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A Little Bit About Me

I’m positive, smart, fun...and profound. I know you’re thinking: 🤨 but it’s true. Ask my Aunty from Pakistan who is trying to hitch me up with her daughter 😫

About me
I am tremendously hardworking and driven. I run a tech company, work as a pharmacist as well as a graphic’s designer. Despite this, I’m very down to earth since I come from a working class family and I’ve worked since the age of 14.

I’m a ‘glass half full’ sort of guy with a high degree of emotional intelligence and a good balance between pakistani/western values. I’m pretty desi at heart.

I looked after terminally ill patients for several years whilst training to become a pharmacist therefore compassion is an important trait I look for.

✈️ I have travelled a lot:
Bali, Indonesia, Dubai, France, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Santorini, Crete, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Iceland...you get the idea...

My Beliefs:
- Treat your in-laws like your own
- After marriage, man and wife become a single unit.
- I’m a feminist - my views are very progressive (I don’t understand how any guy with sisters cannot be)
- Family must always come before work
- Communication is everything.
- Never go to sleep angry.

🕋 Deen:
Very strong in my heart. I am constantly reminded Allah swt is watching therefore always stayed away from haraam alhamdulillah. I attend a lot of Islamics events and inshallah will be starting iSyllabus soon. Sheikh Idrees Watts delivers some of the seminars and he is a total legend.

My Hobbies:
⛰ Long country walks
🍳 Eating out but home cooking (even if it goes awry)
🖋 Creative writing (I’m one of those ‘quirky’ people that enjoy writing poetry and would you believe I’m in the middle of writing a novel?)
📚 Reading (Khaled Housseini, The Help, My Sister’s Keeper)
🦅 Watching documentaries (the lizard segment in Planet Earth brought my life to a halt)
🖼 Photography (Yep...I get excited over an expertly snapped photo...🤦🏻‍♂️)
🎭 Theatre (Miss Saigon, War Horse, Blood Brothers)
🎼 Bollywood, Coke Studio, classical, Ludovico Einaudi etc (I only listen to music when journeying)
☕️ Art galleries, museums, coffee at quaint country houses, spontaneous trips away.
🎬 Movies (Shutter Island, John Wick, LoR, Harry Potter, Cloud Atlas, 3 Idiots)
📺 Series: Brooklyn 99, Friends, Stranger Things, Handmaid’s Tale, The Office (USA)

What am I looking for:
A down to earth girl who is family-oriented and is understanding. I’m quite desi at heart (a coconut-desi: is that even possible?) so I’d love to find a girl with some desi-ness in her (e.g. love for pink tea, biryani, Bollywood).

I also value someone with a strong moral compass, who stands up for whats right, has a positive personality (like me) and most importantly is compassionate.

Modesty in attire is very important. I also find intelligence and drive extremely attractive.

I’d also like to foster/adopt in the future inshallah to give those a chance in life who were born in circumstances outside their control or doing.

My No-No’s ✋🏻
- Smoking
- Clubbing
- Drinking
- Eating haram (blowing on haram food and saying ‘Bismillah’ doesn’t make it halal just the way me blowing on a hypochondriac patient and saying ‘Abracadabra Paracetamol!’ doesn’t make them worry less - trust me, I’ve tried! ☹️)
- Attend shisha bars
- Cast - sadly, this till this day divides us.
- Arrogance, snobbery, materialism

At this point of this novel, I’ve probably scared off any time wasters 🤣 To all those remaining, feel free to drop me a salaam! :)

I love animals. I want a legion of rabbits. A llama. Perhaps a gazelle. Definitely a falcon. A pond with koi. Maybe a pikachu.

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What I Am Looking For
What am I looking for:
- Down to earth
- Respectful

I don’t care for big brands and I proudly drive my clapped out banger - the dents give it ‘character’. A girl with the same outlook would be great!

A girl with a strong moral compass and who stands up for whats right has a cracking personality and most importantly is compassionate.

Attraction is important in marriage therefore I’d rather exchange photos at an early stage to determine mutual attraction. I am not keen on heavy make up, large scary false nails (yes they do scare me, especially the ones that look like claws). I prefer girls that wear the hijab and dress modestly (but hijab isn't essential as its the character that is more important and I believe. a couple grow together towards Islam).

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