through good, bad and the ugly,  someone I will be there for too without a doubt.

After reading my profile you can see I’m pretty independent in many ways. I would like to marry if and only if I meet the right person. If I don’t ever meet him then I am happy to remain single. Well I am lying there… I have planned to buy a talking parrot and name him Hawand (husband in Urdu) 💃🏼 🦜  we will sing and dance together… 🙃

Alhamdulillah, Allah swt has blessed me with more than I ask for or even deserve.
Lastly, I would prefer a prenuptial agreement, only to protect my childs future. If that is something you wouldn’t be offended by then please dont hesitate in making contact. I don’t have trust issues or think every man is an opportunist, but I guess these days, at this stage and age in life we have to be wise. By all means you should and can do the same as I expect nothing less.
If there is anything in particular you’d like to know then please ask. I hope to hear from you soon.


PS: if you request to view my private gallery without sending me a message, I will not approve. Apologies!

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What I Am Looking For
Someone who has a good sense of deen and duniya. A calm, honest, faithful, loving and respectful husband. Someone who can have a laugh, enjoys banter as life is way too short to be taking everything too seriously.
If you have been through bad times in life and still going strong then you are for me and if you’re struggling still and need a helping hand then I’m for you. Resilience and mental strength is important.

Someone between the age of 41-51 (maybe older) Someone who takes care of himself and health (keeps fit, good personal hygiene).
UK resident and UK citizen only.

I’m not looking for: (with all due respect)

Men looking at messing around, please don’t contact me.
Nobody with a criminal record.
No ex-wife abusers…
No angry men.
Nobody who drinks alcohol or take drugs.

Thank you

“May Allah swt help and guide us all to what is good, Ameen”

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